Friday, October 12, 2012

Champagne Friday: Rental Roulette 2.0

Somehow, it was September 20 and then I logged on again and it was the 12th of October. I'm just not even sure how that happens. Except that I've fired up The Pink Campaign over at Daisy & Elm again. A new PINK item everyday for the month of October (except for next Monday when I will post some items in honor of Infant Loss Awareness Week) to benefit the American Cancer Society's Making Strides for Breast Cancer. And then there was a little trip to the beach we took last weekend. And the dreaded 2 months shots on Wednesday. I think that's probably how I lose large chunks of time. Oh and the move to VA coming OMG...Neal's countdown clock says 23 DAYS! OK...please hold while I try to process that. Yep...that's how I lose my days weeks.

So, to celebrate Champagne Friday (I think we'll do a little Barefoot Bubbly tonight..what about you?), I'm listing some more of the rental don't's that I've discovered on AHRN. They're so funny (read: horribly bad), you may just accidentally blow bubbles through your nose. You've been warned.

#1 For $850, you can have the Leaning Tower of Petersburg. Sorry, pets not allowed. Because, obviously, this is high end rental property and they just can't risk it. Maybe that's what happened in the first place? An elephant resided on the left side of the house?

#2 This one advertises a "playroom on the second level." Um...where, exactly, is that second level?

#3 For $2175/month, you get these lovely built-in bookshelves. And someone's fedora collection. That's important in rental property, y'know. And y'all know how I love a nice assortment of hats. (Also, let's just remember that $2175 is about $800 OVER BAH.)

#4 The landlord claims that the blinds are new and they are simply distorted by the camera. And that's all well and good...except, what's their excuse for this picture...
I mean, really...if you are going to lease a property, just go ahead and spring for that nice(r) digital camera to advertise your property. Although, at least it's not leaning. So, that's something.
Lastly...this is not a rental property but a photo I found while I was cleaning out the back bedroom. It's of me and my cousins at my grandparents' house when I was about 6. I am 7 different kinds of sad that I'm going to have to explain to E someday why our television was so damn big. It wasn't just a TV, it was a piece of furniture. It was home to Granny's Christmas village every year. And tons of Olan Mills photos in heavy, wooden frames. And there was no remote. I cry for our children as they will never know the wonders.
I now give you permission to mock my lavender suspenders. I had such a pot belly as a child that I don't know they were all that necessary, but they matched the pants, so...
Have a very lovely weekend and HAPPY CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY! I will probably drink a smidge more than is appropriate. It happens. It's been a long week.