Friday, October 8, 2010

Sip. Tweet. Repeat.

Think of today's post as a very un-blog post. Like a very un-birthday, but with less candles and more of the 140-character variety. I follow a group of trendsetting mamas on Twitter and they have persuaded me to join their 2nd Friday festivities, which includes boycotting blogs in favor of hanging around on Twitter all day. I, personally, don't care for the word "boycott" reminds me of civil rights protests and sit-ins (OK, having been born in 1978, I've never actually participated in a sit-in, but I bet Mama Virgo has! And I'm her flesh and Anyway, let's say that I'm re-directing my attention to Twitter for today's Champagne Friday celebration. I know there are a huge chunk of readers who think Twitter is simply short for "a-twitter" in..."Mama Virgo is all a-twitter about her vacation coming up next month." But actually, it's yet another social media that we young'uns have developed to know exactly when our BFFF's have hit the Taco Bell drive-thru or found a bathing suit sale at Target. It sounds a little high-maintenance, but can actually be loads of fun! So, pop the cork on some bubbly and come find me @MagnoliaMimosa on Twitter. I promise, by the end of the day, you will be completely hooked!
Happy Champagne Friday!


  1. I have been resisting the Twitter so far. I feel that 1) I don't need that much information about anyone's life and 2) it would be the biggest time suck ever. Blogging already takes up so much of my time. But maybe I'll have to check it out. Because if there is anyone's life that I need up to the minute details about, it's yours! Happy Champagne Friday.

  2. I've been on an accidental blog boycott for the past three weeks. And Twitter and I haven't been BiFFles either. I've just been preoccupied. Shame on me. I'm sure I'll see you on Twitter today though!

  3. I can't say I boycotted, instead I've spent about all day not working and doing both the twat and the blogs. Not one ounce of work production has happened and I'm ok with that.

  4. Champagne Friday sounds great.. how do I get in on this????

    I do love my twitter friends..


  5. I probably would be hooked! That's why I haven't really embraced it yet. Plus, I do love my blogs.


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