Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rolling Out the Red Carpets

Things have been so busy around Daisy & Elm, that I haven't even had a chance to make myself something beautiful for the occasion. So...I'll just borrow this necklace and earrings set.
And perhaps also...her crease-less neck and smooth, flawless skin. Not the protruding clavicles, though. Somebody please get this girl a beignet...with the powdered sugar.

Alrighty...now that I'm properly attired (yes, just the pearls...because that's how we roll around here, clothed only in pearls and charm)...on with the awards! I think I've received 2 that I haven't posted. If I've inadvertently left yours off, please feel free to publicly flog me in the comments section. I totally deserve it.

Numero uno came from my girl, Salt @ Salt Says. How's that wedding anxiety, Salt? She's getting married. Like really soon. And then...she'll be one of us. I'll let you in on a little post-wedding secret, Salt. It's not all long, meaningful gazes and hand-holding in the grocery store. One day, the two of you will go out to eat, only to realize that you have nothing to discuss over your spaghetti carbonara. And there you'll sit, chewing in the symphony of everyone else's conversations. That's when you'll realize that to-go is always better because at home, there's Netflix, the Wii, and the DVR. But it's all OK because really...home-dining is the new Asia de Cuba. Salt has a G.L.O.B award...Gorgeous Ladies of Blogging. But when you put it like that, I feel sort of bloated and slovenly...not really all that gorgeous. However, I shall not question her methods, merely pass it on in all of its glory.
Rebecca @ The Reluctant Homefront (YAY for blogging Army wives!!)
Blissed Out Grandma (YAY for being blissed out. Although I have a feeling it has something to do with being the grandparent instead of the parent.)
Micah@ The Yellow Front Door (YAY for having a wickedly creative side and for not being afraid to use power tools!)
Lisa @ Pickles and Cheese (YAY for having more energy than a chihuahua on Red Bull with a double espresso chaser AND for introducing me to the Ballard Designs catalog.)

Micah...meet Lisa. Lisa...meet Micah. If you are not bloggy friend already, you totally should be. You would get along fabulously...like Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay.

Next up was this beauty from Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic. She cracks me up. I blame her for the Cheerio residue on my keyboard after reading about her dream Powder Puff team. Plus, she stalks celebrity babies.
1. List 6 things you're a master in.
2. Pass it on to 6 other bloggers who are masters in friendship and make blogging so awesome.

HookerwhoreKelly has already listed her skills as a masterdebater...beyotch...so I will have to have draw from my other expertise.
1. Master of the Crock Pot. Go ahead and mock me. When the rest of you all are scurrying around like squirrels after the first snowstorm, trying to pull a meal together, mine is simmering and I'm on my 2nd cocktail.
2. Master of the Target Clearance Rack. Yes, that eggplant fishnet tank is marked down to $2.59, but you put it back because you don't have pants to match. That's fine. I will gladly purchase your sloppy seconds at 90% off, pair it with a leather mini, and then use the other $30 to buy fleece socks and PJs with monkeys on them.
3. Master of the Mustang. When you buy your dad's 1996 Mustang convertible (read: baby), there are some parts and pieces that are bound to break (or disintegrate, as the case may be). You will learn how to repair hoses, gaskets and seals...or you will go poor at the hands of a Ford dealership.
4. Master of the iPod Touch. Mama Virgo owes me about $2594 in technical support fees for all of the hours I've spent trying to figure out what the hell she did to it this time. That's OK, though...I'm sure that sometime later in life, it will be important for me to know that if you just hold your index finger on the home screen, all the apps will jiggle and X's will appear next to them. That will be useful knowledge...right???
5. Master of the Mimosa. Well, if I weren't, this whole blog would be a sham. I do not exactly consider myself the Magnolia Whisperer...but we do have a very lovely one growing in the front yard. Neal says it's thriving due to cross-pollination from the neighbor's across the street. I say that I need hip waders to climb out of all the crap Neal pours on me.
6. Master Mower. Yes, it's a fact that I got so mad last summer, I accidentally mowed in perfectly diagonal lines. This summer, I plan on re-joining and then re-quitting Urban Active just so I can achieve the raw fury needed for a checkerboard pattern.

And now on to my master bloggers. Pay them a visit. Give a little love. But not too much...this isn't that kind of blog...

Eternally Distracted
Kiera @ Imperfect Daisies
Noelle @ Elastic Waistbands and Comfortable Shoes
Jess @ Cape Cod Awesome
Shandal @ My Life in 3D
Kiran @ Masala Chica

Well, there you have it...cue music and sparkling conversation. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. And I have to be productive. Due to the 4 inches of snow overnight and the raining ice right now, Neal has decided to work from home today. I have to look like I do things, not just read about other people doing things. You can keep a secret right?


  1. The chick with the flawless skin and creaseless neck has been totally photoshopped. I could do the same for you with my mad photoshop skillz :)

    See you tomorrow!

