Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Sincerest Apologies to the Queen

The Internet is an all powerful tool, be careful how you use it! Princess Natasha also reads your blog. And while she is very excited about her new book, her birthday is not for another week! Happy Early Birthday Princess Natasha!
The Queen
PS A shout out for author Lauren Willig (of NYC actually) and her awesome series The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.

And a note from the blogger:
You know it's not a good sign when you have an email from one of your besties and in HUGE capital letters it says "I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU" hope that it's a forward but your gut says that you have done something pretty stinkin' awful. So, to Queen Elizabeth: I am really, really sorry. I shall keep my pie hole shut on government secrets from this day forward. And to Princess Natasha: Thank you for reading my blog (I, er..uh..didn't know) and Happy EARLY birthday. To the rest of my readership: I have no idea who you are out there and promise to, from this day forward, never reveal the true identities of the subjects of my posts (except for Neal because he's used to it by now) or the secrets which you confide in me (until you tell me it's safe). I would love to say that I had a "blonde moment" but as I am no longer in any way blonde, we'll just say it's a lesson learned. My apologies to the royalty.

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  1. Ms. Blogger: I'm too excited about my present to care! And so jealous that the Queen is now BFF with Lauren Willig of course! No apologies necessary to me :) And thanks for the early birthday wishes!


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