Friday, August 13, 2010

Champagne Friday: Rah-Rah-Rah!

Men who know how to dine properly

Happy Champagne Friday, lovelies and lovers!

For the record, I have no idea who these 2 men are, but since today's post is U.K.-themed (University of Kentucky, not United Kingdom...*ahem Kiera*), served with a tall glass of champagne, I thought they were completely appropriate. And who doesn't love KFC? I know there's a nasty rumor going around that Colonel Sanders was an arrogant SOB who only cared about his chicken and his slaw...but if your chicken and slaw are that good, I won't judge you on your personality flaws.

As Salt mentioned yesterday, pre-season has started for the NFL and college football is right around the corner. As a marching member of the drum line for 3 years in high school, I lived and breathed Friday night football. And Game Day Saturdays in college meant washing down my egg and cheese bagel with a Bud Light. I can't help but get all giggly when September approaches, the weather cools, and Kroger runs out of brats.

Unlike our basketball team, University of Kentucky football has not always been a winning team. During my college days, we kind of knew we were going to lose days before the opening gave us an excuse to drink more. But now, holy pigskinbatman! We are actually good. And I actually watch games. Which means I have to dress for these games. And accessorize...because it is what separates us from the monkeys. So, when my friend, The Sun Devil (who is a die-hard Michigan fan, but I love her anyway because SEC has nothing to do with Big 10 until post-season) began making these flip-flops to help fund the adoption of a baby, I knew I would be hitting her up for a pair in U.K. blue and white.
They are bring-a-little-tear-to-my-eye cute and I've already been breaking them in for the first game. Granted, Georgia weather will allow me to wear them a little longer than if we were still in Kentucky, but I am not above making a trip to the UTC for frostbitten toes. As I always say to Neal: "it doesn't matter what your feet feel like, it's how cute the shoes are." But you just can't teach a man about self-mutilation for the purpose of adorable footwear.

And then I crafted these beauties for the Etsy store. I love them, but I have my own pieces so these will go up tonight. (click to enlarge)

Look familiar, Kelly?

And those are tiny diamond-like chips lining the bottom. They sparkle in the daylight, like vampires...but with far less chance of death.

If you are interested in The Sun Devil's (AKA Jen) flip-flops, you can find her on her blog, Flip Flops for You or on her Etsy store, She has many NFL/NCAA team colors plus designs for holidays and children. All proceeds will help fund their wish of adopting a child. I have already put in my order for a pair of Army flippy floppies because, really, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. And they're comfortable! Neal is so happy.



  1. Oh my gosh, I just loved your comment on my last post. You have a really great story and I love hearing more and more about you guys and your life!

    As for this post . . . my hubs works in the sports media field and so football started a long time ago for us. While it does get old, I'm actually really looking forward to chilly days, loud marching bands, and beer :)

  2. I MISS BREAKFAST BEERS!!! (yes, that deserved all caps). I've never been a huge follower of the college football, although it didn't stop me from pre-gaming and stumbling into the Carrier Dome. There's just too many teams and Cuse sucks so they're not on TV out here. BUT I love, love, LOVE the NFL! If you ever see any Cuse or Niners colored gear let me know :)

  3. I love you even though you are a UK fan. Thanks for the plug :)

  4. Those are THE fanciest flip flops I have ever seen.

    I need a glass of bubbly. Where's my bubbly?

  5. I am so in love with those flip flops and seriously considering a pair...I mean, really here in Florida (GA for that matter) you can wear them *almost* all year (less a few days in December and most of January). I totally pimped out your D&E stuff to my UK lovin' friend, too.

    Marshall used to WIN every single game when I was in college -- that's why we stayed outside "with the tailgate tent -- to protect it" and made beer can pyramids and drank till we were good and buzzed. Now that I'm married to a sports fiend, I have to actually WATCH. Boo.

    PS I loved the line about Colonel Sanders so much that I read it out loud to KElsey and he giggled..maybe I can get him started on your blog and then he'll read mine.

  6. such cute stuff!!!! i am a sucker for Etsy shops. le sigh.

  7. You won't need a pedicure wearing those flippy floppies..

  8. Did you HAVE to post KFC in this post!?! Now all I can think about is biscuits and chicken!

  9. YOU DID IT! I love the little bracelet with the letters SO cute and even better than the image I showed you! Rock on!

    Those flippies are really cute. YAY FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!! ox

    For the record I'm now craving an ham, egg and cheese bagel w/ a beer!

  10. I still feel very strongly about my undergrad however our teams all suck. All the time.

    I think our basketball team was good in the 60s?

  11. YAY! The UK necklace looks adorable. I knew you would come up with something fabulous for that pendant!

  12. I looooooooove those flipflops! Must check them out...

    Happy (belated) Champ Friday. I hate that I always show up to the party on Monday.

  13. freakin yea. wait. should i be flattered or uneasy that I was given that shout out?!?

    even though i wont admit it to mr incredible, football season gets me a little giddy too. but really, any change in season will.


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