Monday, July 5, 2010

My Friends Call Me M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias. Because my husband has declared war on the vermin in the backyard...namely, squirrels. Squirrels are plentiful and unafraid here on base. They play in the road and dare you to roll over them at your whopping 15 m.p.h. They leap from tree to tree and, apparently, LOVE to eat from the birdfeeder. And therein is the rub. Remember this?

Pluck You Too

Well, that's what it like with Neal around here. The only thing he's missing is the gun and the Grandpa sweater vest. He does, however, have duct tape and I caught him banging on the back door this morning, yelling, "I AM GOING TO GET YOU, YOU...RAT!" He thinks squirrels are basically rats with bushy tails and frequently says that people wouldn't comment about how cute they are if they didn't have the bushy tail. So, that's what's going on around here this weekend. I'm drinking Southern Lemonade by Firefly and Neal's booby trapping the bird feeder so that only God's creatures with wings can access it.

Et tu?


  1. My granddad spent at least 50 years fighting the squirrels. Granddad has been gone a long time, and well, the squirrels....? just saying... good luck to Neal.

    Hot here. Wish I had a pool, too.

  2. About the ribs. I know you've been in Kentucky, but where are you FROM?? and Neal? That's a serious question, since ribs are a regional thing.

    We like a modified NC style. I make a rub that is garlic salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, and cumin - mostly equal parts, but less pepper. Thoroughly rub the ribs with it at least an hour in advance - more if you have the time - both sides. Parboil ribs for five minutes in 1/2 inch water with rosemary and garlic cloves in the water. Then re-sprinkle with the rub. [If you need to hold them for a while, this is a good place. You can grill later.]

    Place on the grill over med heat (we're gas, but coals work fine) and cook 5-7 minutes on each side. For more NC taste, baste with cider vinegar with red pepper flakes in it.

    The parboiling keeps them moist, so don't cook too long on the grill or they will dry out. If you like a sweet bbq, you can use a bottled sauce instead of the vinegar. If the rub is too spicy, just use whatever spices you like instead. Can't say it's really a recipe! Enjoy!

  3. I can totally picture this. Squirrels are bold and brazen. And the men get obsessed don't they. My husband was like your Neal trying to come up with different ways to kill the moles that were tearing up our yard. I use to laugh and call him "Carl"....he was obsessed like Carl the Greens Keeper in Caddy Shack trying to kill the gopher. Good Luck...squirrels are hard to get rid of! Have another cocktail and enjoy the comedy show!

  4. My Granny's husband traps them and takes them to the golf course. True story. THEY RIDE IN HIS CAR.
    In other news, Avery's been drawing squirrels lately. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  5. Squirrels abound around here also.

    They are like rats with bushy tails. But they don't slither around at night. So that's another check in the positive category for them.

  6. I need to see a picture of this squirrel proof bird feeder!

  7. Squirrels ARE rats with bushy tails and I encourage his pursuit of the vermin. :)

  8. what is so cute about a bushy tail really??? I guess I have a pretty bushy tail myself, so on second thought I hope there is something cute about it otherwise I'm in trouble. I used to speak French. Everytime I watch a French movie or even hear a real accent it makes me want to enroll at the local junior college and take it again. And I freakin' love Steel Magnolias. It is the absolute best.

  9. So... I guess I need to see Steel Magnolias. I know, I know!

    About upselling - we were totally supposed to when I worked at Caribou but I never, ever did. However, at Maurices the better we do in sales the more hours we get SO I am all about the upselling, hehe. Plus, everyone can always go for another necklace, right?


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