Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Try a New Food Tuesday

First of all, let me just say that one reason why I heart you all so is because when I say, "I have these really nasty, flying, prehistoric pests taking over my humble abode," you all say, "oh GUH-ROSS!!! Good luck. You may want to try Borax/getting a cat/living on the moon." The point is, you get it. And I love that. And you don't judge me for wearing pink everyday and having a meltdown over something with antennae and 6 legs. So, thanks for that because the lady at Lowe's yesterday just looked at me like I had 7 heads and then suggested that I should try living in Florida sometime. And then she proceeded to tell me about how she remembered growing up and seeing them scurry up the roof when it rained. Shockingly, that did not actually make me feel any better. And then she informed me that there is absolutely nothing you can do about them....they've been around for millions of years and the best I can do is learn to hold hands with their antennae and sing "Ring around the roachy." What I want to sing is...

"When there's something strange,
Crawling up your drain,
Who ya gonna call?

Although Kelly liked cockbusters better, but then decided that would attract a whole different species of animal.

Anyway, I have all of the sink stoppers pulled and hair traps over all of the bathtub drains. And towels under the doors. I refuse to make it easy for them. If they can stroll in here with 10 of their best friends and a watermelon under each arm, then I'm doing it wrong.

On a different note, I was in the commissary today and noticed the rather extensive international aisle they have...and specifically everything from Germany and Asia. And then I looked around and noticed that I was one of the few young, American women in the store. The others were either brushing grave dirt off of one foot or hailed from across a very large pond. And they were all shopping the international aisle and buying things that started with 2 consonants. My next thought was that these were all military personnel and family members who had lived abroad for some time and had grown accustomed to certain foods...like liquer cake (which, I too, could become accustomed to without much prodding, I think).

So, this brings me to Try a New Food Tuesday, where I will buy a new food at the commissary (since the commissary is not open on Mondays, my new shopping day is Tuesday morning), give it a test run and either blog about it after I've finished the box or finished puking it all back up again in the guest bathroom. Either way, it's a new experience and experiences with food are sometimes too wonderful not to share.

This week's new food actually comes from our trip to Hawaii...land of pineapple...and Spam. Yeah. Spam. Who knew? Spam is not foreign to me. I've had it a couple of times at my grandparent's house (although their preferred redneck meat of choice was vienna sausages...which, I'm almost certain, did not come from Vienna). But the Hawaiians can throw back on some Spam and they will put it on or in almost anything...including sushi. Our last dinner in Hawaii was at one of those sushi places where the food cruises past on a conveyor belt and you grab whatever looks good to you. The plates are color-coded by price and when you are stuffed to the gills, the waitress tallies up your plates and gives you the bill. (For the record, I think this is a GENIUS way of serving the American public and if I could eat like this at all restaurants, I would). Even though I didn't snap a picture of this, I did not have any problem finding one on Google:

Except that mine had a slab of egg under it. But otherwise, exactly the same.

And this is a pretty good representation of what Host Husband had while I was eating Spam:

That is not spicy tuna, salmon or even eel wrapped in rice...it's hotdog...which, in some ways, is even scarier.

And that's our Try a New Food Tuesday for today. Remember...when in Hawaii, do as the Hawaiians and take your blood pressure pill because there is definite sodium chloride in your future.

Because even 25% less sodium is 458% more than your cardiologist deems acceptable.


  1. WooHoo!! Looking forward to this new series--good luck!!

  2. Now this is going to get interesting! Quite the kick off with a can of fancy Spam. I thought it only came in original. And the "redneck meat of choice" reference had me laughing! Now that is a mini container of nastiness!

  3. I never knew there was a Hawaiian version. Thanks for this new feature!

  4. I like this new feature. I can't wait to see what you find..however, maybe I'm an ignoramoose, but I never realized commissaries were so international. I just pictured them as, like, a bodega. Now I know!

  5. Oh for the love of everything. SPAM SUSHI? Now I've seen it all and feel very nauseous in the process. I love this new feature though. FUN!

  6. I must have missed the roach post... I'll have to go back and check it out. I HATE those things!!!

    Oh, and I think I'll pass on the spam ;) Pineapple, yes. Spam, no thanks.

  7. I am so glad you're in Georgia. Mainly because we need to meet some time and eat Spam. No joke--I have some in my pantry. Every once in awhile, I'll get nostalgic for that "OMG I have no idea what animal this came from, but it's DELICIOUS!" feeling. I like it with mashed potatoes. Thank you.
    But sushi? Like, real raw fish sushi? Yeah. We don't mix. Ask the Surferwife.

  8. sick. spam scares me. even the emails. kudos, baby.

  9. Not sure what's more disgusting - the roaches or the Spam sushi.

    Why do they call it a commissary and not a grocery store? Just wondering.

    Perhaps a new feature called "Stuff About The Army" for us who know nothing?

  10. The idea of spam sushi kind of terrifies me a little... but good on you for trying it! Can't wait for the rest of the series!

  11. Hmmm....so how was the SPAM sushi? Spam sushi? Those are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. And Jason had HOT DOG sushi? I wish they had that here. At least we wouldn't have to swing through the McDonald's drive-thru on our way to the sushi restaurant. Our kids could just order the hot dog variety and we'd all be happy.

  12. Ohmygosh! SPAM???? Sorry, not happenin'. My first husband liked that stuff and would stink up my kitchen frying it. That alone was worthy of a divorce, lol!

    Keep looking hun, there's tons more GOOD STUFF at the commissary!!!

  13. I don't get it. Either "Spam" is too exquisite or I'm too slow to get what it really is. This Try a New Food Tuesday series is gonna be soo fun as I'll get to witness your digestive system going haywire due to the crazy amount of weird stuff you're going to feed your stomach *insert evil laugh*.

  14. How was the Spam sushi? I've never tried Spam, but always been a little curious. I might have to pick up a can just so I can see what it looks like up close.

    Oh...and the lady at Lowe's was a jerk...clearly. I mean, who ever gets used to living with giant flying cockroaches???

  15. I'm out on the Spam...admittedly, I've never tried it but just the idea of it grosses me out. If I think about any meat too much I could very easily become a vegetarian (except I don't like "weird" veggies either!)...so anyways, I'm looking forward to this new Tuesday series...LOVE the concept!!!

  16. I can't get over cockbusters I'm still giggling! BAH!

    If you figure out the way to truly get rid of them let me know - I haven't seen any at our new home *knock on wood* but you never know.

    That lady @ Lowe's missed a golden opportunity to sell you the whole isle of pest spray - her loss.

    Spam Sushi - I've seen it all. I've never actually tried spam something about the way it comes out of the can grosses me out. Then again I eat cranberry sauce out of a can like that and I love it - but it's sweet and like jello, not a lump o' meat.

    I'm stoked about this new concept for your blog! YAY!


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