Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love Me My Ho's

If there is one thing I am able to talk about in terms of this Year's Olympics, it would be the sponsorship. I know, it's shameful. I like to participate in sports, I like going to sports, but if you ask me to sit down and watch them on tv, I have next to no interest. Even the Olympics. This might further an argument that I am a little self centered. Might not. I digress.

Mr Incredible finally convinced me to sit down with him and the girls one afternoon to watch The Games. Women's Curling was on. I don't want to take this opportunity to start poking fun at Curling, because I actually am very curious to learn more about it (such as do they have to be in good shape to participate like most other sports? I've never seen a fat curler. Do the brooms help the direction or speed of the stone? (I do know it's a 42 pound rock that they're sliding) Do the players start at a young age? Or is it a drinking game gone bad?) But Curling was on. And they kept doing replays of the moves (plays? strategies?)

My eyes wandered around the screen desperately searching for something that could keep my attention to keep this 'family time' exciting. That is when I laid eyes on Tim Hortons stretched across the ice, the boards, the flags, everywhere. Now we're talking.

Hutch reminded me that not everyone in the grand land of the USofA knows of Tim Hortons. Let's put it this way, Dunkin Donuts is a travesty of fast food coffee shops. I'm sure that those of you who do not like coffee don't like it because you tried DD. I don't care what Rachael Ray is all jacked up on, Dunkin Donuts is sick and it tastes like cigarette ashes fell in your cup of jo. And the workers act like cigarette ashes just fell in your cup of jo. (Actually one time my friend literally had a bite taken out of her sandwich at DD. She got a $5 coupon good for her next visit. That's the best you could offer, DD?)

Their bagels are good (1 point), donuts have mucho room for improvement (but I'll sacrificially eat them), and their Southwestern egg white flatbread sandwiches- yuck. And they give free coffees on Wednesdays sometimes. (2 points). But I'm not here to talk DD. I'm here to talk about my life, my love, my motivation called Tim Freakin Hortons. Otherwise know as Timmy Ho's, Tim's, and when I was little and couldn't read cursive I thought it was Tim Hontons. Not a chinese food place.

Tim's holds my childhood. It's like the little travelocity guy on the Amazing Race. Tim Horton's is with me all the time. Thru thick and thin. We'd go there after mass on Sundays growing up. When my friend and I "borrowed" my parents' car when we were 15 (to meet Joey from Full House) we picked up Tims first. My breakups through high school. Always a good rendezvous destination. My first date with Mr Incredible (I paid for myself and no I do not let him live that down). Where I met "Larry beaver tail" the homeless man with matted hair that is literally down to his ankles. (he wears my dad's coat and boots.) (he always sits in the same spot.) (he smells kinda bad) (he's not homeless because he's poor- he's a Vietnam Vet and his parents are millionaires in Buffalo.) (I learned that 1,000 bought sandwiches and coffees too late.) (Larry I want my sandwiches back.)

Blah blah blah nostalgia. Let's talk food. Angel cream donuts. My all time ALL TIME favorite. I don't know what those of you call them that a) go to DD b) don't live on an American-Canadian border, but they're those donuts that have chocolate on top and the best damned white cream in the middle that is so sweet that my teeth literally ache when I eat them. (The dentist says I have no cavities- it's that sweet.) Then there are the Timbits. I think YOU yes YOU call them nuggets or munchkins or something, but basically they are those little donuts. My favorite is the Sour Cream Glazed. To die.

Most people order their coffees "single single," "double double," or "triple triple." Sugar to cream ratio. Then there are those (my family) that scream into the drive thru monitor, "I'LL HAVE A REGULAR COFFEE WITH LOTS OF TWO PERCENT MILK." Play it cool and stick to the ratio rule.

Their bagels are terrible (-1), donuts O material, sandwiches are delish, chicken stew in a bread bowl (+24). And maybe the workers act like cigarette ashes just fell in your drink. Good news is the coffee doesn't taste like it. Their coffee, omg their coffee. I'm not going to try to describe coffee to you, because that's just lame. But if you're ever passing Tim Horton's really, you should give a try. You can virtually flog me if I'm wrong.


Every fiber of my being wants to keep talking about Timmy's. I know I should not. Just try it, for Pete's sake. (They sponsor little kids hockey and they are called the "timbits" and every year they have Roll Up the Rim to Win and you roll up the rim of your cup and you almost always win something whether it's a donut or a car or cash and the workers have terrible uniforms but they're like soo funny I'm like hey, worker! and she's like welcome to Tim Hortons how can I help you? Will that be all? and I'm like, you're sooo nice)

{smoothing my hair and walking away}

Thank you, Kiera of Imperfect Daisies!!! Now, off to see if Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe has one of these. There's a DD right across the street from our hotel, but you obviously don't drink their I'm off to search for the real thing. xoxo


  1. was i jacked up on coffee when i wrote this? perhaps.

