Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Pick for Time's Person of the Year totally Y'ALL!! You know how sometimes you feel illogically and unreasonably peaceful? Especially on a day that you should be popping Xanax and washing it down with a gin and tonic? Yeah, that's how I felt Monday. Calm. At peace. I mean, don't get me wrong...I'd see a baby or a pregnant woman and seize up for about .7 seconds. But really, in the grand scheme of things, that is a HUGE step forward. Do I expect it to be all daisy picking and frolicking in the field from here on out? Uh, no. I'm a realist...if not a glass half-empty kinda girl. But I felt your thoughts and your prayers (and actually continue to feel them) and that has been the difference between me laying in the bed watching Olympic coverage all day and actually getting in this zippy little Mustang the rental agency gave me and exploring Phoenix. The power of prayer is awesome and often understated. my readers, my prayer warriors, my kind thought queens: you are the wind beneath my wings. You better click out of here now before I start singing The Rose...which is bound to happen. Next up: Kiera of Imperfect Daisies (speaking of which) with a lovely little public service announcement for a delish little coffee joint (or so I've heard. We Kentuckians don't get this creature comfort). Kiera writes exactly as she speaks (or so I imagine) and really it makes for the most entertaining reading. You can almost turn to her and comment back...she's like right your office (or your living room, or sitting on the toilet...wherever you do your best blogging). She has graciously agreed to give me a little guest post so that I can do some gemstone shopping in the city that is home to a place called Bead World. If I leave now, I can be there about 15 minutes before they open so that I can get the full 8 hours. Enjoy Kiera and leave her some love!


  1. I'm glad that your day was more peaceful than expected. And about the power of prayer being completely understated... isn't that the truth? It's amazing what prayer can do sometimes.

  2. whoa. how did I miss this post from you? I never miss your posts.

    listen- i was literally praying hail marys all weekend long for you. i'll take most of the credit, thanks.
    actually i still am praying hail mary's. whatev you get it.

    also, you are super socially graceful and all by saying that 'i agreed' to blog for you. ha. ha. ha. *bob marley Redemption Song.*
    I love second chances.

    hope you had a beadtastic day!

  3. I've never wished for a lap top more than I do right now. My best ideas come to me in the bathroom I could be 'extremely' (see need a new word) brilliant if I could type in there!

    I hope the beads didn't let you down! ox

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling peaceful! I hope the shopping went well. :)


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