Monday, April 13, 2009

It's about time!!

First of all..I'm trying to figure out how to increase the font size on the blog. Maybe it's 31 creeping up on me...maybe it's all those years of sitting too close to the TV (but really you had to sit that close - there was no remote control!) but when I flip through the entries, there is a lot of squinting going on now.

And secondly, and most importantly to me and Neal but probably not anyone else, we have a new insurance agent!!! Hip-hip-hooray!! Allow me to explain...Neal's had the same Farm Bureau insurance agent for...well, for as long as I've known him. I left Joel in Bourbon County to transfer everything over to FB when we got married. I had no idea that Neal's insurance agent was missing a few cards in the deck. My first dealing with him was when I swung by his office to make a few changes on our policy. He wanted to talk all about Neal's time in Iraq. That's fine - people are usually politely interested and then we move on. Not Mr. Stuck-on-Topic Man. So, we talked about that for about 45 minutes. Then, as I got my things to leave, he started trying to sell me on some sort of side business that he was doing outside of insurance. To be polite, I took the card and the brochure and the pamphlet and made a mad dash for the door. Then, last fall when the Great Wind of 2008 swept through, I was pretty sure we had lost some shingles off of the roof. Neal, being 1/2 a world away and dealing with all sorts of little bugger problems like IEDs and idiot colonels, said "just call the insurance guy and have him come over and check it out." I tried not to sigh TOO audibly. So, I called and he agreed to swing by on his way home. He showed up about 2 hours late, walked around the house a couple of times and proclaimed "I think it's fine. I don't see anything!" Then he tried to sell me on yet a different side business than the last one. To be polite, I took the brochure and the card and the DVD (yes, sometimes I think the polite thing is more pain than it's worth) and promised to take a look at it. Two days later, the little bastard called from a number I didn't recognize and because I was expecting a call, I answered. He was asking if I had had time to look through the information. I made some lame-o excuse and hung up.

OK, then Neal gets home at the first of February at the end of February, a direct mail postcard arrives at our house - with our names and address. It was from our insurance agent, but a totally different business than insurance and not in any way connected to the first 2. I really thought Neal was in danger of losing his cool. There was some ranting about unethical and possibly illegal and then the card was left out to remind him to write a letter to Farm Bureau. Neal told me last week that we have a new insurance agent. I have no idea if my husband had anything to do with it, but because I pretty much operate under the assumption that Neal is a super-hero, I think it was all him. At any rate, I can now get back to the business of doing insurancy things, like getting my engagement ring covered, without being bombarded by a proposal to buy seaside land in Arizona. Hip-hip-hooray!

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