Friday, April 23, 2010

Champagne Friday and the Top 1

Where, oh where, has my lil' Ally been?? Losing her mind one step at a time, I would say.

Happy Champagne Friday! It looks like Neal and I are about to become Georgia peaches! More to come this weekend as things finalize...but for now...come find me at Shana's @ Fumbling Towards Normalcy and pop a cork on this finally-sunny Friday afternoon! I would drink with you but I am still a smidge drunk from yesterday's racetrack indulgence.

So, find me at Shana's, give her a follow (because she seems to be working right across the street from Orlando Bloom's new pad *gasp*) and I'll meet you back here tomorrow for story time.
Mrs. Peach


  1. Now I officially have "Mr. Breeze" stuck in my head Allyson - thank you! "I dig you Georgia Peaches..."

    I can't wait to hear about the racetrack!!!

    Just think now you can have Peach Bellini Fridays - now that you told me what they were I'm going to talk about them A LOT!

    *cheers and fingers crossed you're in high spirits* ox

  2. I already sniffed you out over there, girl.

    Can't wait for your moving deets.

  3. Congrats! Peach will look great on you. Maybe you can even find some peach champagne.

  4. WHAT???? Can't wait to hear all the news honey! No package yet but hoping maybe tomorrow!!!!

  5. What the??? Okay - I'm heading over.


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