Monday, May 18, 2009

Wake-Up Call, WiiFit-style

I am 32 years least according to my Wii-Fit. I won't actually celebrate my 32nd birthday until 2010 but my BMI says otherwise. After owning a Wii-Fit since February, I decided to set up my Mii and enter all of the age, weight, height information and take the balance tests. As a former Yoga and Pilates instructor, my thinking was: "I SO got this!!" Not so much, apparently. I will reveal the numbers because I need to be accountable to someone, even if it is just me and my ego on the internet. So, height: 5'7", weight: 180 (but I was wearing Army sweat pants which are proven to be heavier because soldiers don't have much bodyfat and therefore get colder faster. Plus, I had eaten a 1/2 pan of organic brownies that hadn't had a chance to process through yet), BMI: 28.75 (but a pleasant surprise because my BMI used to be 32). This doesn't save me from being considered "overweight" but at least I'm no longer considered "obese", SCORE! As a former personal trainer, I actually abhore the BMI scale and never used it on my clients because it's NOT accurate. My husband is 5'8" (although he argues 5'9") and is built like a brick house. BMI does not accurately reflect this. However, things now jiggle in places where they used to not so I can't necessarily argue the idea that some things haven't "softened". (20 points for those of you who only had to read that sentence once. So many little time). Anyway, I have a gym gym donation system that is NOT tax-deductible and it's obviously not helping the situation. So, I'm devising a new plan. Last night, Neal installed a heavy-duty hook in one of the bedrooms, perfect for thera-band suspending. I also have a stability ball, a weighted ball, and a Wii-fit that makes me run in place for 3 minutes at a time. I SO got this! Plus, I am doing Steps to Honor with Military Missions. There will be a whole post on Steps to Honor because, quite honestly, it deserves its own post. Plus, I feel obligated to figure out how to include links in my posts (BFF is helping me with this but I for some reason am having a hard time grasping the tech side of things). But 1 mile walked = the chance to honor 1 soldier, police officer, or firefighter. And there are a lot of folks that need honoring these days. So, Steps to Honor + Wii-fit running/kickboxing/weak step aerobics/yoga poses + bands hanging from the ceiling + stability ball = sleek and svelt Allyson, just in time for cable knit sweaters and long wool skirts!! Hooah!

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