Friday, December 14, 2012

Bourbon and Pepsi (or Why I'm Blogging at Midnight Instead of Sleeping)

Today went sideways. Sometime around 12:30, on the way to Walmart to buy more formula because I committed the ultimate sin of letting us get down to 4 scoops left, there was crying, gasping for air and then projectile vomit. There is really nothing like vomit when it comes out horizontally. And then the look on a 4 month old's face when he wonders what in the hell just happened to him. And why is mommy's face all twisted up like that? When Neal rolled in 3:30, after an 11-hour day, I handed him our clean, but whiny, son and poured myself a Maker's and Pepsi. And caffeine at 4 PM has ruined me for sleep before 1 AM. So here we are. Someday I'll stop making this mistake. If we had wine in the house this would have never happened.

Let me bring you up to speed since October 12.

  • After 2 months of relentless Internet searches, we landed ourselves a 3-bedroom apartment with the kind of balconies that I've seen on apartments and thought, "I wonder what it would be like to live THERE?" So, we spent the next 4 weeks sorting through every single drawer, closet, and box...throwing away anything that didn't seem absolutely pertinent at the time. Here's to hoping we don't actually need that badminton set. 
  • The movers shifted our move date up. Twice. What's one thing you don't want less of when you're trying to move? Days before the move. 
  • Two days before the movers arrived, Mama Virgo and Anna Banana (who are now known around these parts as Big Mama and Nana Anna) arrived and reported for babysitting duty. Honestly, to all of the military families who make these moves without any family? I don't know how the hell you do it. You should have a cape. 
  • The stuff, the husband, and the cats all drove off in the direction of Virginia, while the rest of us were Kentucky-bound. 
  • We spent 2 weeks visiting. Big Mama and I counted all the new people. Baby E met over 50 folks in the 10 days we were out and about (deduct 4 days for the obligatory KY sinus infection that you fall ill with at the state line). 
  • E and I arrived at our new digs with the fancy balcony on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were greeted by piles, stacks, and a storage unit that is nearly overflowing. 
  • It is now 9 days before Christmas and all boxes are unpacked, my office is functional again, jewelry is being made, pictures are hung, and the Christmas is out. Although sitting here, I just saw a strand of lights go out on the tree. And that makes me want to let loose a scream from a deep, dark place. 
All of that to say that it's been just a hair shy of crazytown around here for exactly 2 months. And feels so so so much longer. Maybe that's the Mommy in me talking. I'm not sure how I spent my days before baby but I'm actually more productive now than I've ever been. E goes down for a nap and I get at least 39 things crossed off my to-do list. I think I may have watched a lot of television their entirety. They keep canceling the shows I get hooked on (Goodbye, 666 Park Avenue. I heart you, creepy guy from Lost. And Vanessa Williams. Who apparently doesn't believe in plastic go girl!). So, I just quit watching anything but Sesame Street.

To everyone who keeps reading but knows that I haven't read a blog in a minute...THANK YOU! I will be back. And at any given time, I have about 3 ideas for posts rolling around in my head...2 of which have nothing to do with projectile vomit, teething, or how to shop from your phone while a baby sleeps in your lap.

Happy Champagne Friday to all! And to all...a good night!