Sunday, April 12, 2009

Because there's always tomorrow

Today is Easter. That makes yesterday the day before Easter and last night was run-like-Hell-to-Walmart-and-elbow-your-way-to-plastic-pastel-colored-eggs-and-crappy-candy Eve. I wasn't going to do it to myself. But sometime around 8:30, after dinner and before Neal commandeered the kitchen for apple pie baking, I decided "how bad could it be??" I can totally do this, was my thinking. I was going for, yes, plastic eggs and crappy candy, but I also deemed last night to be the perfect evening for ripping out all of last year's container plants and starting all over. This had nothing to do with the fact that my family was expected for an Easter BBQ...except that everyone in my family gets pretty green things to grow. I get to spend discretionary income on new plants EVERY year. Although, I did just put it together that an Annual ONLY lasts one year and that "Annual" does not mean that it will return annually. But how nice would that be?? So, with that little nugget of knowledge tucked into my brain now, I can't help but think I will be victorious this year with my Perenials. Anyway, I knew as soon as I walked into Wal-Mart at 9:15 on Easter Eve, that I had made a dire mistake. It was a sea of people - not like The Mall on Obama's Inauguration, but almost worse than Christmas eve eve. This is all compounded by the fact that I was in a hurry. While Neal was home earning his baking badge, I had to find flowers, find new pots (because every year I make some lame attempt at decorative terra cotta painting and give up about 5 minutes in), and trek into the Belly of the Beast for plastic eggs and candy. Not such a horrible task, except there was still planting to be done and it was quickly approaching 10 pm.

I survived Wal-Mart. I've seen things that I can never talk about. I've seen grown adults fight over pink bunnies and kids actually picking out their own Easter basket (this will continue to confuse me for many years, I think). But the moral of the story is, sometimes it's not always best to put off to tomorrow what could be done today - or last week. Neal captured this sentiment on camera last night. I'm posting this now, of my own volition because I don't want it revealed when I run for office someday. This is what happens when you put off something that requires daylight. And for all of those who accuse me of not backing up my husband by posting "Neal-isms", I have 2 things to say:
1) Boo-yah. He doesn't back me up either. This picture would eventually land itself on some website somewhere. And..
2) I mentioned last night that we should at least make some effort to go to some sort of church service on Easter morning, even though we'll be cooking for a crowd. He said "we could always go to the "daylight service". Hmm... daylight service? "You mean sunrise service?" Then he just walked away.

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