Friday, March 12, 2010

Champagne-Infused Blogging

Happy Champagne Friday!
*clink* and Cheers!

So, Neal would like to say "thank you, 'ppreciate it. I hope there's one birthday wish for every year...and if you slacked...(uh, no, I did not actually count 42 of those sweet nothings) then you can always make it up to me next year." Did you get that, Blogiverse? Neal's giving you another chance. He never does that.

To celebrate his big day, he called at 11 AM to say he was bringing his "old ass to the house." My old ass was still in my even older pajama bottoms and some raggedy sorority t-shirt from 1990-something. Yeah, 11's called working from home and I love it each and every day. So, we took advantage of the 68-degree weather and dropped the top on Colonel Ketchup as we headed to Smashing Tomatoes for lunch. And then a movie. I can't actually remember the last movie he and I saw together. It could be The Kingdom. It's been awhile. And then dinner at Saul Good (say it really fast and it will make a lot more sense. And 3003 points if you throw a sign while saying it).

And then...I got ManCold. Not sure what ManCold is? Click on the link and go visit Amanda. She'll explain it all. You should probably stick around to hear what else she has to say, though, because she's a Wildcat fan living in Gainesville and I have to say...that takes brass monkey balls.

Dear Amanda,
Can I send you the Gator Hater shirt they're selling at Cat-Fanatic right now? Will you wear it to the Cracker Barrel? Totally worth the $5.
Big Blue Blogger

Anyway, I am fighting off ManCold with Nyquil and Dayquil and boxed wine and, tonight,'s CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY. You no longer have to pretend you haven't been working all week for this. It's're amongst friends. We know. So pop the cork and pour a little bubbly...I'm gonna mix it up around here.

I've decided to start a meme. I have, actually, no idea what that is. It looks to me a lot like mime and I have no intentions of letting mimes drink my champagne or even letting mimes mime-drink my champagne (Neal is lucky to get a glass from the bottle...but it is purchased with his paycheck). Today I am kicking off Top Five Friday...which can be read with or without champagne. I realize some of you are pregnant, living with 1/2 a liver, or choose other demons (i.e. cigarettes or scrapbooking) to consume your discretionary income. So, here goes top 5 most favoritest things from this week:

5. Alice in 3D...

This was the movie Neal was determined to see after it was revealed that I had never actually been to a 3D movie. I've been out of the country at least half a dozen times, held over 35 different jobs, and been to every warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse this side of the Mississippi River...but I'd never been to a 3D movie. In's my new favorite thing. You really can't fall down a rabbit hole until you've done it in 3D. Also? The glasses are going to be all the rage this spring. I didn't turn mine back in because I've decided to Bedazzle them.

I know y'all may be unaware...but we seem to be having a bit of wet weather here in the southeast. And I have been on a 6-month mission to find Wellies. That mission ended a few weeks ago when I found these fantastical darlings. First of all, they're rubber. Second of all, they're cowboy boots. In case you aren't paying attention, they are rubber cowboy boots. Like manna from heaven. I seriously had someone try to buy them off my feet. I will let you buy the jewelry off my neck. You cannot have my rubber skull n' roses cowboy back off, bitch. (Oh, and the peace sign necklace is new Daisy & Elm piece...gotta pimp my wares where I can.)

I am such a whore for St. Patrick's Day. I'm not even Irish. I'm like GermanCherokeeEnglishSwiss. It doesn't make any sense. But leprechauns dancing a jig? Yes, please. Green beer/wine/flaming vodka shot? Don't mind if I do. Rainbows and pots 'o' gold? Does Lindsay Lohan's ego need a separate limo? So, I made this fun piece a few weeks ago. And then it sort of sat in my studio for 3 too many weeks and now I will never sell it in time for St. Patty's Day. But actually, I think that will be fine. A girl has to keep something for herself, y'know.

C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!! We dried out the Rolltide (sorry, Kelly) this afternoon and I just know we're about to give a job to the Volunteers. Also? This is the original wildcat. They no longer put this wildcat on anything because it was brought to the attention of the marketing department that the tongue looks to say this...(oh hell, I know more about your all's pooping habits than I do my own husband) looks like a PENIS. P-E-N-I-S, Penis, Penis, Penis!!! (Have mercy, that was liberating. You should try it. Go ahead. I'll wait.)

Feel better?

Anyway, to commemorate, I made this little cutie:
It was, of course, snatched up in about 8 seconds...which kind of makes me sad because I had grown really fond of it. But only one of everything...blah, blah, blah...

So, with about 394,003 million apologies to Foxy, I don't have an actual picture of me sporting my new gorgeous scarf from her Etsy store because Mother Nature smiled on Big Blue Country this week and granted us 6 days of above freezing temperatures...well above freezing, actually. I wore flip flops. *gasp* And a t-shirt without anything under or over it. *double gasp and squeal* But Foxy and I worked a trade through our mutual Etsy stores and I got the softest, most elaborate winter white scarf I've ever seen. And, as you can see, it perfectly matches the Kangol hat I bought with my horse racing winnings way back in 1998 (well before the owner of said hat store went to jail for spying on college co-eds in the shower. How very Porky's of him.) So...thank you, Foxy, for my awesome scarf. I know that we are not done with winter...or rather, winter is not done with I will post real-life pictures of me in your frothy creation. In the meantime, I just sleep with it because it's much softer than Neal. And go visit Foxy's Etsy store, DownwithKnit. I personally am not down with knit or knitting needles or anything that comes by the yard...but I'm down with Foxy and that's more than enough for me!

Off to blog hop and comment. ManCold got me down, but it can't keep me there. I'm every woman...


