Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Like it's 1776

Yesterday, at Applebee's Park was Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day. Ideally, it would be a non-partisan event where people on both sides protest how their tax dollars are being spent in Washington. But with a program of purely Republican speakers, of course it turned into much more. It was kind of like the Tax Tea Party held 3 days earlier, but minus rain and plus 15 degrees. So, EVERYONE was there. Including me. But let me just say that I was there volunteering with Military Missions. If you are interested in Military Missions, check 'em out here: We are non-partisan except that the military tends to lean right, but we just preach troop support. Sometimes though, you are judged by the company that you keep and this is just a few of the photos from the company that I kept yesterday. I will walk you through them.

Photo 1: This was a game created by Fayette Co. Young Republicans...and a piece of genius, I may add. I have no idea where they pulled this toilet but I would like to think that it came from a prison. You threw bean bags that strongly resembled "money bags" from 3 lines, increasing in distance. If you made all 3, your name went into a bucket. The first name to be drawn won a baseball signed by Jim Bunning. I played the game because A) I thought I would never win and B) I thought that if I did win it would be hysterical since I've been enlightened on how Neal feels about Bunning. I got this education on the way to Hilton Head for the Strong Bonds retreat. Bunning had just done something so petty and ridiculous that it landed him on the front page of the NY Times. Well, as fate would have it... I won. How's THAT for Karma?

Photo 3: (Yes I intentionally skipped photo 2 for now. Give me a sec). This van belonged to a lady that presumably lives in Lexington although I won't swear to it. She is a BIG smoker and in fact smoked the ENTIRE 4 hours I was there. Literally. Every time I looked at her, she was smoking. Her platform is that smoking is beneficial for one's health and that by not smoking, or heaven forbid, giving up smoking one is much more susceptible to a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer's. Right...

Photo 2: Apparently smoking has turned her brain to charcoal dust. I'm pretty sure this is NOT how you spell the name of our governor...

Photo 4: The smashing of a GM car. My personal favorite is the caption on the back: I lean left. What GM vehicle DOESN'T have a little lean to it? I mean, really..

Photo 5: And last but certainly not least is the ole "flag on a pitchfork". Guess he got to come in because it wasn't considered a "concealed weapon" but I'm pretty sure if he had tripped over a toddler and come crashing down, it would have turned real ugly, real fast.

Among other things, I saw a sign indicating the "IRS Rape Crisis Center", several Uncle Sam's, and earrings made of tea bags. If nothing else, a crappy economy will unleash some wicked creativity within a pitchfork-wielding crowd.

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  1. I LOVE it! You write really well. I'm following you now. I had no idea you had a blog.

    However, I have to say that at the Tax Day Tea Party downtown, I had Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and Nothings speak. I did that on purpose to ensure a non-partisan event. You should have come!


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