Saturday, April 24, 2010

How the Bluegrass Belle Becomes a Georgia Peach

Wednesday afternoon went a little something like this:

Setting: Home office of Chez Miller. Monsieur Miller has been working diligently and tirelessly on resumes, cover letters, and repeated job searches. Madame Miller is beading, glazing, and generally trying to fit round pegs into square holes. Smooth jazz plays softly in the background (I'm so not joking about that).

The clanging of Neal's phone nearly sends us both into heart failure (this is completely my fault. He used to have a gong as a ring tone, which he never heard...especially when I was calling for something his shirt size. So, he changed it. If anyone ever finds us dead in our house with Neal clutching his G-Zone'll know what has happened and that it really is all my fault.)

I hear a bunch of "uh-huh," "I see," "Oh, that's nice," and "Hm. Yes ma'am, OK" before I finally heard "well let me talk it over with my wife and I'll get back to you!"

So, now you know as much as I did. And just for effect, Neal will be in regular text and I will be italicized (mostly because I think italics adds drama with a slant of elegance and what Neal probably does not need right now is to be referred to as elegant).

What was that about?
It seems this lady is desperate to fill this AGR captain's slot.
AGR? I thought you weren't even eligible for AGR. That's what they told you last week. (PS: AGR = Active Guard/Reserve)
I guess desperation does funny things to a person. She needs to fill the slot.
Where is it?
Macon, Georgia.
(In my head, I have started doing the little Joey-from-Full-House Dance of Joy). Really? Macon? Georgia? When?
Well, it seems my report date would be May 17th.
That's.....SOON. That's only 2 weeks after Derby! (Because that's how we roll in Kentucky. Everything is calculated by the first Saturday in May. I'm gonna miss that.)
Um...yes. But that's not all. This unit is set to deploy in December with a month of training in June.
Awesome. (I think there was a fair amount of eye-rolling here. My mother would have been so proud.) Like a year-long deployment? Overseas? In the sand? With sandstorms and tents?
Lucky number 3. I did it before, I guess I can do it again. At least my laptop has a built-in webcam now.
So, yes? We're going to do this?
What do you think?
Then yes. I'll go find some boxes.

Now granted, I have graciously omitted about 9 hours of discussion regarding the house, a baby, a deployment, and whether or not we're going to keep the hammock...but that's it in a nutshell. Between Wednesday and Friday, I drove Neal to the point of justifiable homicide trying to get exact dates and plans. The only thing the Army doesn't have is an unchanging plan. Neal gets this. I am still fighting it after all these years.

So, here's where we are now: we have to report to Macon on May 17th. If you don't count today or the weekend we're driving down, that's 20 days from now. We are going to be out of town for various things for 15 of those days. If you've had new math, you can deduce that we have exactly 5 days to pack the house. Six feet over the line, Sweet Jesus. How are we going to do this? Oh, I know! I'll just sit down and blog. Neal's drilling anyway. And then I'll watch an episode of Cagney and Lacey and make one more run to Hobby Lobby before camping out and making jewelry to wear next week.

Translation: I am so overwhelmed, I have no idea where to even freaking start. So, maybe I'll just not....

We head down next week to check out housing on Robins Air Force Base, which we've heard is well worth the look-see. Once we know if we'll be in a house or an apartment, we'll be able to determine how much stuff we need and/or want. This is all complicated by the fact that if I'm pregnant in December when Neal deploys, I'll come back to Kentucky to deliver at UK again. So, then what? Do we still sell the house? Do I rent an apartment? Do I move in with my dad? Oh...scratch that last one.

We are about 5 steps into a 20-step process and this is about the time that I'm just waiting to find a vial next to the bed that says drink me. However, many awesome things can come of sister lives four hours south of Macon (and she is about to come unglued at the seams she's so happy), we will only be 90 minutes south of Atlanta, and 4 hours west of Hilton Head (I was thinking last night about how we could actually go to Hilton Head for the weekend. *Gasp*). But we will go through another deployment, we will have to try to sell our house from 7 hours south of it, and Neal may miss the delivery of his second child. So, sacrifices? Yes, we will make a few.

I will try to update as often as possible. I think this is a very exciting, yet overwhelming new chapter in our lives and if I don't get to write about it, my head could spin right off my body and crash into the kitchen cabinets. I also think that if I don't pack at least one box today, Neal will deny me my cupcake craving. One box down....many, many, many more to go. I remember when I used to move in milk crates and big, black, garbage bags....


  1. So, you will just do it. Twenty days, fifteen days, five days - it's just days. And, Neal has a job and you have a business, deployment sucks, but Georgia is, well, Georgia. Happy ending. How can we help?

  2. Wow good luck, sounds exciting and scary at the same time

  3. I'm very excited for you - I know it's a lot to process but I'm here if you need an all out vent fest!!!

    My best advice for packing quick... turn on your favorite music, loud, and go room to room. I am the queen of packing in a rush. As far as clothing goes half the time I just wrap garbage bags around the hangers and tote it all together - screw wardrobe boxes! They are too bulky anyway!

