Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like Cricut Crafts

In all of my nappinning time (yes, napping while pinning...I'm totally going to trademark it), I discovered a cute Thanksgiving craft. It's a rare event that I already own all of the pieces and parts that a Pinterest craft requires. But in this case, all I needed was a couple sheets of scrapbook paper, which just happened to be on sale a few weeks ago. It was a sign (specifically, a sign that read 40% off. I believe that God speaks to me through sales and clearance tags). So I gobbed up a couple sheets of autumn plaid and some matching mustardy colors and went at it. The first chore was to dust off the ole Cricut, plug her in and make sure she still knew how to slice, dice, and spit it back out.

And that went fairly well.

So next I needed to print the letters THANKS in about 2 3/4" size on the plaid and again in 3" on the mustard paper. Lastly, I adhered them to the galvanized buckets I purchased from IKEA last year for my nautical-themed baby shower. These things are found in the "gardening" section, are ridiculously cheap, and can be used all throughout the year for a variety of decorating needs. Worth every deutschmark.

And this is the finished product:
The buckets are filled with fabric leaves repurposed from that one time I was supposed to get married in October. It just so happens that "MERRY" has one less letter (meaning it will fit in the space better) so as soon as we kick the in-laws to the curb and box up the leftovers, I'm changing it out.

I hope everyone had a more relaxing, less secretion-filled weekend than we did. Blue threw up his entire breakfast both mornings (we now suspect either the yogurt or the banana is to blame) and then learned how to stand in the bathtub and pee at will. Consequently, he also learned that, sometimes, with a little #1, comes some #2. Never. A. Dull. Moment. And we stayed entirely too sober through the entire thing. Next weekend...more champagne, less fluids.

And what did YOU do this weekend? Put up a tree? Play in the rain? Run from tornadoes?

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  1. So sorry, Ally, but I am laughing too hard to actually comment. Life is so much fun in your house. love to all.


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