Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Champagne Friday! Before Noon, Even!

Actually, this is all about me procrastinating. And the fact that a limb the size of a small tree fell from a much larger tree in our yard this week and the lawn guys decided this morning at 8 AM was the perfect time to chop it up and take it away. Did I mention said log was right outside my bedroom window? But I've already been very productive. I inhaled some hazelnut coffee, caught up on email, took a pregnancy test (it was negative, so you can bet your sweet ass there will be champagne tonight. And maybe sushi and perhaps even sprouts on my salad) and taken pictures of my office.

Why did I take pictures of my office, you ask?

Because I'm finally participating in the International Workspace Tour, conducted by my girl Cher @ The Only Girl!!

So, without further ado, here is the office of Daisy & Elm, LLC!

I do not have the mad photoshop skillz that Cher, Jess, and Salt have...actually I'm not even sure how to draw arrows on I shall just draw your attention via written word. It's what I'm best at, anyway.

This is the office. I think it's supposed to be a bedroom, but 4 bedrooms with 2 people is 2 too many...unless I was a hoarder...which I certainly am not. I am, however, a whore for plastic, labeled bins. Yay for plastic! It may be turning all of our boys into girls, but it makes organizing a breeze! And that dark spot in the middle is Poppy. I was going to move her for the photo session, but this is must more realistic. She would be a great beader...if only she had thumbs.

This is my project board and the best idea I've ever had. The containers are over-sized spice containers with magnets on the back from IKEA. The ones at the top are custom orders. The ones at the bottom are ideas that I've had. Usually, this board is on the wall...but the hangers never made the move. Do you know how hard it is to find just hangers for dry erase boards?? Hey Staples, that was not easy!

And here sits the tacklebox of beads. Big Boops has make-up in hers, I have beads. I actually spilled out of the tacklebox a long time ago, but it does hold a majority of what I have. And it's all color-coded. *swoon*
Allyson and Roy G. Biv sittin' in a tree....

I do love the view outside my office window. It's of our backyard and, as I previously mentioned, it's wildfreakin'kingdom out there. Cardinals and squirrels and feral cats, oh my! Clearly, Poppy is amused. This is the best scenario, she can see them but can't catch them. I think if she ever caught a living thing besides a palmetto bug (where she is 568% bigger than it), she would stroke out.

The scrapbooking magic happens here. And I just noticed this morning that Neal has put a fire extinguisher next to my Cricut. I guess he is concerned about a craft-related emergency. I hate it when my pages are so good they spontaneously combust.

This is the photography studio, which used to be in another room at the old house. I do like the convenience of creating something and then swiveling in my chair to photograph it. Handy like W.C.

Poppy was eager to point out that I was almost forgetting my latest love....I got a Floozy Koozie from Foxy's Etsy store, Down With Knit! Actually, I custom-ordered it because I wanted something with pink camo, to celebrate my new role as married to the active Army. I have a second one that she made...but Beloved Sister has that one. I heart my Floozy Koozie and it gets used a lot.

And last...

A dresser that my grandfather refinished, topped with photos from Keeneland Racing meets in Lexington and the glass head I've had since the summer of my senior year in high school. The dresser holds everything that the closets cannot (someday I will show you the closet we used to have and the the closet we've involuntarily downgraded to here). I found the glass head at Pier One when I was 17 and instantly fell in love. It was the week after graduation so I still had a wad of Graduation Cash burning a hole in my Wal-Mart purse. It was the perfect purchase. My roommate and BFFFF loved it, too. He sat on the mantle and sported baseball caps in the summer, a Santa hat at Christmas, bunny ears at Easter...and everything in between. Now he sits in my office and keeps eye over the crafting process. I'm sure at some point it will no longer be feasible to tote The Glass Head everywhere we move, but I do consider him family now. We've been together for 14 years!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Champagne Friday! If you want to do your own International Workspace Tour, make sure to let Cher know so she can link you up on her blog!



  1. Ahhhhh! Imagine my surprise when I dropped by this morning! The Office Tour lives on - yay!

    Great job my friend. So cool to see where all the Daisy & Elm magic happens.