  2. I am so honored mama! BTW - miss clavicles looks like she needs to eat a freaking sandwich, seriously. I am a master of the mimosa too! Just drinking them, not making them. I am also a kung fu master but, shhhh. don't tell.

  3. I apologize for the Cheerio residue but I am so happy I make you laugh because you leave me in stitches! I love that I'm a beyotch! I will serve the title well ;)

    I can't imagine Lisa and Micah not being blog buddies they totally would be Bobby and Rachel!

    I :big fuzzy heart: the fact that you are a Mustang Master!!! I've always, always, ALWAYS had a soft spot for those vehicles. And if they were better in snow I would have begged my dad for a used one as my first card but the power worried me ... (read: all my guy friends had them and at first I was fearful I wouldn't be able to keep up). In the end I never got my mustang but I still dream. Any girl that drives one (that's NOT a 4 cyl.) AND can fix it herself is one bad ass to me!!!

    P.S. Do people (dating) really hold hands in the grocery store? That made me chuckle. M and I always think we're doing OK we always shop together after work on Wednesday and on Saturdays. And everytime we go to the grocery store - even on OFF scheduled days the same old couple is there together. We call them Old K & M - they are super cute and I really hope when M and I are 80 we'll be there together and I'll still be shouting SHUT UP to M when he picks on me. :)

  4. Congrats on your awards. Thanks for reminding me about Ballard. I'm looking for some things for the living room.

  5. Listen, blog high five for being the Master of the Target Clearance Rack! I like rockin' the clearance sections, too, except my store of choice is Kohls. I might write a blog about it someday, actually. I ask for gift cards to Kohls for my birthday in July and for christmas, then make them last for 6 months each! Clothed for a year from two cards! That's the power of clearance!

    and congrats on the awards! You deserve it!

  6. congrats on your awards lady!
    i am in the middle of composing a huge awards post, as i am long overdue, so this will be added to my list.
    thank you mucho!! :)

  7. Wow, thank you for passing along the GLOB award! I totally feel globby after two weeks of being mostly sick, but I'm going to post that lovely image and remind myself that actually, I'm Gorgeous. And a Lady. (And yes, if we could have grandchildren before children, we'd all be better and more blissful parents!)

  8. Very nice! I am also a master of the mimosa. But I'll let you have it since, yes you're right, it's in your blog name and all. You know what else you are a master at? Leaving comments. But I guess if you said that, it may look like you were tooting your own horn. But I can say it because it's totally true. Master blog commenter, right here folks.

  9. i am seriously so jealous that you are a master of the target clearance rack because i am not. i can never find shit in my size and it drives me crazy.

    congrats on the ass kicking awards, p.s.

  10. You flippin rule! Congrats on your well deserved awards and Thank You So Very Much for giving me the Masters award!

  11. I wish I was mastering a mimosa right now. It's another one of those days at the office.

    I can NEVER find anything good on the Target clearance rack! That is definitely a mastery that I wish I had. That and the master of mowing just because I would love to mow my name into someones' lawn. Maybe one day when we actually have our own lawn to mow, I'll be able to learn how to do such things.

    BE CAREFUL in all that ice! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for only snow. (I wish I was keeping my fingers crossed for sun and 80 degree temps so all this ish would melt!)

  12. ok, we totally need to have a crockpot recipe swap partay. I love my little crocky to pieces but haven't used her much lately. And that makes me a sad clown. Maybe with some of your super recipes crocky and I will be besties again?

  13. Well, you seriously brightened up my day by adding me to your Glob honor roll! Your razor sharp verbiage kills me! I can honestly say that I have never been described as "having more energy than a Chihuahua on Red Bull with a double espresso chaser" but I kind of like the idea and will try to honor it. :)If you can be the Master of the Mimosa I want to be the Master of the Cosmo and all it's variations. (I love my crock pot too.) I am off to meet Micah now. Thanks for the introduction and all the rest of the fun!

  14. awwww, shucks! thanks for the award!

    for a second there, i thought i was going to be the recipient of those wonderful pearls...

    thanks....you are made of all kinds of awesome sauce!

  15. Well, congrats to you and to your winners, too! And I have to say, dahlink, I love, Love, LOVE your pearls...

  16. Thanks for the shout out, Allyson! I am now a follower of Lisa's blog... thanks for the introduction!

  17. oooooo the pressure - I'll try, I really will :0)

  18. Those are cool awards. Is the guy in the ice blue karate suit wearing a cod piece?

  19. Thank you so much for my award! I feel the globbishness sneaking up all over. Congrats on being the Master of, well...just about everything, right? :)

  20. J and I are't even married yet and sometimes going out to dinner is painfully boring. I'm so with you on that.

    Be careful in all this crazy weather we are having.

  21. awesome! you're awesome! i'm so thrilled to have gotten this from you. now i gots to get on my game!

    oh, i'll take the pearls, collar bones and all.

    i remember the first day after we were married at our apt we sat down to dinner together and i kept clearing my throat bc it was all sorts of awkward for some reason.


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