Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Try a New Food Tuesday: Death by Chocolate

The Air Force Posse (AKA The Sun Devil, Yaz, and Dane Cook's babydaddy) and I have been trying to gather once a week for scrapbooking, lunching, and general debauchery (or as much debauchery as the government will allow on federal property...which is, essentially, scrapbooking). A couple of weeks ago, we had just finished taste-testing The Sun Devil's scrumptious (and shockingly simple to make) array of Tastefully Simple dips and breads. As I reached into the fridge for a Diet Coke (because washing all of that down with pinot grigio would just be sinful. It was, after all, 2:30 in the afternoon), I noticed a rather large container with a slice of cake that was roughly the size of my head, including my Georgia fro. "There's cake in here!" I exclaimed. From the living room I heard, "Don't touch that, hooker! It's MINE!" Clearly, this cake was something special. Not blessed-by-the-pope special or even sneezed-on-by-Jon-Hamm special....but unique, nonetheless.

Me: Yaz? Why are you defending your cake's honor?
Yaz: Because it's from Maggiano's and The Sun Devil brought it to me when they went to Atlanta last weekend.
Me: OK...and?? I've had Maggiano's before. I'm not a total boob.
Yaz: It's Chocolate Zuccotto Cake and it's divine. *eyes rolling back into her head and I think, just for a second, I saw her orgasm face*
Me: So, can I have some?
Yaz: You don't understand. It's from Atlanta.
Me: So is Coke, but I don't have to beg for that around here.
Yaz: I will give you a small bite if you use it for New Food Tuesday.

And here we are....two weeks later and I finally have my shiznit together enough to talk about what an incredible experience it was. And for the record, the pictures really don't do it justice. This cake is such a rock star that it deserves its own head shots.

Getting up close and personal with that sambuca chocolate mousse and iced chocolate frosting.

I would also like to say that I could write a better, more accurate description of this sin in a bin if I could have had a bigger bite. That's all I had to work with...they wouldn't treat Paula Deen this way.

I know it's easy to be distracted by the hunk-a-scrapbooking-machinery behind me and the rainbow assortment of embossing powders...but please try to zoom in on eyes rolling back...

Well that was delightful and if it weren't for Weight Watchers and their bedeviled points system, I may have tried to make a run for it with the cake and the fork. I mean Yaz was sort of sandwiched between 2 card tables and yet another Cricut. I could have had at least a 20 yard head start. But alas...there are jeans with sizes in the low teens that must be squeezed into in the coming months.

Many thanks and chocolate breath to Yaz for "sharing"....although if it had been up to me, I would have taken the same size bite that Mama Virgo used to take of my McDonald's cheeseburgers when I was a weeAlly (which is about 1/2 of the serving size). I think I may be passing through Atlanta soon, though.

You heard it hear first: Maggiano's will make you fat and happy.


  1. Oh this one made me laugh! The reference to your "Georgia fro", "debauchery/scrapbooking on federal property" and you think you saw your friends "orgasm face", "sneezed on by Jon Hamm...
    Stop! It's too much in one post. I haven't had my coffee yet!!

  2. Chocolate cake and me need to get married.

  3. "Don't touch that, hooker." Best line ever.

    And that cake looks fabulous.

  4. And the congregation said "Yum!". Do they ship to Michigan?

    P.S. I big drooly love Tastefully Simple. My sister used to sell it. Good. Stuff. (Beer Bread anyone?)

  5. #1 that looks delish! #2 Leaving something like that out on a counter when you're not willing to share is just wrong, so, soooo wrong! I like to share when it comes to sweets for purely selfish reasons. I don't feel as bad about eating the sweets if half of it goes in someone else's belly :)

  6. There's a Maggiano's in Richmond - only 30 miles from Fort Lee. It could be on the tour....

  7. I will cut a bitch for some chocolate in any form. YUM. It seems like there is a Maggiano's close to me -- maybe in Jax? At any rate, I need to try it.

    Also? I also live in a world where scrapping is debauchery, and I'm not even on government property.

  8. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......chocolate!!

    So. Where's MINE???


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