  2. i am embarrassed to say... i have never had tim horton's. ever. in fact i've never even seen one. hmm. i'm going to have to do a quick once-over of the philadelphia metro area and check this ish out.

  3. I dont' have a timmy's near me but there used to be one close to where I used to live (I moved and it closed, coincidence? maybe)and I could sit and eat a box of those Timbits in one sitting.

    Also a comment on angel doughnuts: If I could have one last meal, it would consist entirely of angel doughnuts. There is a local doughnut place near my house (WAY too close, actually) that has the most AMAZING angels on the planet. They are powdered sugar coated. Great, now I want a doughnut.

  4. As a Canadian, I can confirm that I did indeed consume a large double double Timmy's this very morning.

    It's not really a coffee. It's a morning necessity. Like clothes and teeth brushing.

    And their chili? THE best.

  5. Y'know...I've spent a LOT of time thinking this was a gas station. Thanks for the 411, Kiera. ;)
    And yes, I think you probably were jacked up on the Ho when you wrote this...but that's probably what makes it so damn good.

  6. "smoothing my hair and walking away" LOVE it! Still bitter I missed out on my chance last Fall, but it will come again!

  7. I saw a Tim Horton's when I was in Vancouver. Didn't try it though. Guess i should have?

    And we don't have Dunkin' Donuts here like they do everywhere else. Which is a good thing, I think.

  8. I've never even heard of Tim Hortons, but now I'm definitely curious.

  9. TIMMYYY"S OMG I love Timmy's and I'm lucky enough to live in Buffalo so we have them on seriously every corner (imagine NYC's amount of Starbucks and that's how many Tim Horton's we have!). My friend that went to the Olympics actually lives in Los Angelas (transplant from Buffalo) and she and her fiance ate Timmys EVERYDAY cause its so awesome and nostalgia.

    Also I really appreciate you explaining the double double thing. I always wondered when I heard people saying this. But I was afraid to try as I would be sad if I got to work and had black coffee!

    New follower, thanks for the post!
    I hope you'll come check me out too!

  10. That was A LOT of info on Tim Horton's. I've never heard of it, so consider me officially schooled. Thanks!

  11. Haha, I thought you were posting about curling, and then...switcheroo!

    I actually learned to do curling, in a pathetic beginner's way, in high school. It was the first sport I ever felt like, hey, I could do this. To be world-class, you have to be fit enough to control every little move, but normal folks can have some fun with it. Sweeping makes the stone go straighter and farther. They used to use regular corn brooms, but now it's some kind of high-tech microfiber thingy.

  12. I'm drooling. Sour Cream Glazed Donuts are AMAZING!!! And you also described my all time fave donuts (chocolate covered w/ deliciously evil pain inducing cream filling). So good. :)

    I have never had Tim Horton's or even heard of it - I MUST SEEK THIS OUT!

  13. I think the only reason I've even HEARD of Tim Horton's is probably through the blog world. We don't have them around here. I'm totally curious though!

  14. We like to call the mini donuts, donut holes down here in the south.

    We don't have a Tim Hortons or anything but I agree DD is for the dogs (at best). What we do have is Kolache Factory. Kolaches are these wonderful German sweet buttery rolls stuffed with fruit, sausage or ham. Yum.. I am hungry now.

  15. I've never had Tim Burton's. I love coffee, though; I'm going to have to seek it out!

  16. oiyhwerohygnabeorgerotneroip!!!!
    we don't have a tim hortons ANYWHERE near me. i have never had it :(
    i do hit dunks every morning. it is all i have though. dunks is like a craps shoot. some days it's ok. other days, you would rather pour the coffee down your pants than drink it (i drink iced year round, so this wouldn't be as bad as it sounds). but anywhooos, i am ALWAYS pissed we don't have like a reeeeaaally good donut/coffee shop around here.
    sending mucho jealousy to all the peeps with wonderful coffee shops.

  17. The only coffee to drink! Thank Gawd I live in Toronto where there is one on every corner.

  18. Nope, never heard of Tim Hortons. I DO know about curling...too much... my husband is obsessed with it. Have fun in phoenix, we're actually headed there next weekend!

  19. What? Free java on Wed? How did I not know about this. I give DD way to much of my cash. They owe me some freebies! Ha!

  20. Your descriptions of the DD coffee is quite a riot! Curling is a strange sport. We've been watching a bit of it as well.

  21. OK, so you decide to watch the Olympics and you start with curling?? CURLING? Really?!!

  22. The best thing about living in here is Tim Horton's. For realz. We are big Timbits fans. As in we get 2 40 packs on a Saturday afternoon and they are gone by church time on Sunday morning.


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