    Here's a few comments for you;

    - super jealous that you get to work at home and I'm presently in a fluorescent cube farm
    - love that you sit right in front of your window with a nice view (any soldiers in uniform that happen by from time to time?)
    - totally appreciate your wicked organization
    - digging the mini photo studio. I'd like a picture of your head in there please
    - what the heck is a Floozie Koozy? (am I the only one wondering that???)
    - can't decide if the glass head is cool or creepy. I'll have to get back to you.

    Great job! I'm off to Twitter it and link you up.

    Enjoy your Champagne Friday.

  2. Hey Ally, what do you use as a backdrop for your photos, and what kind of lights do you use? I'm always curious to see what other folks use for their photo setups, and it looks like we have similar, if not the same, photo cube.

  3. I LOVE your workspace and that project board is freaking GENIUS. (And I might have to steal that idea at some point for my office at me I will totally give you all the credit.) Love the little photo studio also!

  4. Okay, first of all, what a great idea the magnetized project tins are! Wow. I might have to steal that one... it's genius.

    Second, I need one of those photo cube things. That is awesome!

    Third, thanks a ton for the shout out. Glad you still love your koozie. ;)

    And, lastly, I HAD THAT HEAD TOO! I got rid of him several years ago, but I bought him somewhere around the early 90s and he lived with me - constantly wearing different hats - for many, many years.

  5. Yay another office tour, I did mine as well although I kind of got out of it a bit byt doing my temporary office! I wish I had a cat in my office and a big comfy chair! I am sitting beside a window at least. Erm what's the photo cube thing?

    Happy Champagne Friday - yay for the weekend - have a great one.

  6. Ally,

    I love your office and your organization. I try, really I do, but most of the time am using the "which stack?" method. If I send you a plane ticket will you come organize me?

  7. Happy Champagne Friday. You have some mad organizational skills, my friend. I am a fan of plastic boxes as well and I do my best to keep things organized. But I generally fail.

    Also...isn't the Cricut just the best thing ever? J got me one for Christmas...even though he thought it was stupid. I lurve it.

  8. Fun!!! You have your own photo studio!? I always thought you were cool but now you're even COOLER.

    I love that you have everything organized and that Poppy somehow keeps from flinging beads and supplies everywhere. Maddie's a cat and she's graceful *sometimes* but mostly she's just clutzy and spills things. She's an over curious kitteh.

    Anyway, have a glass for me!!! :)

  9. I love your whole setup, and I love that the cat knows just where to sit to be in the middle of it all. I've just decided that lots of beads make a cooler office than lots of paper. So be it.

  10. I totally love your office and it makes me jealous that I have never had an office.

    I love how organized everything is - I'm big on being organized, even if it's just YOUR organization and makes no sense to anyone else, hehe.

    And I could totally go for some champagne right about now.

    Happy weekend lady!

  11. Love the office! What a perfect space.

  12. I'm sad to say...I don't have an office. The sofa is my office. ;) I so want one of those light boxes!

  13. That was fun! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the project board!!! TERRIFIC idea!

  14. You are so damn smart! Your project board is so clever and awesome! I'm pretty excited and hope that the Kelly on the board is that cool girl from D2BD she'd shit twinkies if it was ;) hehe

    Your office is so cute/well put together. Well done moving maven!!!

    For the record I also like that you're taking prego tests, it's a wonderful sign, even more so I also love that you're using it as a Champagne Friday or Not Gauge. My bffffffff did that during her first pregnancy to find out if she was going to party on the weekend or not ;)

  15. I love your workspace! It's so organized. When my kids go off to college (8 years but who's counting) I'm turning one of their bedrooms into MY SPACE.

    Love the glass head. If I'd seen that at Pier One I would have bought it, too.

  16. love your office. i think i need you to come organize me...

  17. Oh, I covet your space! Mine is a desk in the corner of the basement. Not very attractive, slightly damp, but it works...

  18. Your workspace is awesome! One of these days I will have a presentable workspace...nah, who am I kidding? I'll never have a presentable workspace, so I'll just live vicariously through your awesomeness. ;)

  19. I'm a day late and DEFINITELY a dollar short. But I love this post!!! And I reallllyyyy love that tackle box. Yours is much fancier than mine, I may be a tad jealous. And wtf??? A floozy coozy, why have I never thought of this. Because I'm obviously not a genius thats why.


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