Monday, January 4, 2010

A Review and a Revelation

And we now return to our regularly scheduled book review....

At the insistence of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Natasha, I ordered this book from (which is such a fantastic post 7 books you don't mind to ship off - I posted mainly trashy romance novels from my horny college years and a couple of textbooks that those asshats at Kennedy Bookstore wouldn't buy back...and then you instantly get 3 credits to order books from the site. For free. The catch? If someone wants your slut novel or Biochem 102 doorstop, you have to mail it to them at your expense. But you send it media mail so it's never more than a couple of bucks, even though it's essentially shipped by horse. Read: do NOT wait until 2 weeks before the book club meeting to order your book...unless you're nostalgic for Biochem all-nighters. For each requested and sent book, you get another credit! Until you're giving them away in exchange for homemade cookies and tickets to the dollar movies).

Anyway, knowing my penchant for all things masked and caped, they simply insisted that I read book 1 of this Lauren Willig series. And I LOVED it. It's part historical fiction, part chick lit...which is so far up my alley, it's slightly uncomfortable. Admittedly, I did have moments of "Hey, I've read was called The Princess Bride"...but the characters are so charming and the sex scenes are so cheesy (it's been a long time since I've read the word "shaft" and it wasn't referring to a hair follicle) that you tend to forgive the redundancy. Or I did. I think if you're a stickler for historical accuracy or thought-invoking dialogue then you will read this and toss it in the pile marked "crap I read while wasting hours I will never get back." But if you liked The Princess Bride, then you'll love Pink Carnation. It's got all of the wit, masked men, and chivalry of Bride, plus strong female characters and a slice of Napoleonic history (minus Fred Savage in his awkward years).

I am now waiting for the 2nd book in the series to arrive...The Masque of the Black Tulip. If you would like to read book 1, let me know and we can work out a trade (as long as you don't try to pawn something God-awful off on me like The Lost Symbol or anything by Joel Osteen).

If you would like to read a more informed, less random review of this book, check out Fyrefly's Book Blog. But I warn you...I don't think Fyrefly has ever fallen prey to the charms of caped crusaders crying out "Asss youuuuu wisshhhhh" as they tumble down a ravine. It is a helluva book review blog, though.

And now...the revelation....

Setting: Our living room, over a dinner of shrimp/mushroom/tomato/mexican cheese pizza (we call this "clean-out the fridge" pizza. It was, shockingly, not that bad.)

Neal: (as he fiddles with remotes) Hey, check it out!
Me: What?
Neal: Look! We can split-screen the TV with the Wii!!
Me: And why is that necessary in life?
Neal: So you can watch football and play Mario Kart at the same time!
Me: I'm not sure if you noticed, but you are the world's worst multi-tasker. I have to say your name before I start a conversation. You can't even listen to me and surf the internet at the same time. Besides, 25 inches of football and 25 inches of Mario Kart? ADD much?
Neal: This could be great!
Me: That's what they said about Tang.

At least our Prius won't let you watch football on the GPS screen. Yet.


  1. I'll be honest. The book review flew over my head. As soon as I got to football and Wii, i floated back down to earth. I don't know about Mario Kart, but if I could challenge my 4 year old to some bowling while watching my Chargers, I would be the happiest person on earth.

    Tell Neal thank you for me.

  2. You are soooo funny. That book exchange sounds awesome! Too bad I gave all my trashy rom away when we moved.
    as for the husband multi tasking business. wii/tv= muy bad. my husband can't turn down the radio station while driving without braking. Lame. Infuriating. haha (kinda)

  3. That book sounds right up my alley :) I doubt I have anything you want to read to "trade" with you, but I'd love to borrow it sometime.

  4. PRINCESS BRIDE!!! I love Princess Bride!! I might have to pick that book up for myself AND try out that website. Did anyone request your romance trash yet?? (DIBS!!! j/k)

    Now this whole split screen thing...does that work for everyone or just on your television? We don't have a Wii to try it out with, but my dad does so I might have to investigate when I go over there on Wednesday.

    ps. YAY blogroll is updating!