  1. Ally, I'm OLD and have seen a lot of tongues, and I gotta tell you that one does not, repeat NOT, look like any penis I have ever seen. (Do not ask, do not go there! We are blogger friends, and friends do not pry there.) What is it about the PC police? I am also about the most PC person you blogknow, and I truly don't get this one. Thanks for sharing.... I think! Love the necklace, tho, and hope you do beat the Vols. (My parents used to drive from Knoxville to see that game with their Cat friends. Thanks for that memory, too.)

  2. Girl, I caught man cold too!!! But guess who is still planning on cleaning the house and unloading the dishwasher today whilst on dayquil? *this girl*

    I swear, your jewelry makes my heart skip a beat. I love every single piece you put up. One of these days I'm going to buy a UK necklace from you.

    I love this random post so the penis tongue wildcat (you're right, it did feel good - THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID), bedazzled 3D glasses, CHAMPAGNE, the Cats kicking some Vol TAIL later today...and especially St. Pattys day. It's a hold over from my own sorority days when we would go to the "guy a st. pattys day glass and get $1 green beer refill" days.

    I'd wear the gator hater shirt any old day of the week. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland! I am hoping to see it this weekend - in 3D of course. I'll see any movie with Johnny Depp in it.

    Penis, penis, penis!

  4. I like the way you think! It's Champagne Saturday over at our blog today!

  5. Ok so I'm going to assume that Alice is worth it and I should go see it? I was totally out of the loop and only realized it was in 3D like last week.

    Now you have to tell me. WHERE did you get those boots? Because I need them. Not those exact ones, but ones just like it. OMG. Need. Please help a sister out.

    Would you believe that the first time I read "Saul Good" I actually did throw a sign without even being instructed to do so?

  6. I love the irish necklace. I may.

    I've never seen 3d movie before either. It sounds terribly irritating to have glasses on while wathing a movie.

    ahhhhhh you write about so much and i can never remember everything I want to comment on.

    damn cold go away i want to read your blog more.

  7. Dang you're funny girl! LOVE the cowboy wellies - TDF! You'll be the coolest chic in the rain for sure!

  8. I'm sorry you're not feeling well!!

    HOLY CRAP! I've been dying for rain boots and I have to say those rubber cowboy boots are awesome!!!

    I'm not Irish either but ever year since I started dating M I've loved to say "I'm not Irish but I've had Irish in me". ;) hehe, he's Irish. I am like you, part English and German - with a sprinkle of Dutch. I like to pretend I'm Irish though - I love St. Patty's Day!

    The only 3D movie I've seen is Beowulf. It was really cool - I'd love to see Alice in 3D!

    It's "Saul Good" that UK beat Bama - thankfully I'm not all into Bama Basketball :) I would however like to put myself on the "GATOR HATER" T-shirt waiting list. I'd LOVE to have one of those.. although, since Tebow graduated I don't think I hate them as much now.

  9. Allyson - I miss you mama! Sorry I have been out of the game but what is up with that awesome green necklace - I love it. Anytime you need help with your business - you let me know. You know I am here for you whenever you need. You are part of my "Tribe". That was a term I learned at bootcamp. It means all the people I started blogging with who are my sisters :-)

    hugs girl,

  10. Selection Sundaaaaay!!!!!!! Are you ready? Regardless of today's game you should be comfortable knowing you've got a 1 seed. Cuse? I'm slightly concerned!

    Can you explain Cracker Barrel? I saw a million x 20 on my cross country trips but never actually stopped. Is it actually good?

  11. Hey...I just thought I'd leave you a link to where I'm transferring my blog:
    Hope to see you there

    Btw, my best friend has stolen my fb passw to keep me from stalking you know who's profile. I'll have it back soon. in the meantime, about that link that i gave you? well you click on his bunny rabbit picture, which leads you to his album which has a lot of different pictures of him. and ta-da, you're done! :D

  12. LOVIN the peace sign necklace!

  13. I don't know where to start... Hope your ManCold is over soon...So want to see Alice in 3-D...Love the boots, they remind me of Guns N'Roses...Happy Belated Birthday to your man...Meme...Mime...too funny! :)

  14. Hm... I'm not seeing the phallic nature of the tongue. I mean, if I look REALLY hard and will it to be a penis, I suppose I could see it. Otherwise, I think they need to reinstate said tiger. He looks kinda pissed off.

    And holler! Scarves and bracelets and necklaces OH MY! I love it all! Including your 80s rock band cowboy boots! :D

  15. mancold has got to be the deadliest of all killers... worse than the venom from a poisonous snake and much, much worse than being eaten by a lion... I know, I have had it! ;0)

  16. My list...

    1) You're so welcome, sista! It was a swap made in Heaven!!

    2) LOVE the rubber boots. I bought my own polka dot pair this year and love them.

    3) Saul Good? That is a FANTASTIC name for any type of establishment. In fact, perfect for attorneys (i.e. SAUL GOOD LAW FIRM: we do what we have to so saul good for you!)

    4) Necklaces are awesome, of course. Duh. :)

    5) 3D movies are my fave! I need to put Alice on the list...

    Cheers lady!

  17. ManCold must be going around. I caught a bad case from several co-workers. And the cough just won't go away. Congrats on the #1 seed for the Wildcats. I've always liked them. Need to fill out my brackets real soon!

  18. Are you feeling better yet? Or has the Mancold still got you down?

    And I love love love that shamrock necklace. Super cutie patootie.

    i need to take a picture of myself in my new fancy schmancy Chargers necklace. Though I am not very happy with those boys right now.

  19. You are a stylin' little thing, aren't you? Those boots are fabulous! Love your necklace, too.

    I saw Alice In Wonderland on Saturday and I thought it was just ok. We didn't see the 3D version though. I don't know if that would have made a difference.


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