Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Consumer Watcher's Nightmare

Dear Kroger,
If you are tracking my purchases via my Kroger Plus card, you are, by now, no doubt confused by what has come across my account. Just in the past week, you have seen:
Brown sugar pop-tarts
A gallon of raspberry chocolate chip ice cream
just 1 green apple
a frozen pizza
about 6 cans of soup
and KY Jelly

So, let me explain: I'm pregnant. I realize that makes it difficult to track our purchases as next week's grocery list will probably include popcorn, Special K with strawberries, and chocolate syrup and none of the above groceries. Sorry. It is not as irritating to you as it is to my husband, I assure you. And as for the KY Jelly - apparently it's the same as ultrasound gel, which I need for my at-home baby hearbeat doppler machine. So, I would appreciate you and your merry band of stockboys not judging me, thank you. Now, I'm off to hunt down a Wendy's for fries and a frosty.

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  1. :) Love those pregnancy cravings. I hope you enjoyed your Nutella!


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