  5. Hey now!! I LIKE Tang and LOVED The Lost Symbol!!!

    As for the book, I'm sure I can dig up something satisfactory to swap ya for. Of course I'm late and it might be spoken for already.......but if you do pick me, I won't tell, lol!!!

    shaft - *giggles* (especially when it's Army Strong!!!)

  6. Okay, so I don't see how in the world you'd be able to do either of those things on a split screen. I, personally, would have to do ONE thing or the OTHER. I'm so focus-challenged, I can't even chew gum and walk at the same time.

    And I'm just saying... I've been eyeballing your both of your pretty necklaces over there for some time. I may just need to buy one of them for myself soon. I just love your designs!!

  7. Ok, I'm prepared for my flaming.... but I hated The Princess Bride. I also now hate the word inconceivable. If we just take him out of the movie, I might like it. But anytime it gets to the part where he opens his big fat mouth I want to throw things at the tv. < /rant >

    But I do want to read Pink Carnation! :) And when I get the courage to go into the garage and try to beat my way over to the book boxes, I will try this paperback swap of which you speak. Sounds fun! And cheap! Win times two.

    As for your revelation... the pizza sounds delicious! Seriously! But the split screen? That's just asking for trouble. I couldn't swing that one, for sure. Good luck with that!

    Also, I saw on the Ungourmet that you were trying to figure out how to core a mango. If you haven't found it yet... Stand the mango up on the cutting board and with a knife (as opposed to what, I don't know) cut down the fruit in a rounded slice around the pit. The mango looks like this: () from the top so cut its fat sides, not the slightly pointy sides. Then with each piece, cute into a grid pattern (still attached to the skin) and then slice it off the skin, sort of like filleting a fish. Voila! Chopped mango!


  8. Surferwife: You're welcome. If you need a tutorial to make this happen, I can tell Neal to post one on his blog (other than that, his blog is a oyster crackers. It's all technology, all the time).

    Kiera: You know they actually make cars now that get quieter when you slow down. But I guess he needs to turn the radio down without stopping, not turning down the radio BECAUSE he stopped. Good luck with that.

    Cindy: It's been nabbed up. But when I get it back, I'll lend it to you. Promise!

    Salt Says: And that's why I was known as Princess Buttercup for years. (well, there may have been another reason). As for Wii-instructional, see my comment to Surferwife.

    Queenie Jeannie: I know right? First Foxy writes a blog about butt plugs and then I follow it up with shafts. This has ceased to be PG. Oh well. Uncork the wine...

    Foxy: That is PRECISELY why he does not need this technology. It's only going to end badly. Like him being permanently cross-eyed or something.

    Kallay: Good think you have an extra store of cool club points because didn't like "The Princess Bride"?? That's OK..I hate "Mad Men." And I'm going to need a diagram for that mango thing. Seriously.

  9. Im still cracking up at "shaft"...but anyway..I Loooove PBS..I did a post on it a few weeks ago because I am somewhat new and had to blabber all about it..Im so glad I found it..well until I got a kindle for xmas, but still i can get all those books that you just pass on to others..its great.."what"..!! you dont like Joel Osteen...damn Im not the only one..although i did hear him say that God always wanted man to be happy so thats why Victorias Secret was made" ..he totally sanctioned "beauty in the bedroom"...

  10. Dont tell my hubby about that tv, he won't play video games but he would watch 2 games at once.

    Check my blog tomorrow I have an award for you.

  11. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious. Hilarious, bc my husband is completely the same way...


  12. I came over from Vodka Logic's.
    Loved the book review. Like you, I have found the nirvana in shipping off my old stuff to new homes. You have to love this set-up!
    And the Wii thing cracked me up.

  13. It will be great to watch Cats, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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