Friday, January 1, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

My, my, my...the bloggers that I follow have been a busy bunch these past couple of days. When I took a few days off for Christmas, I came back to see that I only had one post each, if that, to catch up on. I awaken from a Nyquil coma on New Year's Day to find that everyone has been writing, writing, writing! Sheesh! Shouldn't you all be parked at Sonic, ordering double bacon cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes and taking 5-hour siestas to make up for the alcohol-persuaded nap of last night? Apparently the draw of packages wrapped in shiny bows are more alluring than blenders of limencello martinis and games of Bandu. So, I shall take a break from your blogging prose (which has kept me from accomplishing anything except a short jaunt to the gym and a lunch of leftover pizza) to give my own summation of the year we just kissed off. And YES, oh faithful ones, Coach is included. Whoah, you all are whores for Coach..but I love it! So without further ado...2009: A Year in Pictures...

This is how January kicked off. It looks like fun...but that's about 2 inches of ice under 2 inches of snow. Cue falling girl in impractical shoes, spinning tires in impractical car, and the sound of cracking...from above. I'll pass, thankyouverymuch.

February: NEAL CAME HOME!! For having the least amount of days, it was the best month all year! And yes, Mommy Dearest actually put this picture of us at the airport on the cake. The picture was taken the day he flew out of Bluegrass Country, headed for Camp Atter-ice for training. The Kentucky Girl in me thinks this cake was a groovy act of celebration...the Chicago girl in me thinks all we needed to complete the look was a double-wide on concrete blocks with a statue of the Virgin Mary in a 1/2 bathtub in the front yard.

March: We attended the Army Chaplains' Strong Bonds retreat for returning soldiers and their spouses. And lucky us! It was held in Hilton Head! So, although it was a whirlwind trip, we did take a couple of hours to hit our favorite spots: Harbour Town, Guiseppe's Pizza and of course Camp Hilton Head. Sidenote: the mysterious disappearance of John and Elizabeth Calvert, owners of the Harbour Town Yacht Basin, and the even more mysterious "suicide" of their accountant rocked the community. The couple was never found but their boat remains moored at Harbour Town, directly behind Neal, actually. And yes, I'm totally a Kardashian.

Oh Keeneland Spring we love thee! What a *won*derful way to spend a crisp April day!

Auntie retired in May and we party. We will caddy any party, as long as an open bar and free food are included. Neal reserves the right to wear a different pair of the 10 plaid pajama bottoms that he owns, though. And yes, both hats are mine. But my shoes are his. We're practically the same person.

This is the only picture I have from my June trip to my sister's in the Sunshine State that does not have the family in it. To protect the identity of Queenie Jeanine (not to be confused with Queenie Jeannie who is not my blood sister, but I deem to be one from another mother anyway) I will post only this. (Although I'm sure none of you are stalkers...but I've seen Dateline...and 20/20..and To Catch a Predator).

Destin in July. No margaritas, only morning sickness. But I did have a great book and GREAT company. Three cheers to the women in my clan. We sure know how to vacation!

August? August was a blur of saltine crackers and ginger ale and crystallized dried ginger and Sprite and white bread. Lots and lots of white bread. Shep was not making life easy but we still managed to take this trip to Philly and Baltimore in early September. Happy 30th to me (yes, again, shut your piehole!) and Happy Anniversary to us. We are so hip...what better way to celebrate than touring every historic ship in the Inner Harbor, feasting at the Reading Terminal Market and getting an all-access pass to the Baltimore Orioles Stadium?? (Not in that order, of course, with the market being in Philly and the other 2 in Baltimore)...

We lost Nolan Shepherd on September 15th and so in October, we went to the Dedication to the Unborn Child, a memorial in my hometown cemetery. When it is completed, there will be a wall of bricks (yep, Shep will have his very own brick) to remember those we lost too soon. Every yin must have a yang so...
Back to Destin for Beach Vacation 09. Less Boost for breakfast, more wine for lunch.

And in the interest of anonymity, this is the only picture from Thanksgiving at Chez Miller that does not show my entire family, engrossed in Wii and slightly intoxicated on the grape. But we bowled and golfed and boxed and played tennis until we were all crippled the next day. Wii: it's not just for tweens anymore...but they do recover a lot faster.

And finally...the one you've all been waiting for...
A girl and her pink Coach fabulousness. And her leopard-print Snuggie. And her pink diamond-encrusted tshirt from Aeropostale. Those eyes are squeezed shut in genuine girl glee. No, it is not the pink patent leather goodness that Coach now offers, but a girl sometimes has to take what she can find at the Silver Sands Outlet (or, more accurately, what Mama Claus is willing to buy from said outlet mall). But it is pink and divine and almost makes me want to trade in all of my purse party D&G knockoffs. Almost.

