Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the Danger Zone

If you aren't banging out a drum beat on your desk right now as you read this and screeching highway to the danger zone!!...then you are probably not my people. And you are probably not going to appreciate my stories for the next 3 years. If, however, you like to watch a flight suit walk by and you dream of driving past a volleyball court full of half-naked, tanned, and sweaty may want to keep reading. (Although the volleyball thing has yet to happen, it's still only mid-May and I have high hopes for July.) Also, it may help if you fantasize over Tom Skerritt just slightly more than Tom Cruise. But then again...maybe that's just me. I'm OK with that. More Skerritt for me!

All of this to say that....I'm baaaaack!!! And good golly Miss Molly, WHATARIDE!

Just to tell you where I've been for the past 4 weeks or so (and why I did miss a couple of Champagne Fridays, which was most unfortunate), here it is, bullet point-style:

  • I think I left off with "OMG...Neal just got a job offer in Macon and we have to go to Hawaii, pack, move, unpack in a state that is 7 hours away, then prep the house, and sell it. Before that was "hmm...I think I might be pregnant. Oh no, sorry. Not this month. Bartender, could you slide that peach bellini down this way? Thanks. And one to go, please."
  • Then there was 8 days in what I will now refer to as B & J's Romantic Hideaway in Paradise. Travel pictures to post soon! And again, our many, MANY thanks to our friends for hosting such a terrific vacay that I actually did not think about the daunting task that was waiting for me back in Bluegrass Country.
  • We were home from Paradise for approximately 8 hours before the Atlas 18-wheeler pulled up in front of our house (on a cul-de-sac, mind you. I cannot even tell you how surreal it was to see an 18-wheeler on our street. I should have taken a picture. Bad blogger.)
  • Packing was pretty painless. And Queenie were so, so, so right. But thus far, everything made it one piece and I have yet to unpack a single broken item. But due to my Type A/OCD complex, we had both cars loaded to the gills with stuff I didn't trust them with. So...yeah...that could have had something to do with it.
  • The girls made the trip OK. The first 45 minutes were rough and it took us 9 hours to make a 7-hour drive so the last 45 were equally as difficult. Maybe kitties don't like free-ranging in the car? All I know is that to all of you who drive with your pets in your car on a regular basis: my hat is off to you. That shiznit is hard!
  • We left a decent amount of furniture in the house in Lex to stage it, which will then be moving on to the condo when we sell the house. So, we had to buy beds, an entertainment center, and a dresser when we got here....which won't be delivered until Monday. And we bought it on Monday. So, you have to use two hands to count the number of days we would have had to sleep on an air mattress...except that we are driving back to Bluegrass Country tomorrow for a party and to retrieve our vacuum cleaner and my underwear (which Neal accidentally packed in the attic). And our air mattress has a tiny hole that we can't see but were well aware of around 1:30 AM. So, I actually have a task on my to-do list for today.
I can't believe we did it. As the morning sun starts to warm the patio with all of the furniture I'm used to seeing back home and the cats bat a ball around a kitchen that has sticky notes reminding me of what is where, I simply cannot believe we made it. But as someone said (and I don't remember who, but a loyal reader and that's why I took it to heart), "you're going to just do it because you have to." Amen, sister! And we did!

I have so many stories to tell over the next few weeks that I'm practically busting at my pretty blonde seams. And I've missed you all terribly. So, time to load up Google Reader and do a little reading. Because you guys? You can be my wingman anytime!


  1. I've missed you! Glad all is well and am looking forward to some stories.

    I'm glad you made it safe and sound (and the kitties too). You were missed, my lovely friend!

    Oh and PS. I'm going to Charleston in August. Come visit me. Kthanx.

  3. PS. I would be afraid to see what my reader looked like after that amount of time away! :)

  4. Yaaaaay! Welcome back! Big internet blog hugs to you!

    And I think you and I are sisters separated at birth. My birthday is the 16th of September, my wedding date is the 27th of September AND my engagement ring and wedding band are ALSO sapphires and diamonds. Crazy!

  5. OMG are there EVEN words to describe how excited I was to see M&M in my reader? For reals. And yes, now I'm singing that dang song so thanks for that. Of course you did it! KY women are made of strong fiber. :) When we moved to FL our cats hated life maxim strength. I was terrified of letting them out from their carrier bc I thought they would hide and then jump out and run away when we stopped, so they stayed in the carriers. We had to stop overnight and then again overnight when we got here because our stuff wasn't delivered until the next day, so they got to live life in a hotel. it was tragic. But SO glad you made it and yay....the SOUTH!

  6. I was wondering about you! Glad that you're moved and somewhat settled. :)
    And you can stalk me any day of the week!

  7. Oh MAN! I am SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK HERE! The blogworld, I've learned, is a really tight-knit community and you've certainly been missed, sister! You've been in such a whirlwind that your explanation alone is causing MY HEAD to spin. So... settle in, get you a glass of vino (sparkly okay), and tell us your stories. You know we're dying to hear every last detail. And pictures of Hawaii?? Uh, YES PLEASE.


  8. YAY - welcome back! And I did start singing that song in my head as soon as I saw your post in my reader. Can't wait to see the Hawaii pics!!

  9. YAY!!!! YOU'RE BACK! I emailed you yesterday because I was getting a little worried. So happy you are back and I can't wait to hear the stories of the last few weeks.

    I just searched my iPod for Highway to the Danger Zone and, apparently, it's not on here. I'll have to correct that right away because now the song is stuck in my head and I'll be privately rocking out to it all day. Also...I can't help but love Tom Cruise. I know he's an alien-loving, couch-jumping freak, but he's Maverick and for that I will always love him.

    Your reader has got to be scary! Mine was scary after only 5 days. It's going to take you a week to catch up. Good luck.

    I'm glad the move went smoothly. I'm waiting to see some pics of the new pad. Sweaty volleyball pics are also greatly appreciated.

    If Neal packed your underwear in the attic, what have you been wearing all week? Nevermind...

    Hey, you know what is awesome...Georgia allows deliveries of alcohol! So next time you won't have to go pick up your own gift!

    Can't wait for stories and pics...

  10. Um, so I totally was sucked in by a Top Gun photo. Not that I wouldn't read you anyway. Or that I have a thing for The Cruise.

    But that movie is so awesome.

  11. That would be my heaven (the flight suit part not the packing/unpacking)! Glad you made it, even if it was sans undies.

  12. yay!!! You're back =) congrats on that big move--I know I do not have it in me!!!

  13. I have been thinking about you, girl! I saw you show up in my reader and was all, "OMG? Am I dreaming? Or do I really see Allyson of long ago?"

    Don't be gone for so long next time. We need your attention.

  14. I've missed you more!

    you glow girl.

    i was wondering if you were pregger.

  15. I'm with you on the Tom Skerritt. He is kindof hot. Tom Cruise, get phyically sick to my stomach seeing that guy. Can't even watch any of his movies anymore, and I did love me Top Gun.

  16. YOU'RE BACK YAYYY! And you made it safe and sound! Well done girl! I can't wait to hear all about the new home and new adventures!!!

    I always like Iceman because I'm addicted to liking evil/douche bags in movies... it's a sickness. Maybe it's the teeth clap he does *shrug* ;)


  17. Yeah, glad you're back, we missed you!


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