Friday, April 16, 2010

Champagne Friday and the Top 5

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!! Happy Champagne Friday, everyone! I am actually going to have champagne tonight (last Friday was Wild Turkey Reserve Bourbon Friday because it's what we still have plenty of around this joint. Champagne Friday makes me want to put on a skirt with a petticoat and skip barefoot through the yard. Wild Turkey Reserve Bourbon Friday makes me want to pull the blinds closed and listen to Johnny Cash while I pick at the scab on my knee. So, yes...I have a preference.)

Champagne Friday brought to us this week by...

5) the 6AM Spinning class I subbed for the gym owner on Thursday morning (after teaching a 7 PM class on Wednesday night). Considering I don't usually go to sleep until 2 AM or so, I seriously considered staying up all night. But sometime around midnight, I closed my eyes for like 2 seconds and I was OUT. Sweating before the sun came up wasn't so was the getting vertical after 5 hours of sleep that was the most miserable. But it allowed me to sip on bubbly tonight, so I'll take it. Life is a series of cause-and-effect...and then you die.

4) This week, BFFEE Curly Sue announced to me that she had a run-in with a Bunny Boiler. Apparently, there is a scene in Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close boils somebody's pet bunny out of revenge. So now, Curly Sue refers to these psychotic, deranged women as Bunny Boilers. It is almost as good as her theory that men are "waffles" and women are "spaghetti". It's pure genius.

3) We have tickets to Keeneland on Sunday. For those of you who don't know the sweetsauce of Keeneland...just picture a lush, green carpet of grass, surrounded by a perfectly manicured dirt track, and the most athletic thoroughbreds you've ever seen racing toward the finish line as you grasp your trifecta ticket and sip your bourbon and coke. That is horse-racing heaven. Unfortch, it's going to be a whopping 61 degrees (instead of the 84 it was yesterday). But I've heard bourbon does wonders for warming you up.
From the spring meet last year.
As we say in Kentucky, "GO, BABY, GO!!"

2) We went to Ft. Knox on Wednesday for a meeting Neal had. I learned 3 things: the PX sells wine and that makes it infinitely better than Kroger; I'm pretty sure Elizabethtown looks nothing like Elizabethtown, and if you think you're driving the right speed on base, you're probably going too fast.

1) This is what I woke up to this morning:
He was supposed to go down to the Unemployment office today. I told him he would blend right in. This is the shirt he bought (along with one other) to pack for our wedding on the beach. I'm so shocked someone from the AARP hasn't spotted him and wedged membership materials under his windshield wiper.

Cheers to you on this sunny, 80-degree Champagne Friday! I have a Spin class to teach at 9 AM tomorrow morning, so Champagne Friday will have to kick off a little Well it's 5:00 in Europe.


  1. Happy Champagne Friday. I'm leaving work at 3 and will be home before 4 and that's when the festivities will kick off at our house.

    Elizabethtown, the movie, which stars Orland Bloom, totally makes me want to go on a road trip. Though if I do, I might miss a sighting of my new neighbor, Mr. Bloom...ironic, isn't it?

    Neal's shirt could be worse. Wait until you see my pics from vacation next week. J's got some shirts that make Neal's shirt look awesome.

    Have a fab weekend.

  2. Firstly of all (I realize that doesn't sound right, but I rather liked it so I'm not making the correction), good luck at the track. We love going there too, but I never win anything.

    And enjoy your C.F. Sounds like you deserve it!

    Oh, and love Neal's shirt but miss you.

  3. Yay for champagne Friday :) Neal can totally rock a Hawaiian print shirt!

  4. I wish my hubs was willing to wear more fun stuff like that! Happy Champagne Friday. I'm tempted to get a bottle in honor of you.

  5. happy champagne friday! :)

    and i still think it's rad you are being paid to work out.

    hope you have a wonderful weekend! win lotsa moola on sunday!

  6. Happy Champagne Friday!!! Drink a glass or two for me!

  7. Hmm. Neal's shirt has champagne glasses on it. So he's clearly ready for the big event of the day!

  8. Yay for champagne Friday! I'm so stealing the Bunny Boilers term! Have fun at the track :)

  9. I made my hubby throw out his only crazy Hawaiian shirt. I sort of wish He would have kept it now! It would have been fun to blog about. Yay champagne!

  10. I snorted really loud and then laughed when I read Bunny Boiler!!! I've never seen Fatal Attraction all the way through but totally knew what you meant before reading the description! GENIUS! Your buddy gets huge kudos for that! I usually just say the title of the movie "Watch it or that girls going to go all fatal attraction on you" OR "If you're not careful you could wake up to a dead rabbit on your front porch"

    You know I lived in Maryland for years and I never once made it to the horse races. Bottom line it's so much more refined in Kentucky. The hats the glam ways of the women. When I think about Maryland and the Preakness all I can imagine is the in field where the not so refined crowd is hanging. Although I sort of want to hang out in both places just to say I did.

    I really need to get on this Champagne train. I doubt I could finish a whole bottle alone (M won't drink bubbly stuff unless it's beer) - but I have noticed that they now sell single serving bottles (4 packs) and that's perfect!

    I hope you have a great weekend girlie! oxox

  11. Bunny Boiler! Hahaha!

    Now my new catchphrase of the week.

  12. Hope you were able to partake of the Champagne on Friday and lucky you that you get to spend a day at the races! Have fun....hope it's your lucky day. Always bet on the horse that you see who (let's do I put this delicately..."goes to the bathroom"...they feel lighter and more frisky.) It's a winner I tell ya! :)

  13. awesome doing spinnign!

    and his shirt is... alright alright. im speechless.

    elizabethtwon is my FAVORITE MOVIE EVERRRRR. too bad it doesn't really look like the movie. whatever. i named my second born after the movie.

    i miss you allyson. come back soon. i know im always late on commenting, but its because i take sooo long to read your posts. i have to read them slowly lest i miss a word which means i might miss a joke, too.

  14. Love your new look over here! My mom and I love horse racing. How fun! Have a great week!

  15. I love watching the horses!! Hope you have fun, girlie.

  16. Shoulda been HAD, past tense. I do realize that it's now Monday and you saw the horses yesterday. Gah.

  17. We say GO BABY GO here too!! Well those watching the horse races do; the people outside the track say "b****! gimme your money!" as they point a gun at your head. Ahhh I love Pimlico.

    I hope you had fun!

  18. Looks like all is well over here!!

    LOL at Neal's shirt! I do however spy an Italy book inside his hutch and I see that as a SIGN!!!! You simply must follow your Queen, that sounds weird but whatevs, to Italy!!!! Don't make me sting you again, lol!!!

  19. Bunny Boilers...OMG...hysterical. I'm taking that one with me! We celebrate Champagne Saturday at our blog!!

  20. My BIL wears shirts like that. His wife hides them, so he goes out to TJ Maxx and buys more. But I don't think he looks as good as Neal, 'cause his shirts are 3XL! BTW, love what you've done with the place over here...


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