Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We've Been Pink'd!

First of all, your computer is not playing tricks on you...I am. If you were over here anytime yesterday, you noticed I had gone blue...and um..very, very basic (which is, of course, very unlike me). Neal and I were at Army Dad's yesterday (I volunteered Neal to help Army Dad put rear shocks on Col. Ketchup. I mean, if this whole project manager things falls through, wouldn't it be nice to have a back-up? Mechanics make an obscene amount of money...well, at least they charge an obscene amount of money) and I was working on my laptop on Army Dad's network. Army Dad was a computer programmer in his former life so his network is locked down tighter than Ft. Knox. When I pulled up my blog, I didn't see anything but text boxes. I freaked. I hopped on Blogger and uploaded the first non-vile template I saw and everything appeared. I breathed, but I hated it. Sometime last night, in a Zyrtec-D-induced sleep, I remembered that Army Dad is locked down like San Quentin and that everyone, except my stepmom, can see my blog in its entirety. Sorry about that, Suzy Stepmom. So, I made it all spa-like up in here again and I will totally blame all of this on the bizarre amount of cold medicine I have coursing through my body right now.

Which brings me to...
Dear ManCold version 2.0,
You can suck it.
My Immune System

And Dear Dayquil/Nyquil,
You haven't done much for me this time around, either. Bah!
Zyrtec-D User

Anysnot..I'm way past due in posting these, but Tuesday is better than no day...yes? Please enjoy the pictures we snapped from Champagne Friday. And by the way...Shana, Neal has a bone to pick with you. I may never drink "regular" champagne again. I will always think pink!

It kind of always amazes me when people pop corks in the movies and champagne bubbles spill forth all over the carpet. What a waste. Neal has popped many a cork since he's met me (yeah, yeah...that's what she said) and never once spilled champagne on the kitchen floor.

Pretty in pink and in one of the champagne glasses from our wedding (which we always use...goes with the whole "life is too short to not drink champagne, use your wedding glasses, and eat off your china" thing).

Nothing better than seeing the ass-end of a champagne glass!

Hugs and kisses to you, Shana! That was fantastic!! Y'know what else is fantastic? That necklace! Silver Summer is now posted on Etsy. I thought pink cat's eye beads were the perfect addition to Pink Champagne Friday.

And just because it entertains me, here's a breakdown of last weekend's TV watching:

The Red Violin - 5 stars (a good deal of it takes place in Italy so just remember...subtitles are your friend. But this movie ROCKS).
The Proposal - 3 stars (sorry, Sandy. I heart you and I think Jesse James should be exiled to Antarctica for what he did to you...but I saw this movie before...it was called 2 Weeks Notice and While You Were Sleeping).
The Love Boat (would it be rude to say that I am just slightly younger than this show and thus totally missed out? That's OK...Neal and Netflix are making sure I get all caught up).
Miami Vice (We began with season 1, episode 1...how it all started).

AND Hobby Lobby just came out with the cutest picture frame bobby pins.
*Gasp* I know...love at first sight, right? I was so inspired by Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic's lemon fixation that I opted for yellow plaid scrapbook paper to stick in there. Then you throw some sealant on and voila! You've got bobby pins that just scream SUMMER! I bought 4 more packages just so I can play around with pictures and whatnot. If I have to get a job, you can find me at Hobby Lobby. Or Michael's.

It could get a little blue around here tomorrow. Because if you were paying attention last weekend, you know that my boys lost to icky WVU! And I have something to say on the matter, of course.


  1. I'm so glad that you liked the champagne! Hugs and kisses right back at you.

    I was going to email you this morning if you were still MIA - I was getting worried. Sorry to hear that you are still battling mancold. Hopefully, you will start to feel better soon.

    I like the bobby pins...very cute. And I'm going to check out the necklace now.

    BTW - I've gotten sooooo many compliments on the rose bracelet. Everyone loves it!

