Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait

Yesterday was a blur. When Neal was in California, he was on California-time....which is, what? Mountain time? Mountain Standard Time? Pacific Standard Time? Hammer Time? I can't remember. All I know is he was 3 hours behind me. So, when he finished his evening briefings around 10 PM, I got a call at 1 AM. I will never be one to discourage the phone calls. Most military wives I know sleep with their phone rightnext to their heads all night when their husbands are mobilized. I am convinced that, just as Agent Orange was discovered to cause all sorts of unsightly medical issues, the incidence of brain cancer in military wives will skyrocket in 10-20 years. Anyswisscheesebrain, I took these phone calls which then put me on California time. Except that I still live in Georgia. While Neal adjusted to Eastern Standard Time in about 3 days, I'm still lying awake until 2 AM and getting up at 10:30 AM. 10:30 is almost noon, which would mean that I had literally slept half the day away. I'm hoping that I will get all of this straightened out this weekend. Although, weekends around here are not traditionally known for their routine and highly disciplined ways. There is a lot of falling asleep on the couch and eating the waffles left over from breakfast for dinner.

So, I slept until 10 AM yesterday and then had to rise and shine and get the shopping before the weekend started. Class 6 (our liquor store on base) had a line that snaked back to the gin aisle. And the commissary...oh the commissary...apparently no one went to work yesterday. They all went to the commissary. All of this to say, I ran out of hours in the day for Champagne Friday. Again. But at least I'm celebrating this opposed to the last 5 where I just totally forgot about it all together.

But here it is anyway...a day late..but the best things come to those who wait:

Happy Champagne!!
and...The Top 5:

1. This is The Big Butter Jesus before he was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. I'm SURE this was covered by multiple blogs when it first happened, but that was during my Army-induced absence and I didn't get to fully embrace it here at M&M. RIP, Big Butter Jesus. And Dear Dayton, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure it's nothing personal. God isn't speaking to you via weather. But just in case, maybe you should just stick a big cross up like everyone else.

2. The Big Butter Jesus flambe.
Note to self: NEVER make a giant statue with arms extended to the sky out of steel bars and plaster. Bad idea.

3. The necklace I was asked, using black and red beads, in addition to the silver. Which is NOTHING like theft of an idea.

4. My creation...which, nothing like this piece. It is original...because it's black and red and silver. See the logic?

5. Happy 4th of July!! Have a wiener. Have two. Wash it down with a twist-off bottle of champagne and think of me. The Captain and I are headed off to the pool! Ciao, bellas!


  1. My husband thinks you made up Butter Jesus and the fire. Somehow I missed that event, but you showed pictures. It has to be true.

    Like your necklace a lot - the other one not so much. Looks a bit like a mail breast plate - don't have much use for that in my wardrobe, while I could easily wear yours with 97% of my usual wardrobe. Pretty work.

  2. Love the necklace.

    I woke up at 10:30 this morning. After a lazy breakfast of Cookie Crisp, I got a pedicure...a spa pedi that took two hours. I got back at 3. So I know a little about the days slipping away.

    I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend with the captain.

    And yes, both awards are for you!

  3. Hey! Thanks for confirming my thoughts about clothing for massage therapists. You are a lady of many talents! Hope you like Georgia. My bro lives there and has really made it his permanent home. Happy 4th.

  4. Beautiful necklace! Cutsey face!

    Hey , do we both have our noses pierced???

  5. The necklace is really pretty! I'd love to pair up outfits that go with it.
    Your last comment on fb made me realize how much I miss ya, girlfriend! Please keep in touch.

  6. Why didn't you come with him to California? WHY? Whyyyyy?

  7. Gorgeous necklace!! I miss u!

  8. I'm loving that necklace! LOVING IT.

  9. Love the necklace! And so we're clear... again, I am so happy you're back to blogging! Off to Google (er... swagbucks search) Butter Jesus!


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