    I haven't tried to test the distance between where you are now in KY and me in AL but we already did the math on Macon to where I live - maybe you'll be closer?

    Maybe one day we can make the drinks on the porch afternoon happen!

    *fingers cross and prayers this goes smoothly for both of you* oxox

  4. Allyson, it's great that Neal has a new job, and you two will work everything else out. Including packing up in five days (what?!). Good thing you're young and energetic! I wish you smooth sailing and can't wait to hear updates.

  5. Holy moly that's alot to do in 20 days! EEK! I hope you can squeeze in a lunch date before the move. If not, we are going to Tybee Island for vacation in September and we could definitely swing by and say hello :) I'm so glad Neal has a job and I know you two can make anything happen. Good luck!!!!!

  6. ohhh how i wish i could help you pakc. i love that stuff, especially when it's not me. I'm so proud of you flexiblity and so happy for you lurvebugs!

    Im the same way wehn im overwhelmed. do all the wrong things.

  7. Congrats!!! I'm a big fan of The Peach State...afterall, it's where I'm from :) If there is anything I can do to help you out before you leave (or if you need a place to stay when you come to deliver your next child) let me know!!!! I can help :)

    I called you today to see if you had my jewelry ready, I was going to come by and pay you and pick it up.

    I'm sad that you're moving, just when we've reconnected but I'm happy for y'all opening a new chapter in your lives. that I think about it I have a cousin in Macon!

  8. Wow. Wow. Wow. That's a lot of changes. I hope you're excited (albeit overwhelmed) and looking forward to this next chapter. If I lived closer I would help you pack. How long will he be deployed, and to where? I guess I'll have to miss you for a little longer while you prepare for this move. Sads for moi.

  9. Wow!! So much to digest! And honey, ohmygosh, can I ever so relate on the "I'm so overwhelmed I don't know where to start" stuff! YIKES!!

    Now why are YOU packing when the Army will do it for you??? You know this, right? You pack up your suitcases, the movers do the rest. Although if you want to kill yourself, you can do a DITY move and make a couple of bucks.

    BIG HUGS!!!

  10. Hold the phone. Are you going to be really close to Sara Plays House now?

    I have heard her say Macon and Warner Robins. I'll die of jealous if you guys are neighbors.

  11. This is so exciting and overwhelming I am sure! Start packing and blog when you can. Hope this all goes smoothly for you!

  12. Yay for a job! Good stuff!


  13. That's insane but so so exciting!!!
    The military is often all kinds of impossible... but you can do it! Buy a lot of boxes and keep the champagne handy. ;)

  14. Oooo exciting stuff.... may the only pain in your life be champagne :0)

  15. Holy man lady! Big huge changes very fast! But that's very exciting!

  16. OH MY GOSH. Now, that is a move!!

    I have to say, I'm really super excited for you. I've never personally been to GA, but I'm always up for a change of scenery. I mean, even the Hobby Lobby there will be NEW TO YOU! Yippee!! Yes there will be some sacrifices, but there will also be many new blessings.

    Can't wait to hear more as you follow this path...

  17. Well I have to say, I am just THRILLED for you. I mean really! This is a great opportunity and you know that everything happens for a reason. When I got my job here in Florida, we packed up and moved within about 2 weeks, so I feel your pain. But if there is a will, there is a way!

    Guess what else you're 4 hours from? GAINESVILLE, FL. So if you ever get a hankering for your 'Cats while down in the dirty dirty and want a weekend of FUN AND EXCITEMENT, you know where you can go. :)

    You're also 2 hours from Savannah, which is my FAVORITE PLACE ON THIS EARTH.

    So happy for you!

  18. Oh, wow...exciting! Scary! Overwhelming! Sad! And yet...exciting! (Yes, I'm as speechless as I'll ever get). ;) I hope things go well with the move, and best of luck. *hugs*

  19. I've heard Georgia is beautiful. How exciting for you guys! I hope the move goes smoothly. It's so great that you'll be so close to both Hilton Head and your sis. So funny about the Derby! :)

  20. Hi there! I grew up in Warner Robins. Most of my family is still there. Send me an email if I can help--sbrylander at gmail dot com.
    And also--DEEP BREATHS. :)

  21. I just found out this weekend Jason Aldean is from Macon, so it must be awesome! Good luck with the housing search and the move!!

  22. Isn't it One toke over the line? But of course, I fixated on you having to abandon the hammock instead of the impending deployment. Good luck cramming everything into those short 5 days! Perhaps a mint julep would help?

  23. I have been dying to know what was going on. I finally got to stop by today and find out. I'm so excited for you!!!

  24. That is extremely exciting! I'm very happy for you.

  25. So, I finally read this and that's....oh, it's so much. I'll be sure to send you some to make you larger, one to make you smaller just in case you have to drink that vial.


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