Monday, August 2, 2010

An Ammendment to the Last Blog Post

Hey guys,
I'm already getting a phenomenal response. I just received this email from Anna Banana and wanted to pass it along:

I needed to make a correction on the previous info I sent you about donations for the school project. I now know that I will be sending the money through Immanuel Baptist Church to Partners in Development which is a legit non-profit organization. Therefore, anyone wanting to contribute but needing the tax record for contribution purposes should send their contributions to Immanuel Baptist Church, 1075 Collins Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601. Make out the check to Immanuel Baptist Church and in the memo line, put either "Partners in Development" or "Namapanda school project".
Jane says the "school is two thirds finished and they ran out of money. It has walls and window frames, but if the roof is not on by the rainey season in late October, it will crumble. They have almost all the materials but they are locked up and they cannot get them because the workers were not paid." The money the mission team is putting together ($12,000 in all) will finish it all.
I'm not pushing for donations here - just needed to clarify how any donations should be made for tax deduction purposes. Thanks to all for your patience. Will send any further updates as I receive them.

Thank you from me, to0!

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