Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rollin' in the Prius

Hi, you've reached Magnolias & Mimosas! Sorry I can't post witty and insightful things or pop over and spread my sarcastic goodness all over your all's comments sections right now. I'm on my way to the Queen's house. Big Sister was being all melodramatic about her need to scrapbook and make fancy jewelry and drink mojitos and Little Princess felt every mile of that guilt trip. So, off I go. I will return on Sunday, after Neal finishes his last paper for this class and I'm properly pickled from sun and drink.

We are clearly elephants at the Jacksonville Zoo.

See ya on da flip side with stories, pictures, and fancy, handmade baubles.

PS For those of you looking to break into my house, it is still inhabited by a man who has had 25 years of weapons qualifications and 2 lionesses. I wouldn't, if I were you.


  1. You're such an understanding and supportive sister. ;)

    Have a fantastic time!

  2. This is really hard for me to understand because I've never had an actual need to scrapbook.

    However, the mojitos make perfect sense.

    I guess that's what being a good sister is all about.

  3. If I tell you that I have a need to scrapbook and drink will you jump in the car and head to NY??? Because I might try it.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Have fun! You better be texting me with exploits over the weekend. You know you will be getting a play by play of the wedding.

    I bet you guys are awesome at charades.

  5. Hi! :)
    It's nice to know you're having a good time. It'll be so nice to see little bits of the scrapbooking you did on your blog! I miss you, and hope everything else is going well.

  6. Have a great time, Allyson!!!!

  7. Ally,

    Just re-read your comment from last week. Are you serious about Ft. Lee in the future? 20 miles away - seriously. Not a lot of vineyards in this area, but enough to have some wine on a Friday or two. Keep me posted. Would love to show you around a bit.

  8. Have such a good time!

    P.S. Guess I'll have to find something else to do this weekend besides break into your house. I don't want to mess with that.

  9. Love the PS...but darn I was sure wanting a Cricut. :)

  10. Why are you not back yet? I miss you.


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