Friday, August 28, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Miller

Below is a list of things that are probably really funny to anyone not married to my husband:
  • When I asked him the other night if I had taken too much of the cover the night before, he said, "no, I don't use it. I get too hot." To which I said, "well, I woke up with a lot of the sheet, were you cold?" and he said "no, no...I was fine. Besides, you always give me a lot of sheet."
    (if you must, read the last sentence aloud. And then proceed to giggle he did.)
  • Yesterday morning I made a reference to the fact that he was taking care of me because I was carrying his child. He then said, "well of course. I have to take care of the container."
    As in...carrier for Chinese food, or something that holds crayons...or...a ship.
  • And finally, after waking up on 2 consecutive mornings with nosebleeds, I begged for a table top humidifier so that I may no longer gush blood from the head. This was what arrived via UPS yesterday:
And now...something that would be funny if you were not married to me:
  • While golfing in my husband's annual work scramble this week, I noticed that there were different markers from which you could tee off, decreasing in distance. I asked about them. My husband said, "well, the white markers are from where most men tee off, the closer red ones are where the women tee off and the closer silver ones are for the senior citizens." I then looked at him and said "so you really should have been playing from the silver ones all along."
We really do love each other. Really.

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  1. I'm totally jealous of your penguin humidifier....we just have a plain one. It has no character :)


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