Friday, March 26, 2010

Champagne Friday Lives (or The Ways Y'all Amaze Me)

THAT, my PINK CHAMPAGNE...chillin' in my fridge!! (I tried really hard to zoom in so you would only see the soy milk and not the 1/2 gallon of heavy whipping cream.) Why does the pink champagne have a bow on it, you ask? Because it was a gift of epic awesomeness from Shana @ Fumbling Towards Normalcy!! Apparently, the death of Champagne Fridays was too much to bear in her tax season-induced frenzy. So, Wednesday afternoon I was on the chest press while Neal was opposite me on the chest fly when my phone rang. It was my most favoritest liquor store in Big Blue Country, Liquor Barn. ('s a barn...with liquor....OK, it's not exactly a barn...but it's as big as a barn and that makes me as happy as that milkoholic, Lindsay). I had a gift awaiting me. The best part is it's PINK...wait, did I say that already? I've never had pink champagne. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, Shana. This is so beyond believable that every time I tell this story, the person says, "SERIOUSLY?? That's so freaking cool." Yeah. It pretty much is. My first toast goes to you, girl! AND you earned the #1 slot on Top Five Friday. Cheers!

#5 My Posse Brings Their A Game (and some nasty words...but I like it).
When I posted about the Anonymous Arshole, y'all totally backed me up. I couldn't help but giggle and strut my peacock feathers a little bit whenever I got a new comment. My favorite, though, goes to Krysten @ After I Do who said "that's being called LAMESPICE." And just like that, I've looted this word and added it to own vocabulary. Thank you, Krysten. I'm so excited to add Lamespice to 100, key grip, and bang bang skeet. Sweetmeat.

#4 You Mess With Hello Kitty, You Are Messin' Wit Me
This is Mama Virgo at my cousin's birthday party last Saturday. It was one of those bouncy places where the children fly down inflatable slides and the parents wish there was a bar instead of a soda machine. These are actually truckloads of fun and great toning for the hips and thighs...if they let the adults play. We didn't get to play. We got to watch and discuss why you never eat the top layer of a kid's birthday cake.

#3 You Would Think We Had Just Emerged From 6 Month of Darkness

My cats are whores for the sunshine. Obviously. LuLu actually snored right through the taking of this picture and several more. It's no wonder they have an exponential amount of energy to destroy the house during the night.

#2 I Have Chosen....Team Bill.
I have tried to get into Twilight...really, I have. I read the first one. The second one is serving as a paperweight when I open the windows in the office. The whole high school setting makes me feel like I'm about to get busted by To Catch a Predator. Vampires that go to bars and hit on girls who work in bars? I can totally relate to that. That's hot! So, I know it was slow going, but I've finally chosen a team. I'll be making t-shirts next week. Until then, I'm stringing a Peace, Love, Vampires necklace. I can't believe I've succumbed to the vampmania. Again. I totally blissed out to Anne Rice...y'know, before she found God and decided that God and vampires couldn't co-exist peacefully in her world.

#1 Cheers to My Peeps and Especially Shana!
30 minutes until we pop the cork on this bottle, this week, and the True Blue madness that will ensue tomorrow when we put the smackdown on WVU. Also? Even though the WVU Mountaineer is armed, it's with a musket so in my mascot bracket, UK still wins. Where do you even find musket balls these days? I consider that an unarmed mascot..which means Wildcats win again! C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!

Oh and I apologize for the late post....UK didn't tip off until 10PM and we were at a grand opening sipping candy cotton martinis from 6-10. No the fungus didn't get me, but I almost wish it had. At least my head would still be in one piece instead of shattering every time I stand. Last night's drunken debauchery was brought to me by BFF:
My partner in crime, Sparrow:
And Rayna of Simply Love Studio (with her deceptively strong pink cotton candy martinis). Now THAT was a grand opening!
15 minutes until the weekend. Pop a top...on something.


  1. I'm crawling out of my dark, disappointing Cuse, induced depression to say go Cats! That's all I've got in me today.

  2. Lamespice, lmao!!! I think that will be my alter-ego name!

    Lulu is so beautiful. I can't wait to get an Italian cat. It's on my top five priorities once we land!!!! Which, btw, our orders are cut next week, passports in, visas go out next week and everything is GO!!!!!!

    Don't hate me; this is a longgggggg time in a-comin'.

    Salutes your awesome pink champagne with my iced tea! So did you make up a sign up sheet to keep y'all in champagne yet???? :D

  3. Holy hairballs! Shana is the furthest thing away from lamespice ever! Oooh, spell check does not like lamespice. Lamespice to you, spell check.

    pink champagne is going to be so fun! But watch out for the headaches it can bring along!

  4. Shana. damn, girl. She really showed us all up.

    My champagne friday just ended. BUT it wasn't pink. SHANA.

  5. Awww . . . that was very thoughtful of her! Now I wish I had thought of that. Apparently I'm not very thoughtful. Enjoy your pink champagne. We'd like a full review please.

  6. Excellent call with the pink champagne!

    Try doing this - regular champagne mixed with s nice splash of cranberry juice. We call it a poinsetta (I have no idea why).

  7. way to make the rest of us look bad shana! thanks a lot! haha jk. shana is awesomepants.
    it is wine friday for me right now, and this sweet story is making me be all mushy and "awwww i looovvveee our bloggyland!"
    and i love your kitty.
    happy champagne friday! :)

  8. Pink is the color of the day.... I had a pink limoncello lemonade tonight, thanks to a shot of strawberry syrup. Enjoy the game tomorrow!


    I have SO been meaning to get into True Blood. We refuse to pay for HBO but I have a friend who is obsessed with it, and A. Rice! Maybe she'll let me borrow her dvd collection of True Blood! :)

  10. LOVE the picture of Mama Virgo. So spunky.
    True blood takes my breath away!

  11. Your mom is so cool....only she could make Hello Kitty look tough ;-) And little LuLu is awesome. When I die I want to come back as her.

    How was the pink champagne? And how did the bead shopping go? :)

  12. Shan is such a hero. :)
    Pink cotton candy martinis!? I must try one of these for myself!!

  13. How cool that she got you some champagne! Love it!

    I'm so pissed that, because Time Warner Suckholes have changed their lineup, HBO is no longer available to me and I won't get to watch True Blood until it's out on DVD. It was one of my faves... boo hoo.

  14. Do you know what's super big sad face? Reading this post after that tragic, self-imposed loss to those hillbilly jerkoffs in Morganhole. WVU, they are lamespice. USED IT.

  15. Oh, and? Shana ROCKS!!! How awesome is that? Bloggy friends are true blue.

  16. You are so lucky to have such an awesome bloggy friend - but I'm sure you know that already! I'm totally out of the whole Twilight thing -can it really be that good?


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