Thursday, November 14, 2013

That is so pinteresting...

Up until about 3 weeks ago, I had all of the time in this world and the next to pin, pin, pin my heart and brains out. Blue was napping about 2 hours a our bed...and more specifically, in my left arm. Have iPhone, will be silently productive. But our desire to get him out of our bed during the overnight hours, coupled with my desire to wear a wardrobe that I already own, brought all of that to a screeching halt. Now, he naps in his crib and I sweat my ass off to the tune of 2 miles a day on our elliptical. And watch The Glades. Have you seen this show? It's canceled now, but you can get the first 3 juicy episodes on Netflix streaming. Excellent distraction while you're ellipticaling. Ellipticizing. Ellipticalcizing. Whatever.

I now wallow in my pindiction between the hours of 11:45 PM and 11:55 PM. And sometimes while Neal is putting Blue to bed. But during the napping heydays, I managed to snag this little gem from Recipe BACON CINNAMON ROLLS.

I'll let that permeate for a second.

Bacon INSIDE the cinnamon rolls. I'll give you another second to clean yourself off, however you see fit. So, here's the source of the original pin, with the ingredients list, instructions, and handy dandy tips. You will need to go here to get all of your information as all I have for you is an after picture. But it will inspire you to swing through Kroger on your way home, I promise.

One for me, one for Neal, and one for Mama Virgo...which she shared, somewhat begrudgingly, with Blue. And no, I'm not a coffee snob, but I really do use a French Press every morning, because it's easier than working a coffee pot before I've ingested any actual coffee. So, yes...boys and girls...pig + flaky crust + melty cream cheese = a chorus of angels in your very own kitchen. I've got my eye on some Nutella cookies for next week.

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