Wednesday, November 13, 2013

But It's So Slimming

Please forgive me if I end sentences with dangling participles or start a sentence with the word "and"...oh wait...that's pretty common around these parts...anyway, we are watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as I type this. And we're kind of under the gun to watch it tonight as it's already 1 day overdue to the library. Which brings our total tab to $1 even. We really can't live much more dangerously than that. But I just had to share realtor's advertisement that I've been seeing around town. I get that it's a military community and any way that you can show your patriotism is a star in your crown, but...I'm pretty sure there's a better way. Like giving discounts to military families and baking a pie. Actually, I'll take a pie over a discount any day of the week. But this is not what I had in mind...

Oh Janet. Janet...Janet...Janet...thou shalt not don the stars and stripes as if you were posing for your sorority composite photo. In fact, published a list of American flag do's and don'ts around the 4th of July this year. Don'ts included: burning it, letting it touch the floor or otherwise storing it in a dirty location, flying it at night without illumination and...yes...wearing it. Maybe it just so happens that you own a shirt that looks exactly like you are draped in our stars and bars but maybe you also just dropped it from the flag pole for 5 minutes. Either way, Miss America you are not...nor Lady perhaps just put on a blazer like the rest of us.

Rant over. Tomorrow I'll show you how we rolled bacon into our cinnamon roles and had a big ole culinary orgasm right there at the breakfast table.


  1. Who cares about Janet? We want to know about the kitchen table!

    Calm down, webb, calm down. I hate the Janets of the world who literally wrap themselves in the flag in order to get your bucks. She may be a really caring lady, but has officially put herself on my list of people with whom I would seriously try not to do business.

    Hope you are all well. xoxo

  2. zomg... rolled bacon into cinnamon rolls? *drool*

    I'd like to point out that our stripes, match the stripes in her hair too. I just, I don't get this relator lady... just, no.


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