Friday, July 23, 2010

Champagne Friday and a Real Reason to Celebrate!

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I know, right?? This is my 200th post! It took me over a year, but I finally made it (and let's be honest, March-July were sort of rough months around here). I realize I should be doing some sort of giveaway to mark the occasion and thank you, my loyal readers, for sticking around even after the squid tasting. And I will...someday. I actually just realized this was going to be my 200th post when I logged on to Blogger this afternoon. So much for stalking myself and keeping track of numbers (and yet, oddly, I know exactly how many Facebook friends I have...)

So, thank you for continuing to read and continuing to comment. I would write even if the only reader was me, but you all make it 4739203% more satisfying! (And I'm just you all ever write something so good that you go back and read it about 20 times, silently congratulating yourself on how good that was? Oh?? Just me? Awesome.)

On to Champagne Friday, which is dedicated to Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic, who, according to her Facebook status update, has been working for today since Monday.

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5. First, a sad note...last Sunday morning, I heard glass crashing. Before I even turned the corner down the hallway, I knew what it was...champagne glasses. More specifically, champagne glasses from our wedding (which are also the ones we drink from each Friday). So, when your mama instructs you to pack away your china and your champagne glasses, otherwise they could get broken...she sort of has a point. But that is, ironically, the very reason for Champagne Friday. Life is too short to save the champagne for weddings and babies. It's also too short to let the china and the champagne glasses collect dust. Yes, they might get broken, but that simply provides an excellent excuse for the purchase of new champagne flutes!

4. Here's a recap from last Saturday's Taste of Warner Robins in a photo montage:
(pictures have been cropped to protect the innocent and the un-sober)
It started out innocently enough...

Then the open bar commenced..(there was quite a line. The bartender suggested double-fisting).

Then, it sort of went...


decidedly downhill....

But we had a raving good time. And we outbid everyone else on a Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker...and still got a good deal (yes, I know...silent auctions aren't about getting a good deal. It's about the charity. I beg you to name one person who doesn't go to a silent auction hoping to get a good deal, though).

3. The top 3 lines from the night:

Allyson: "I just LOVE a man in an eyepatch!"

Neal: "WHY do you INSIST on wearing uncomfortable shoes??" (said with great exasperation)

Dane Cook's Baby Daddy: "That thing is so ugly...if I won a fur vest in an auction, the first thing I would do is put it on eBay!" (said to the guy who, as it turns out, had purchased said fur vest for his wife).

2. Poppy got the hiccups this morning. I was simultaneously entertained and concerned. What an odd feeling.

1. We're headed to Savannah tomorrow! It's a one-day kind of there before noon, self-guide, and head out after dinner. This is not our first time to this particular rodeo, we just need to get out of town for a bit. And Savannah will do in a pinch, I suppose...

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Have a lovely weekend, bellas!


  1. Congrats on your 200th post. And the necklace looks fabulous with that dress.

  2. I will confess that I go back and read some of my posts too. My secret it out.

  3. you look BEEEEEUTIFUl in those pictures. Wowza girl.

    Have you and Sara met up yet?!

  4. You look beautimous!! Purple is quite an amazing color on you, my dear!
    Happy 200 posts!

  5. You look sooooo much like my husbands ex-wife. But I know you aren't, so I can continue loving you. You looked lovely. And drink up. Maybe you can find new glasses and use them in some sort of vowel renewal or something. I picture a drunken ceremony on a patio where you each profess your love and committment and then fall over laughing.

  6. DEDICATED TO ME!!! AWESOME!!! Makes me want to go buy some champagne and cheers to that. Will rum do? GOOD! *cheers*

    I love your dress with your necklace well done girl! And I am all for double fisting even at weddings! DRINKS ARE DRINKS AND OPEN BARS ARE HEAVEN!

    Enjoy Savannah I am totes jealous - I want to go! ox

  7. blerg - I forgot to say CONGRATS ON 200 POSTS!!!! I have yet to get there! ox

  8. Your necklace looked perfect with your dress and your two fisted drinking! Looks like a great time. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous right now.

  9. Congrats on post 200, yay!

    Love Champagne Friday, I might be impleminting this at home, along with Mai Thai Monday, Wine Wednesday and Sangria Sat & Sun!

  10. Several things...congrats on the 200th post. Sorry about the glasses...I hope you can replace them. I love that necklace with the purple dress...fabulous. Duh, Neal, you have to wear the uncomfortable shoes because they are the cutest. Have a great weekend in Savannah.

  11. Happy 200! Way to go.

    You look beautiful in purple - drunk or not!

  12. Have a wonderful weekend in Savannah....that is another place on my list to visit. And that was a beautiful dress...loved the color!

  13. Sorry about the champagne flutes, but now the new ones will remind you of good things at Warner-Robbins, too. My mother was the same way, about saving the "good" stuff, but we feel like we are "good enough" so we use ours, too. and, have broken things. It's called living life and enjoying it as you go.

    The necklace is lovely! good work.

  14. The double-fisting picture reminded me of a fabulous bar I was introduced to the other month, where every other Thursday they have $1 drinks for four hours.

    I kid you not. $1. For anything.

    But the crowd around the bar gets really enormous in about 10 minutes. So you don't get just one. You don't get just two. You move beyond double-fisting into three-to-five fisting (please don't ask me how that's physically possible).

    And then you try desperately the next morning to delete the photographic evidence.

    Also, the necklace looks fabulous with the dress!

  15. Sorry about your champagne flutes....I hope you find some even more fabulous!

    I love the necklace/bracelet set you made for the dress. It looks terrific with it...and you, well you just look so stinkin' fabulous! Hope you're having fun in Savannah!!!

  16. Congrats on your 200th post, and I love your optimistic way of looking at the broken champagne flutes.

    I toootally reread my posts once they're posted!

  17. You look gorgeous in those pics, girl--and purple is definitely your color.

    Congrats on your 200th post and have a great time in Savannah! :)

  18. You are so beautiful!!!!

    Congrats on hitting the 200th and I'm so sorry your champagne glasses broke. That's sad!

  19. You're right, jazz hands would have been the perfect touch there! :)

    Don't guys get that shoes are NOT about comfort? Hellooooo!

    Hope you had a blast on your day trip!

  20. Yay for 200th!!!

    Hope you had fun in Savannah!


  21. You look fabulous in purple, my friend! And that sucks about the flutes, but you're absolutely right about using them and not keeping them stowed safely away. They're MEANT to be used! :)

    Who is Poppy?

  22. 1. You're so pretty!
    2. So is the necklace.
    3. I re-read my posts all the time. Then I scold myself for not being as good as I used to be.
    4. I've never been to Savannah but have always wanted to go.

  23. Look at you all fancied up! Love the outfit...shirt or a dress?

    Savannah is great..we really love going there and it's really close to us (4 hours or so?) Does that mean a meet-up in Savannah is in the works?? And also, if you ever need to get out of town, I hear Gainesville is lovely this time of year (but only because the students are gone).

    Our glasses from the wedding are sitting on a shelf in our room, probably not the best place for them but they have been used approximately 0 times in 3 years. I'd say using yours every week + how many moves? + how many years? and they just broke means you're doing pretty good.

  24. Fun times! Felicidades on Post #200. I'm sure you feel downright accomplished, correctamundo? :)

  25. 200 posts and counting... keep it up! (that's what she said)

  26. Happy Champagne Friday and Happy 200th post! That really stinks about your lovely glasses! Have fun in Savannah. I'd love to visit there sometime!

  27. Congratulations on 200 posts!

    I so badly want to visit Savannah. Tell me all the super fancy things you do so that I will know to do them as well.


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