  2. I like the new blog.. easier to read. Comment color is harder to read.. could be my old eyes and my trifocals.

    I would have freaked if my blog looked like you described.

    Love the champers, and really why waste a drop

  3. Mmm, pass me some champagne please! Yummy!

  4. ok. i need to try the pink stuff. i never have. and so need to now.
    also- lovin' the necklace and barrette! :)

  5. WVU Can suck it HARD!!!!!! UGH! I can't tell you how much I hate them. There aren't words.

    But there are words about how those bobby pins look and that word is FABULOUS!

    Once I tried pink champagne for NYE and it was a big FAIL. We bought it at the gas station because our sorority color was pink and it drew us in. And it was the nastiest ass stuff ever (maybe bc we bought it at a gas station?)

    One more champagne story and I'll be out-y: on our honeymoon, we stayed the night in Cincinnati so we could fly to Mexico the next day. We got free champagne in the honeymoon suite, which also had a nice, big flat screen. This is before flat screen LCD tvs were cheap. Can you see where this is going? Kelsey popped the cork on it and the cork went flying and was thisclose to hitting that TV.

  6. Ooo...love the new look!

  7. This makes me need a drink. Right here at work. What kind of pink champagne was this so that I might pick it up at the store?

    Cutest bobby pin ever! I think I'm developing a new-found love affair with the color yellow. :)

  8. I can't believe you made those bobby pins. Adorable!

    I rented The Red Violin a few years ago and I loved it too!

    I'm guilty of using NOTHING that I registered for from my wedding. It's all just sitting there taking up space. I vow to change!

  9. Man, that bubbly is looking GOOD. I want some, like, NOW. And I absolutely love those picture frame bobbies! Imma need to make a quick stop at the HobLob on the way home... and speaking of jobs there, can you imagine the discount you'd get if you worked there? You'd spend every dime you made!! And I could totally live with that... :)

  10. I recommend theraflu at night and zicam during the day to attack the ManCold. It may be that I'm immune to the Quil now, but it just doesn't work for me anymore, day or night! Loving the bobby pin btw

  11. mancold is overstaying its welcome. i wish i knew what to tell you but i am a snotty ass mess when i end up in your situation.

    the only thing to do is kill the germs with whiskey, i think.


  12. Ok. I was a HUGE fan of Love Boat at age 5. My mom entered me into this lameass beauty contest when I was 5 and we had this questionairre to fill out. Including all of our favorite things. While the other five years olds boasted their love of Sesame Street, Electric Company, and Mr. Rogers, Mini Surferwife claimed her favorite show was Love Boat and that Gopher was hot.

    The enitre audience busted up and I was turned off from beauty pageants (Thank God) forever.

  13. So glad you enjoyed the bubbly and good tv, lol! Love the hairpin too!

    You forgot to post my award!!!!! Hello? It's a brand new award and you were one of the first to get it!! *sniff*

  14. Love the new look of your blog and so nice to see you sipping Champagne. Miami Vice was a big part of our dating days for my husband and me. Loved that show....we thought it was soooooo hip. I know I am dating myself. And I remember the Love Boat....lame but irresistible!

  15. I saw your page over the past couple of days...I was wondering what was up...glad it's back to pretty...just like you :-)

  16. Glad the blog is feeling better...hope you are soon, too!

  17. ok. Alysson, I love you.

    please don't put pictures in those bobby pins.

    I think they are actually cute without.

    just please. no pictures in the bobby pins!! haha.

  18. Ah, I meant to offer my condolences on your team's loss--for real this time.


    YAY TO ME BEING INSPIRATIONAL!!! I LOVE those clips so cute!!!

    You know I thought the Proposal was cute but honestly I think I was just blinded by Ryan Reynolds - he's one fine piece o' meat!!! *hides from Jessalyn she might take me out for that*

    You know I don't think I've ever had pink champagne... sounds like a reason to start drinking to me! ox

  20. Moet Rose ruined me. I loooooove pink champagne!


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