Saturday, May 1, 2010

High on Paint Fumes and Life

I am a disgraceful Kentuckian. I completely missed the Kentucky Derby this evening. That hasn't happened since...well, since I got so drunk on mimosas in college that I had already passed out by the time 6:00 rolled around. Unfortch, that was not the case today.

Since Champagne Friday last Friday, we have:
  • secured a Very Brady bungalow on Robins Air Force base (it screams 1975...but I'm thinking...since I've never seen that year, perhaps it will be like new to me. It's a rental so I refuse to paint, but I think I can decorate around brass lighting fixtures. Maybe.)
  • met and had a "power dinner" with the colonel and most of the officers of the new unit. The colonel's wife makes a mean Butterfinger Pie and has already scouted out the best Urgent Treatment Center in the area. I wish they weren't moving, too.
  • been to Macon, back to Warner Robins, back to Macon, back to Warner Robins, and back to Macon...and finally back to Bluegrass Country
  • put about 1100 miles on Patty the Prius (who continues to brake without fail).
  • chased down the mailman from 10 houses up because I thought the last piece of paperwork that we needed to finalize Neal's orders was in that day's mail. It was. I have no regrets. Except that maybe I should have put on a bra first.
  • finally received orders for the move which means....yeah...we're stuck like peanut butter in the roof of your mouth. Another way to look at it: it's official. Official means money in the bank and a moving date. For sure. For sure is hard to get in the Army.
  • met with our Realtor who is honest about the ivy sitting on the kitchen cabinets and loves our house...but maybe with a mulch bed.
  • planted a mulch bed.
  • painted the master bedroom (complete with 12' cathedral ceilings). Twice. (Today we realized that we will never again use dark tan for a wall color...perfect for beer, bad for 1-coat painting. Also? Cathedral ceilings are meant for cathedrals. Not for suburb cookie-cutter houses. We are so done with anything over 9'.)
  • separated out what is staying here in the condo (...the most rockin' awesome condo we're going to buy after Chez Miller sells. I picked it out last week. If we lived downtown I would be doing daily drive-bys. But that's far and I don't even have time to shower regularly right now.) Having to divide everything out...this pot stays, this pan goes...this drinking board game stays, this Monopoly game goes...makes me realize I never want to get divorced. I do not want to have to do this again.
  • packed every spice, spatula, and saute pan we have so that cooking is now an impossibility. I'm going to weigh 4938 lbs by the time we get to Georgia.
  • pushed our departure date for vacation back. Twice. We will get on that plane.
So...yeah...the Derby didn't even occur to us until the radio DJ (who is actually one of my sorority sisters) said "did your horse win today?" Horse? What horse? That's where we are right now. We forgot to pick a horse for the Kentucky Derby. We live in 90 miles from the Derby. I blame the paint fumes.

Time to Google "how to stage a house for maximum selling potential" but I'll check back in soon. And post pics of the new digs. If, at first glance, you don't break out into the theme song for My Three Sons, you're a better person than I am. But it's 4 bedrooms and won't suck up our entire housing allowance. So, what's not to love?

And please go check out my girl Cher @ The Only Girl. She reviewed a necklace she bought from me last month (the very fun, very funky Not Your Mama's Pearls) and she stumbled across some celebrities wearing the same piece! If"find" doesn't make you giggle and squeal with delight, then you just don't get it and there's not enough hours in the day for me to explain it.

Just remember...I'm not dead. Just moving, selling a house, obtaining a Georgia business license, and generally only sleeping about 4 hours each night. But Neal's got a job (that he's wicked excited about so that makes me wicked excited) and we are leaving all of our winter clothes here. Life is a Buffet song.


  1. Okay, I can't believe you missed the Derby and I watched it. I do that about every 10-15 years. The part-owner of Paddy O'Prado, the horse that came in third, is giving his one-fifth of the prize money to the college I work for. There has been a lot of regional media coverage, so I was curious enough to watch. I was sure you would be, too, but it sounds like you're doing much more important stuff right now, so keep it up, and good luck!

  2. Geeez reading that made me drink an extra cup of coffee! Glad everything is falling into place for you! It's got to be exhausting but exciting at the same time. And as for the horse picked her either. Keep us posted!

  3. And most importantly, you are going to be close to Sara Plays House. And I will die of jealousy.

  4. Dang - and I thought I was busy this week! Can't wait for more updates.

  5. Army life. It's like being a gypsy but with traditional housing and regular showers. Good luck!

  6. Keep a few of them -- I got rid of most of mine and then was stuck wearing the same sweater a LOT this summer.

    Where is the condo? In KY? Are you guys planning on moving back there someday?

    I am so excited for you...wicked excited, even!! You're gonna LOVE the south. Wait till the first time you go to a Publix. It'll be like love at first site.

  7. Don't leave ALL your winter clothes! It does get cold here. We had a bunch of snow this year. Evidence on my blog, yo. Glad that things are getting settled. Wonder if you're moving into a house that I've seen before? Lots of friends that lived on base at some point or another. :)

  8. Oh my gosh - just reading that made me winded. :) Talk about a lot going on!! No wonder you missed the Derby.

    LOVE what Cher did with the necklace. I totally thought it was the real thing. I was all, WOW ALLY'S NECKLACE LOOKS JUST LIKE THOSE. Duh. She totally got me.

  9. The drinking board game stays?!?!?!

    Yes, that's my main concern after reading everything :) Glad you found a place and the mulch bed is done!

  10. yay to a new job that neal is excited about! and i seriously love that you just said "wicked" twice in a row. it makes me feel like you are in massachusetts with me.

    you should so call one of those shows for home staging. tell them you need them stat. then they can do all the rest of the work for you. :)

  11. I love that you are both so excited about this! :D That would be hard to have the energy for, with all how busy you're staying. Good luck with all the to-dos, and congrats on "dressing the stars"...that was great. :)

  12. I'm glad you're still alive and kicking I know these next few months will be stressful and crazy for you! Thank you for checking in!!!

    I didn't watch the derby either - then again I'm not a Kentucky girl - but I thought of you when I heard mention of it... so that counts right?

    P.S. I saw the house on facebook and I have to say - I really dig it. I always loved the Brady home so I think I'd be head over heels for your new place.. minus the light fixtures ... oxoxox

  13. Hi there!
    Wow you've been busy! We've been packing and moving too, we're staying with lovely friends and family for the next 3 weeks before our house is ready and it's great but I can't wait to have my own space again.

    I saw your necklace at Cher's I didn't make the connection between the names - it's so lovely, I didn't realise you made jewellery (I'm still quite new here - you'll have to bare with me).

    Good luck with everything you have to do.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  14. Ohmygoodness. You (and Patty!) have been busy. I'm so excited for you guys!


  15. Big, huge hugs to you both!! When does Neal deploy? When is the date you're moving? Fingers, toes and intestines crossed that your house sells SOONEST!!!

  16. Kentucky to Georgia? Fantastic!

    I mean, I'm not totally Macon savvy, but it's not like BFE, is it?

    Either way, you're happy and I'm happy for you!

  17. I hope you have good luck with selling the house. I'm in that same boat and there's just nobody even looking at mine. Sorry you missed the Derby!!


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