So, that was a lot of work. And now the girls are walking across my laptop in a defiant act of hunger and there is shrimp to be cooked and mojitos to be drank's only Friday! And I am NOT hungover like everyone else so the thought of alcohol does not repulse me. In fact, I am overdue for a frothy libation!
Happy 2010!


  1. Hooray!!! She posts!!!!

    I totally remember when that couple disappeared. It was either right before or right after I moved to HHI. There were posters of them EVERYWHERE. Such a tragedy. Speaking of, my heart still breaks for you every time I read about Shep. I am so praying for your 2010 miracle. You, of all people, deserve it.

    On a lighter note.... that Coach purse is beautiful! Outlet or not lady! It's genuine and PINK and I'm jealous! Haha! The snuggie is cracking me up.

    I am not hungover either since I did not drink last night. One beer at 9pm hardly counts for drinking. My mom and I sure did have fun though. I forced her to take ridiculous pictures and dress up with me. Snowed in plus bored always equals a good time in this house. I am nursing a sore neck and headache from sleeping on the couch all night in an unnatural position all night, even for yoga! So no drinks for me tonight either. But please, enjoy your mojitos and ring in the first day of the New Year with a bang! It's going to be a great one.
    It has to be!

    Salt got all emotional on my page and it got me thinking about this whole blog community and I am so proud to call you a friend. Even if it is through digital communication! LOL

    Happy New Year darlin'!

  2. Oh goodness. It seems as though your year has been filled with many ups and downs. I read the post about the baby, it made me cry. My cousin went through that not too long ago, and it hit the whole family really hard.

    but yes, good luck in the new year, and i hope you had a happy holiday!

  3. I have the same leopard snuggie!! But I do NOT have the same pink Coach purse. Bitch.

  4. A pink Coach bag AND a leopard skin snuggie? A person should not be allowed to have so much fabulousness at one time.

  5. Wow, what a year. Thanks so much for sharing. Here's to a wonderful new decade...Happy 2010!

  6. Allyson, thanks for this summary. I had looked back at a few of your posts but didn't know about baby Shep. Enjoy the shrimp and mojitos (and I love that you linked to the martini recipe). Also, enjoy your new finery!

  7. Yay!That bag is FAB-U-LOUS with a capital everything. You look SO HAPPY! I love it. Since when did Snuggies get so fashionable? Leopard print!? I might actually want one of those (The thing about Snuggies that always turned me off the most is the fact that people tend to look cult memberish while wearing those solid blue ones.)

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss in September. That is such a beautiful memorial. I agree with Miss Kallay...I too will be praying for your 2010 miracle! *virtual e-hug*

    PS. Your May outfits. Love them. And your Baltimore pic! That's my town!!

    PPS. It's 2:30 here. You know why I'm up so late? Because I had a horrible hangover all day and slept ALL DAY. Now I feel better, but I have insomnia. Poor Mike was sick as a dog. It's been a very gross start to 2010 in our house. :)

    PPPS. He seriously mixed Jameson, Natty Boh (local Baltimore beer), and Old Bay (crab seasoning). Like together. And then drank it. No wonder he threw up.

  8. Fabulous post!!

    Happy New Year honey!!

  9. Oh! And Wii Fit Plus is AWESOME!!! Seriously, super fun and only $20!!! Of course you need the original wii fit and platform as well.

  10. Now I have to start the new year knowing everyone has a leopard skin snuggie but me. This was a great post, full of the hilarity, insanity, and heartbreak that makes for a fully lived life. Hope 2010 is a great year for you, Allyson.

  11. I loved reading about your year. It was nice getting to know you a bit better. So sorry about your dear son. I miscarried my first pregnancy as well but I was only about 10 weeks along. I don't really have words to describe the feelings...

    May 2010 bring you much joy, laughter, health, and happiness. :0)

    P.S. CUTE bag! I got a Snuggie too but mine isn't as fancy as yours. :D

  12. What a year!

    Pink Coach! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    Happy 2010!

  13. How pretty is that pink little thing!

    Happy new years.

  14. You know it's funny you ask if we should be at sonic on NY Day... My boyfriend went out for breakfast that AM and Sonic was closed, and we had to settle for Burger King - all I wanted was a cherry sonic slush to take away my pain!!!! NO luck!

    It looks like you had a great year!

    I adore your blog title and can't wait to read more! ox

  15. Oh Ally, thank you for taking us back through your past year. It makes me that much happier that I found you! I can just feel it... this next year is going to be even better.

    Cheers to you, friend!

  16. And - i forgot to mention (how in the world? i don't know) - i LOOOOOOOOOOVE the coach baby! I am green with envy!


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