Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fresh from the Vineyard

Unfortunately, the computer uploaded these in reverse order...AND I could only do 5. While I appreciate that everything wonderful in life occurs in odd numbers, I have several more than 5 pictures. 5 pictures just doesn't do Saturday justice. So there will be one more post to follow shortly. And I will upload in the reverse order so as not to confuse the audience.
#5 (or #1 if you just have to have it that way): Neal and Ranjit reenact God and Adam. I will let you decide who is whom.
#4 This was taken at the Heirloom restaurant in Midway. Neal chose this picture because it's supposed to represent the tracks of our past as we look down the tracks of our future or something like that. There was a lot of eye-rolling after this was taken.
#3 Jean "snooty" Farris. That would be all of their awards on the wall behind Carrie's left shoulder. La-tee-da.
#2 Talon Winery - fave of the day!!! We had absolutely no legitimate reason for wearing sunglasses as it was still threatening rain....but y'know, our future is so bright...
#1 Carrie enjoys her first glass of the day at approximately 10:55 am. Happy Birthday to Carrie!

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  1. Looks like fun!! can add more than 5 pics to a post. You just load 5, click the button again and add 5 more, etc. Also, once the pics are uploaded I usually just select the picture and cut and paste them in whatever order I want. Just thought I'd help you out for future blogging :)


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