Friday, July 16, 2010

Champagne Friday (or Why Neal and Shaun T Are Trying to Kill Me)

Happy Champagne Friday!

And I apologize for this entire post being in italics...nothing technology-related is working for me today. This afternoon, Facebook just up and deleted a whole thread of emails between me and a friend of mine. Now, Blogger won't let me NOT use italics...which is kind of frustrating because italics is how I emphasize.

I'd like to buy 4 capital letters, please, Vanna.


Thank you.

Anyway...on with this Friday's Top 5:

5. I didn't die this week.

I don't really think I've lost any weight or tightened anything up, per se....but my muffin top kind of aches and everything from the hips, down, sort of burns when I sit (or stand...or walk...) so I consider that a good sign. Something MUST be changing because I'm usually only sore in my muffin top after coming out of my Spanx.

I'm sorry...I can't resist....I had to Google "Spanx" to make sure I was spelling it right and the first result was advertising Spanx for Men. It looks like this:

via The Fashion Police

Apparently, this is referred to as the "Manx" or a "Mirdle"...take your pick. Personally, I prefer The Saturday Night Special....

Anyway...where was I?? Oh yes...Insanity. I am almost certain that I've never worked out before. Even as a Spinning instructor. I do not sweat in a Spinning class like I've been sweating in our second bedroom. Every time I think I'm going to die and every time I make it through. But this landscape is bound to change so we're pushing through to week 2!

4. Neal didn't die this week.

More specifically, he didn't die when, as I was lying on the bed, pathetically protesting another Insanity workout just as Mother Nature was punching my girl-dom parts with her gold knuckles, he said:

"Aw! you just gotta suck it up! Power through!" (followed by some sort of pumping action with his fist. I'm not sure what the fist thing was. I was temporarily blinded by fury.)

People have died for less. And gotten away with it.

Please don't tell me to "suck it up" when a stuffed pig ain't got nuttin' on me.


Lovely, yes? This is my accessory for the Taste of Warner Robins tomorrow night. I found and fell in love with a beautiful, deep purple, silk dress at Ross and strung this up to go with it. I fought like Hell to add a third row of smaller pearls but it was simply not working out. I'm finishing the bracelet tonight. Pictures to follow next week, I'm sure.

2. As I mentioned, The Taste of Warner Robins is tomorrow night and I'm ubernuts excited. Lots of bar...silent auction...did I mention open bar? I Neal has already reminded me, the last time I got all giddy over an open bar at a fundraiser, I ended up flashing my bra in more than one picture, making an indecent proposal to an Executive Judge, and puking in someone's lawn. (But that someone did live next door to a Denny's, so I'm thinking that probably happens a lot). I promise to be on my best behavior. Besides, I don't know how to get vomit out of silk.

1. BFFFF Curly Sue and her BoyToy, BarBQue, are in town this weekend visiting her parents and us. Actually, BarBQue is MUCH more than a BoyToy...but we'll just leave it at that until he hits a knee. They are coming over Sunday night for dinner and then who knows what will take place...Drunken Wii? Drunken Pictionary? Drunken Rummy? Chances are....there will be drinks involved. And y'all came through for me this week with Lisa @ Pickles and Cheese's Cherry Firecrackers (alcohol + Pop Rocks = adult fun without the risk of losing a limb) and Micah @ The Yellow Front Door's Sangria recipe (it is seriously the easiest Sangria recipe I've ever seen). If we are sober Sunday night, it is absolutely our own fault.

I hope that you all have a fantabulous weekend full of the people and activities that you love. See ya on da flip side!


  1. LOVE that necklace!

    Am scarred by the sight of the Manx.

  2. Gorg necklace--you rock!! And I totally think your male Spanx model may be able to pull off wearing one of them....

  3. I love visiting here and seeing snippets about Warner Robins. It's like visiting home without the pesky road trip.
    I imagine "Taste of Warner Robins" will be very interesting indeed and I expect a FULL report.

  4. Beautiful necklace! Enjoy your friends, have a fun weekend, and good luck with the adult beverages! Cheers!

  5. I wanna see the bracelet! The pearls look too pretty. Hope you have fun wearing that piece of jewelery, and also with BFFFFFF.

  6. 1. Mirdle made me laugh out loud for realz.
    2. Speaking of advertising products for me, have you seen the "shake weight for men" commercial? Go look please, on youtube. Shake weight for men. The guy is basically making sweet love to his shake weight.
    3. I haven't decided how I feel about ribbons on necklaces. I like them but I'm not sure I can pull it off. But you did a pretty stellar job on that gorgeous little piece, I must say.
    4. Taste of *anything* is right up my alley. I eat that shit up with a spoon literally AND figuratively.

  7. Thank goodness nobody died!! The Manx is just WRONG!!!

  8. The Mirdle looks like something that "Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute" would wear .

  9. While my recent physical machinations haven't been of the Insanity Workout variety, believe me, I do feel your pain! PS: Hope you were able to relax and unwind at the Taste of WR!

  10. I told my husband not to post that picture of him in the Manx, and now look where it is, all over google! I joke of course. I can't decide if it is hideous or hilarious.

    I'll have to check out the sangria recipe; I made sangria this weekend, it was good, I'm hoping to perfect it though. Mmmmm, sangria!

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The necklace is beautiful!!

  12. The necklace is so cute! I can't wait to see it with the dress! You are a girl after my own heart - I've never puked near Denny's but I've passed out in the back of a friends car with the door open and my head hanging out at least once ;)

    I hope you had a great weekend it sounds like it had all the makings of a great one.

    We will need to compare Insanity notes ASAP - I'm trying to decide between that or Turbo Fire as my next line of attack when P90X is finished. KEEP IT UP GIRL!

  13. That's such a gorgeous necklace! I seriously envy you your jewelry-making ability. I hope you had a delightfully un-sober weekend!

  14. GAH!!! MY EYES!!!! OMG, that image will forever be plastered to the inner recesses of my brain. great. see what you've done? filled me with a lifetime of male spanx. i didn't realize that "manx" had already existed and was going to offer it to your readers and then you explained that that's just one of the words used to describe this contraption. i just found out that a word I THOUGHT I HAD COINED exists already. that word? moob (= man boob). sheeeesh.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and I LOVE THAT NECKLACE!!! Gorrrrrrrrgeous, me lady :)

  15. Manx? Serioulsy? Guys already have it so easy with working out and losing weight. They decide to drink an extra glass of water and automatically lose 5 lbs. Not bitter though.

    Hope you had fun dressing up!

  16. Now I'm wondering how the event went!!!

  17. Those Spanx for men MADE MY DAY. Ohmygawd, that's the hardest I've laughed this week...


  18. Just found your blog and am so happy I did! I just laughed so hard reading this post!

  19. love the necklace!

    manx looks like something i would find on craigslist.

    hope you had a fab weekend!!

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  21. Working out is already like being repeatedly stabbed in the kidney with a melon baller.

    I'm glad you didn't remove your husbands man bits.


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