Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working 7-7:45


...which is sort of like working 9-5...but with a smaller check and much more sweat. All of this to say...I took a part time job. So, yes weird Anonymous Commenter...I can get a job for a little while. And it starts tomorrow.

I used to be the general manager of a gym in the county next door. And then I got...um...let go. And that was a week before my wedding. The same gym hired me back to teach Spinning, Pilates, and yoga about 6 months later. And then, when I took a job at another Pilates place in town as a massage therapist (NOT as a Pilates instructor), I was fired again. And then I got a call a couple of weeks ago asking if I would come back to teach Spinning. I'm like a Dateline episode. I'm starting to show signs of Battered Instructor Syndrome. But we need the money and it's something that I am actually trained to do (in addition to using our washer and dryer and making the most killer cup of coffee in the french press) so I'm off to make a buck. And Neal told me today that if I continue to teach, even after he is gainfully re-employed, I can use that money for Champagne Friday and get any bottle I want! I'm thinking pink...

And then he made some crack about how I could also use these classes as a way to burn off Champagne Friday. Hardy-har-har. Doesn't he know anything consumed on Champagne Friday is calorie-free? Men! Sometimes I wonder if they were all raised by the same pack of wolves.

The good news is, I have been to 1 or several Spinning classes at The Satan's Spawn Gym and now have a working knowledge of what is really irritating to a room full of sweating, moaning, crabby people who may or may not die in the next 90-second uphill sprint. So...there's that. Also?? I quit eating breakfast because by the time I get out of bed at 9 AM, have a couple cups of coffee and a shower, it's lunch time. So, between sleeping through breakfast and teaching Spinning twice a week, I should be Cindy Crawford just in time to get pregnant again. Is attaining the 8-pack abs you've never had a valid excuse for postponing pregnancy? I'm just wondering in case I have to argue it. But we're not there yet.

Day 1 starts tomorrow.

And for all of you wondering....Lulu LOVES her leash. Well, she loves her walks...leashes are the necessary evil for de-clawed kittehs. And I was starting to feel very self-conscious about it (what with all of the neighbors nearly crashing into mailboxes due to staring instead of driving) until you all flooded my comments box with stories about how you were tempted or have or still do walk your cats. And the mailman stopped me today to tell me about his neighbor who walks her rabbit. Suddenly, I feel alarmingly normal. So, thanks for that.


  1. I. Am. Impressed. You're not only doing that exercise stuff, you're teaching it. Excellent. (I'd be the one whimpering and--oh, wait, I'd be the one sitting across the way, reading a book.

  2. You have taken complete charge of the situation!
    I LIKE.

  3. You can be the only spin teacher on the block who walks her cat in a belly shirt that shows off her eight pack abs. Sure to guarantee more mailbox collisions.

  4. Congrats on the job!!!

    Boo to the weirdo anonymous commenter. They suck.

  5. Well look at you, fancy working girl! Congrats! I hope they don't mess you over again or we're going to have to have an intervention for this relationship you and the gym have.

    I've never taken a spinning class and I want to bad. Of course, I am also poor and we can't afford a gym membership so I'm SOL.

    I've never had abs, and you know what? I probably never will because I love donuts and cheese too much. not together but you know. I'll just keep wearing baggy belly shirts. ;)

  6. Dang - you'll be looking all workout hot and such in time for summer and I'll still be a soft middle-aged disappointment.

  7. I think I'd settle for a 6 pack. Of beer. Obviously.

    In any event - go you! Those are some mighty fine bootstraps you're pulling yourself up by.

  8. i am jealous. i always wished someone would pay me exercise.

    also, you are awesomepants. just thought you should know.

  9. Congrats on the job.

    Funny spinning story...I mentioned to my mom the other day that my friend oftens texts me while she's in spin class. I was impressed because at 6am she's not only spinning but texting. I can barely get myself to the corner and onto the bus before going back to sleep. So my mom said "Um, what exactly is spinning? What do you do?" Clearly, she's not a gym go-er. So I explained what spinning was. She said "Ooooooh - that's so not what I thought. I was either picturing people with their arms out to their sides spinning in circles or a bunch of adults on a Sit-n-Spin trying to spin around." I found it hilarious. I don't know where she gets these ideas.

    I'm so jealous that you are now going to look like Cindy Crawford. If you lived where I live, or vice versa, I would totally take your class. Then I could look like Cindy Crawford too.

    I also fully support the idea of using the extra money to fund Champagne Friday. Good idea, Neal!

  10. I am deathly afraid of Spin. But love me some Yoga. I decided to go for a jog tonight. We shall see how it goes, maybe I will also be able to get back in shape just in time to get preggers. Congrats on the job and enjoy your hard-earned champagne!

  11. I really need to start exercising, I think it'd make me feel better.

    But Oreos make me feel better too...

  12. Congrats on the job! I love the mental pic of you pushing new spinnees! When I had a gym membership, back in my not po' days, it was my fave class. Now who's gonna be rockin the swimsuit this summer?

  13. Okay, I am not believing my eyes. You not only participate but TEACH a spinning class? Dude. You just took on this whole new persona in my mind and now I totally don't believe that Camelback Mtn was all easy peasy and I should try it. WTH?? If you can teach a spinning class - like lead the whole class and still be able to speak understandably throughout it - then a trek up freaking Mt Kilimanjaro is probably like a walk in the park for you. I tried a spinning class once and almost died. For reals.

    Anyway, good luck starting your new job. I'm sure you'll kick some ass out there.

  14. I hope you are having a wonderful class today! I kind of wish I lived in Kentucky right now so that I could come and work out with you!

  15. Good luck with your new job! The choreographer for my dance company is also a Pilates instructor and her gym is ridiculous to her too, to the point where she's just started switching over to hiring out as a private instructor. Or you could always return to the car wash business...

    My own job search will begin again in a few months, and then I will feel your pain!

  16. Let me know your class schedule and if people are allowed a "free trial"...I'll ATTEMPT one of your classes...never done spinning, always wanted to give it a try :-)

  17. Walking your cat is totally normal - tell the haters to suck it. hehe

    Congrats on the new job!

    You know to your comment about being Cindy just in time to get pregnant again. On of my very best friends went through recently what you and Neal had to go through. She started channeling her emotions into running. Once she started to drop weight she then started eating better and bam the next time I saw her she was very Crawford-esque! I'm happy to say she's ready to try for another baby and in the end sure she might gain weight but now she has the tools to drop it quickly this time :)

    So book it girl and work it :)

    Silly Neal - Friday Calories don't count ;) I love that. Definitely a different pack of wolves probably the same pack that M is apart of.

  18. cats need excercise too!!

  19. What in the flip flop?! I had no idea you were a spin instructor. WOWIE! I love you even more than yesterday now.

    I wish I was there to take your class.


    Literally. I bust my buttons off my clothes if I don't spin on a regular basis.


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