Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Because I Have to Be

When I gave you all the option to choose between a military blog and a travel blog for my second Blogger project, you guys were pretty much split right down the middle...with a large number requesting both (y'all know that I only have 24 hours in the day, just like you, right? And you like it when I come visit your blogs regularly, yes? OK then, oh demanding ones, I can't do two. But I'm flattered that you would want 3 separate websites with my ramblings floating around the www). So, I'm going to turn some Wordless Wednesdays into Military Days because, unfortunately, the less said in print about what goes on around here, the better. I will give as much detail as Captain, my Captain, will allow. There are also some fun Army rules that can be revealed without endangering our troops in any way....such as...if you are killed in the line of duty and you have sick time, you cannot collect on that sick pay. Well, good to know. Thanks for clearing that up.

So, today I bring you training photos. I can't say who or what or where...but Neal is posting them on his Facebook page, so I assume they are safe for general consumption. And I asked him last night. And he said, "sure. Just don't say who or what or where." So...there ya have it. Happy Wednesday! It's a great day when Chilean miners see the light of day and Kentucky sees precipitation fall from the sky.
PS...I think it is a definite sign that I've been on Twitter too much when I have to resist the urge to hashtag all of my final phrases. Maybe it's time for a vacation from the Twat.

Neal's bed. Not quite a king, but it's not the unforgiving rocky earth, either.

Preparing for....anything and everything.

Assume the position!

Weapons....aimed at the flag??

We've come a long way since the bayonet.


Upside down HMMMVEEE!! At least if it ever happens, it's not completely shocking.

This is that part where we whistle and sing "out on the range...."

Praying over weapons...or what looks like praying over weapons. I'm going back to bed because I gave myself food poisoning with pizza last night. Usually, when I do that, it takes me about 6 years before I can eat that food again. If it takes me 6 years to eat pizza again, I may actually drop to single digit pants sizes. Unless I replace it with a filet-o-fish.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies. I hope you enjoyed today's slide show. It was Army Strong! Hooah!


  1. Thanks for the pics - you know I love me some army! But HOW exactly did you give yourself food poisoning with pizza?!

  2. I wouldn't call it demanding so much as supportive and interested! If you vacation from the Twat, then i might get demanding :)

  3. HOw did you get food poisoning from pizza? OMG I would die. It's like 2/3 of my diet.

    And also, that little bed he has DOES beat sleeping on the ground, but boy do I have respect -- SO MUCH -- for the military, what they do, the conditions they live/train in, etc. for us. Good on Neal!!!

    Please don't vacation from Twat -- it's so much more fun than blogs ;)

  4. I've been going to a Bootcamp workout thingy lately (blog post coming soon) and it makes me wonder if Army dudes do the same shit. B/c if they do they are so much more badass than I. If I never post about it, its because it has finally killed me. I salute you military personnel and wifey's. :)

  5. Army rules are nuts. NUTS I TELL YOU!
    Sorry. Done.
    Also, feel better!! A life without pizza is practically not living, so I hope your food poisoning does not leave you scarred!

  6. Just so you know. . . I am saluting over here.

  7. I don't think we could survive around here without pizza. I once got sick on wax beans...force fed by my parents as a child. And I have never eaten another one since. Just the name alone...wax anything as an adjective for a type of food...well anyway....hope the psychological damage is cured soon so that you can enjoy a Dominoes pie sometime soon! I enjoyed the photos...I love to see some reality. And I have to say...I LOVE how your blog looks. It was hard to see and read in your last format. This is big and bright and I can easily read every word. Thank you!

  8. Vacation from the twat? Ew. That sounds horrible. Even the accidental kind isn't that much fun. #thankgodfordroid

    The vacation from pizza sounds worse though. What would I eat on football Saturdays!?!

  9. Food poisoning!? Oh no!! I hope you are feeling better today. <3

    Thank you for this behind the scenes tour! I want to shoot one of those guns! (NOT at the flag.)

  10. Those photos are super cool and I feel like you let us in on a secret. I know it's not a secret, but I'm pretending it is so I can feel cooler.

  11. Good compromise. We can do Army on Wednesdays and travel a different day. That way you only need the one blog. And we get more of you.

    A friend of mine recently suggested that when you see someone in uniform you thank him/her for his/her service. I've tried to do it twice, but I get emotional and well (sp?) up with tears. So instead, the last time I was behind a sailor in line at Starbucks, I bought his coffee. Not so much emotion in coffee. Your Wednesday blogging will be good for us!

  12. Thanks for sharing these pics with us--mad props for all your hubby does.

    OMG, food poisoning from pizza? SUCKS!!! I'm sorry to hear that. I'm fortunate to work in Manhattan, home of the world's greatest pizza, so if this were to ever happen, well, I dunno what I would do. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  13. I want a travel blog!

    I don't know if voting is over but I hope mine puts it over the edge. I love a travel blog. I have two myself.

    Also, the picture of "at ease" looks like they're all peeing in a row. I would love it if that were true, mostly because I see some ladies in the line.

  14. I think I would die if I got food poisoning from pizza. I hope you feel better SOON! Loved the pics....thank you for sharing!


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