Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spaghetti with a Side of Slasher

Neal made dinner tonight...spaghetti, which was actually a nice change from stir fry (or "Mongolian" as he calls it to make me feel like I'm eating all fancy-like). And he was watching Underworld: Evolution. Let me re-phrase that: he was mesmorized by Underworld: Evolution. Why? Maybe it was the rapidly increasing body count. Maybe it was Kate Beckinsale. No, it was definitely Kate Beckinsale...which means he is another victim to her feminine mystique in a black catsuit. Is it because she can pull off jet black hair with blue eyes and a hint of a British accent? Or because she throws a helluva right hook followed by a roundhouse combo? I want to know what makes Kate such a hypnotizing actress. I'll admit, I n0n-sexual crushed on her a bit in Serendipity but I've never fallen under the Beckinsale trance. Neal is just one in a number of men I know who would throw their wife under a bus for the opportunity to touch Ms. Beckinsale. Why is that? Why is she hotter than Jessica Alba or Ashley Judd or Halle Berry? If you're reading this and you're a guy, I would really like to know. Perhaps I can find a bottle of that je ne sais quoi in a flea market somewhere.

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