Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Even Close to Wordless Wednesday: More Army Fun

I have gotten several comments regarding my blog over the past week.

"I love the Army pictures!"

"Thanks for sharing!"

"Wow, your blog is bright. I mean...whoa...BRIGHT!"

OK, that last one was from Mama Virgo. We were driving to IKEA last Friday (how my mother had never been to IKEA until last Friday is beyond me. I feel like I failed her as a daughter. And a human being. But just like when I introduced her to Goodwill, there will be some fall-out from this discovery...most likely in the form of throw pillows and closet organizers.)....and she said, "Wow, your blog is really bright." Yes. Yes it is. Allow me to explain.

When pretty pixie with the pink toenails is chillin' at the top of my blog, I don't get any Google analytics because it's not a Google template. Not that I obsess over visits or numbers, but I would like to know if anyone from Malaysia is hitting my blog or if someone found me from googling "Army slut wears jock strap for wine tasting." Y'know...that sort of thing. So, I grabbed a template that was quick, easy, and...PINK! And here it will stay until I have 7 minutes to sit down and figure out something a little more customized. My apologies to those who must wear sunglasses to view my blog these days. And you're welcome to everyone who no longer has to grab their reading glasses.

I hate that I'm currently writing about once a week. And's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday so, technically, there aren't supposed to be any words at all. But I'm finishing up last minute touches on the KY condo before I head back to Georgia at the end of the week. Besides, I think y'all were really digging Neal's training photos last week and since that's approximately 75837% more exciting than what's going on here, I'm bringing you part 2. I am absolutely certain that you would rather see men in uniform (which is second in sexiness only to men in baseball pants), carrying large guns and rolling around on the ground than hear how I found the perfect striped throw pillows at IKEA or hung bourbon distillery pictures in my dining room.

So...Happy Wednesday to all. And now I give you....our U.S. Army....

This would be 50-cal training. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a man with a gun that large hold it that close to his little soldier.

Walking while firing a weapon. Much harder than walking while chewing gum and walking while texting. Slightly less difficult than walking while tying your shoe.

This picture reminds me of that episode of Designing Women where they take the women's self defense class. The entire 30-minutes they are saying, "And what does she say?" "She says NO!" Fists up, assume the stance, be ready to kick, scream, or run like hell. But a soldier never runs. Although they do play Retreat over the loud speakers every night. What is that about?

How amazing that as far as we've come in modern warfare over the past 40 years, we are still throwing grenades. I mean, they are inherently dangerous, what with the tiny pin with a tiny loop that could get caught on anything and all. But here they are...throwing grenades and running for cover. May as well attach a firecracker to a carrier pigeon....

Urban tactical ops. I reeeeaaallllyyyyy hope Neal never needs this skill. The men I know who have returned from a tour of knocking down doors and securing houses are never the same. They are your PTSD and TBI soldiers. They don't walk around in the dark and they jump at the sound of fireworks. But wouldn't the training be kind of fun? As long as you know there isn't someone with a bigger gun waiting on the other side, I mean.

I guess this was the walk-through. They do it for real today. Whatever for real means....

I think Neal is beyond pleased to be out of the classroom and on the move. And he's getting close to the end of this mobilization...which is good. Apparently if the chow hall decides there aren't enough soldiers to feed that day, they just shut down. Without feeding anyone. I can't even count all the ways that's wrong. Good thing Neal loves a tasty MRE!


  1. I suspect the reason they still use grenades is because boys enjoy the whole thowing and running for cover part. I'm pretty sure if J was allowed to use grenades he'd think it was the coolest thing ever.

    Also, who decides what constitutes "enough" soldiers to feed?

  2. Man, I could never do what they do. I am so glad that we have such brave men and women that are willing to stand up courageously and fight for our safety.

  3. And I'm kinda liking the pink background, just fyi. :)

  4. I like the pink, I love men in uniform, and I have sadly never been to Ikea either.... I don't think there is one near me, is that a good excuse.

  5. It all looks so manly!

    And FYI? "KY Condo" brought a certain mental image to mind.

  6. I'm with The Only Girl, I had a really interesting thought about KY condo. A thousand thanks to Neil and his men. Travel safely home, well to Georgia.

  7. Urban Tactical Ops is not something I like to think about. It makes me glad that my brother is a pilot! My cousin, however, is not...

    Also, does Sitemeter not work on other templates? I was under the impression you could just insert it into any html.

  8. Umm hello?

    *knock, knock* Am I in the right place?

    Is this my girl Ally who chugs the bubbles by the gallon?

    I ashamedly (word?) haven't been here in decades and feel as if I am lost.

    When will you take me to said KY condo? Hmmm?

  9. You would NOT want to see me walk and fire a weapon. I'm of the can't chew gum and think variety.

    That's all I have to say about that.




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