Friday, August 7, 2009

Hooked on Phonics Worked for Us

We have 2 cats: Poppy, a domestic shorthair (a breed so common that she felt she had to do something to stand out - so she gained about 12 pounds. It worked. She stands out, or uh wide I should say) and LuLu (the feline answer to a chihuahua). Poppy doesn't have any trouble finding a place to get comfy: the top of your shoes, draped across the printer, hanging off the end of a desk...anywhere suits her fine..and typically not more than 2 feet from where her last spot was. LuLu, however, must circle the spot, smell the spot, knead the spot, sit down for no more than 4 seconds and then repeat the process. And sometimes she will sink her back claws into the spot just to check for optimum cushiness. Obviously, this behavior lands her in the floor when the spot she has chosen happens to be my husband's lap. Last night, though, in a strange display of calm she stepped down from the back of the couch onto my husband's shoulder, stepped down from his shoulder onto his forearm and then draped herself across his forearm. She looked up once, breathed a heavy sigh and laid her head down. I was shocked. That was it. Age must be getting to her. My husband said, "like a terrorist. On the hillside." Wow, apparently, he had gone into Reserves mode already and he wasn't even leaving for Ft. Knox for another 12 hours or so. So, I say to him, "um, yeah. Although you're the only person I know who would jump straight to Afghanistan when talking about my cat." And then...The Look.

Husband: WHAT are you talking about??
Me: Terrorist...on a hillside...Afghanistan. Y'know..just kind of weird. Are you feeling OK?
Husband: I didn't say anything about a terrorist on a hillside...
Me: Yes, I just heard said she was like a terrorist on a hillside - and that's just like Afghanistan, right?? So...
Husband: (after some giggling and a tiny bit of eye-rolling) I said 'it's like a terraced hillside'....good grief!!!
Me: Oh right...well they sound EXACTLY the same!!
Husband: Whatever, just know that it was your mind that went there, not mine!
So obviously it's time to candle my ears again. And maybe stop thinking about Afghanistan so much.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with your have "preggo brain". It can account for MANY things over the next several months :)


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