Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

As most of you know, we have been burning up the stretch of I-75 between Lexington and Macon. These are just a few roadside signs from our travels. Sometimes, it does a person good to get past the state line and see how the rest of the world spells. Or...doesn't...

click to enlarge if you are not seeing the hilarity in any of these
Clearly, someone needs a lesson in verbs vs participles...or...something. Hey sis, help me out!

Lucky him! Mine only pees asparagus-odor urine!

This is really not that unusual to see on I-75....

Unless it's followed by this...I wonder if the late afternoon sun casts a cross-shaped shadow over the "back room"....

Oh Warner Robins Logan's...I really hope the "appitizer" is something prepared over a pit and not the result of your bus boy being tasked with changing the sign.

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  1. There must be a lot of job openings for proofreaders down there.
    The Adult World one is my favorite. :)

    Actually my favorite thing I've ever seen while driving in the south was a porn store with a big sign in the window that said "Magazines! New and Used!"


  2. I'm hoping maybe they just didn't have the appropriate letters to put up. But that's a big hope. You might just be right.

  3. Gosh I love the south!!! There is a sign for an adult store that's on 75 right before you get to gainesville -- because this adult store is so close to gainesville -- and that's how I always know I'm almost home ;)

  4. We live in TN and see lots of "kwality" signage like this. :)

  5. do you think the minivan at adultworld was feeling wildly self concious!??!?!?!

  6. Adult World proudly waves the American flag!

    This post is hilarious.


  7. Haha! Adult World also proudly supports POWs. Oh, America...

    Also, if they added "are" to the first sign it could read correctly. I have a hard time not reading that sign in a thick southern accent and/or in ebonics.

  8. I love this stuff because, you can't make it up. It's so very real.

    I've been to Warner Robbins before. I spent a week there when I was 12. All I remember about it? The Piggly Wiggly. As a northerner, the name of this store was completely foreign to me. I didn't believe it was real until I saw it. (this was LONG before the movie Driving Miss Daisy socialized the concept of going to the Piggly Wiggly to a non-southern audience)

  9. I really love how many cars are parked outside of "Adult World".

  10. Oh for shit's sake.

    I mean, if you don't know how to spell something that's going on a public sign, ASK!

    Then again, what would we do for entertainment on long drives?

    Now that is a pickle.


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