Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Roadtrippin' (which is not wordless. At all.)

I sort of dragged in on Monday night, less from the sheer exhaustion of a 5-hour drive and more from the hangover that lasts longer now that I'm pushing 32. But mojitoes were made and had to be drank...and then there were the margaritas. And Carlos. And Carlos making googly eyes at Salt...

Ah..I digress. So, I had every intention of writing this yesterday but as I was driving home from Sam's Club, I started crying through every country song on the radio (yes, even "All My Exes Live in Texas") and then remembered how I had given the stink eye to that lady in the frozen food department and I realized....I have PMS. It's been awhile so I had sort of forgotten how much joy this brings to my life for 5-7 days. I took that as a sign to take to my bed and Facebook stalk under the covers. But now, after several cups of coffee and a handful of macadamia nut Hershey kisses (Brooke, my supply is running low! Darn you, Hawaii, for controlling supply), I am ready to face the world.

Sunday morning came early after a cookout with my Air Force friends on base, but I was eager to reach Savannah where Amanda of It's Blogworthy and her hubs, K, awaited me. Brunch at Goose Feathers was fantastic and I cannot recommend it enough. The line was long but moved swiftly and the owner was actually working the cash register! I am not sure if that speaks to her dedication or her obsession with control, but either way, I was wildly impressed.

Amanda and K are the most adorable couple, him fretting over the space between her babybelly and strangers, and her giggling about his Mama Hen Complex. I could have sat with them for hours, chatting about work, blogging, and travel. K is sort of a diamond in the rough. You know how hard it is to find a man who will have an enjoyable and two-way conversation with you about something other than field goals...kind of like trying to find size 7 thongs in Victoria's Secret. But K does it and does it well. He and Amanda are the perfect compliment to each other. Kind of like us..

Many thanks to K for snapping the photo of us in Ellis Square, Savannah and many thanks to Amanda for unknowingly letting me hijack it from your blog.

I could have stayed until the junk in the trunk went numb from unyielding cafe chairs...but Salt of Salt Says was drinking beer and Mama Salt was pouring mojitos and the first sign of alcoholism is drinking alone with your mom. We couldn't let that happen, could we?

So, it started with a beer on Sullivan's Island:
And then progressed to margaritas at a Mexican restaurant (where I accidentally used my outside voice to order fish tacos. I think I insisted that they be so good they would make me bellow sex noises.)
And then the drunken photography ensued.
But at least there was no drunk Facebooking or drunk texting (this time). Just 2 girls and Mama Salt on the balcony, discussing Prop 8 and where we will all be on Judgment Day (tequila makes me very philosophical).

The next morning was a dehydrated haze of pain, but one latte and an egg/brie sandwich later, we were on the road to normal.
Salt picked up a little Jasper lovin' with her frap and then we hit the bead store, Beaded Venus, which we immediately renamed Bedazzled Penis. I've managed to put up a couple creations from my finds at the bead store, but more are on their way. Glass pumpkin puppy heads anyone?

Finding King Street in downtown Charleston, using only street signs, proved to be a little more dangerous than scavenging bead stores in Mt. Pleasant. Let's just say that Salt has seen the less desirable neighborhoods of Charm City and this area ranked right up there with them. We dialed the Preppy White Girl Look down and the Totally-Fake-Unconcerned-Look up until the windows with bars disappeared and no one would mistake us for Narcs. At this point, there were several hysterical "incidences" and I just don't think I want to squeeze them all into one post. Suffice it to say, those of you who read Salt's blog know that she has completely ridiculous stories and it's tempting to believe they are born in her imagination. I'm here to tell you this crap really happens to her! And to me when I'm with her. So, more later on that. Sorry to be such a flapjacking tease.

Salt covered our trip to the city's creepiest cemeteries in her post today, so I will send you over here to check that out.

And I'm headed out to the rest of you, who I've been neglecting in favor of fruited wine, Budget Travel magazines, and Pat Conroy's latest novel, South of Broad. Love and butt-bumps to Amanda, K, Salt, and Mama Salt for a weekend of buffoonery. Let's do it again, shall we?


  1. Look at all that delicious booze! *sigh* Next time we get together, I'm SO going to booze with y'all! We had the best time with you, too and can't wait to do it again. And as far as your fun with Salt? Color me jealous! Looks like you guys had a super fun time. Bedazzled Penis...of course...:)

  2. The cemetery I couldn't have done, but the drinking I would have been all over. Yup, the jealousy is still there. I thought it might go down over time but then seeing you and Amanda met up too...gah! AND you were discussing my own state's issues with Salt! I better go now before my tears start flowing :)

  3. Um YES we need to do it again. Like right now. I just got back to work today and then had to go home early because apparently I brought along a major power outage so the "incidences" continue.

    I am going to need a schedule for all the stuff that went down. Suffice it to say it will include advice on how to obtain the most amount of to-go cups possible.

    Hopefully I will get a chance to get some of my Bedazzled Penis purchases started tonight!

    October cannot get here fast enough and I hope Amanda can make it then too! You rock, favorite!! When I start up my hot sauce naming business, I'm going to need you to be my VP.

  4. PS. Thankfully my sunburn is finally subsided and I am less of a burnt shiny faced lobster now. That picture is not hot.

  5. Excellent! Love that ya'll drank, laughed, played and got into a little trouble. I'd expect nothing less. Hope to join you soon! ;)

  6. Well, I couldn't be more green with envy! (still! I'm with Hutch... this is going to take a minute.) But I'm glad you girls had such a fab time. (and got to eat delicious food from Savannah!)

    Also, excuse me, did you say macadamia nut Hershey kisses? And then something about Hawaii controlling supply? I'm sad for your PMS, too. That would piss me right off. Nothing like having a craving and NOT having a way to satisfy it! Hope your 5-7 days go quickly!

  7. MORE TEASING - *DIES!* I can't wait to hear more it looks like so much fun!!! Aww Amanda and K sound so adorable!!! ox

  8. I'm too jealous to properly acknowledge your weekend. So...tell me more about these macadamia nut kisses. Where can I get some. OH MY GOD...I need these.

    And,I agree with Salt...can't wait for October.

  9. Oh, that does sound like fun...except for the hangover part. I don't do those well. I can't think of Charleston without thinking about she-crab soup. I little taste of heaven.

  10. I think a bedazzled penis is the final frontier of manscaping.

    It is also an excellent band name.

    You guys did quite well!

  11. Yum, margaritas.

    I fully support the picture stealing by the way. So lovely.

  12. You know you'd think I wouldn't be jealous of this meet-up because I just had the gigantic BlogHer meet up last weekend, but I am. I really am!

  13. Wow - now THAT'S a fun weekend! I'm so jealous that you got to hang with Amanda & Salt! And I'm so jealous that they got to hang with you! This must be remedied.

  14. I am so jealous. Love all the pics. I wanna hang out with you and Lauren! And I want a Starbucks with my Twilight swag!

    happy friday!

  15. I am SO JEALOUS! Loving all the great pics!

  16. Sounds like a lot of fun.. nothing much better than bloggy friends. xx

  17. holy snookie, i am beyond jealous. could you imagine if we could get your meet up and our meet up all in one place- brain explosion.


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