Thursday, November 14, 2013

Champagne Friday

I let the idea of Champagne Friday sort of drift away because, for a time, I wasn't drinking any actual Champagne on Friday (because, to be very honest, it was giving me more of the busthead on Saturday morning than I cared to have with a 14 month old sprinting about at 6:45 AM). And it felt sort of fraudulent. But then I decided it's like explaining Santa. It's more about the spirit of the thing than the physical presence. I guess that analogy works for God, too. Look! I worked Champagne, God, and Santa into my very first paragraph! Happy Champagne Friday, indeed!

But let's toast to God and Santa and kick off the weekend with some pictures...before Dropbox decides I've used too much storage and randomly begins deleting things.

This is Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen...a law firm in the city where we used to live in Virginia. And the butt of so many jokes between us and our visitors that I feel like I owe them a little free publicity. In reality, there are like 12 Allens, at least according to their website. I see why you would have to stop at 4.

Around the middle of September, Neal's co-worker announced that she was having a camp-out at the local KOA to celebrate her son's birthday. They were getting a cabin, but we were going to introduce Blue to campfires, tents, and sleeping bags. Every air mattress we own has a hole in it, so Neal whipped out his Army-issue sleeping pad. Promising a full night's sleep, worthy of any mattress containing air or otherwise, he said I should give it a test run. So, this is me, test driving his sleeping pad one night. And also his Army socks. Because our bedroom is the coldest room in the house. For the record: sleep pad totally rocks and I give it extra Super Mario points for being self-inflatable. I prefer to keep my hot air to myself. Also, Blue scored a class A ear infection from the 90 minutes/day of daycare he was attending so we missed the campout. And my birthday. And Big Mama's birthday. We're done with least until the manufacturer calls to tell me the bubble is finished and ready for delivery.

Lastly, this Budweiser truck pulled up next to us at a stoplight on the main drag of our little town a few weeks back. The sticker on the back says 
                                                                  SOUND HORN
                                                                  I'LL PULL OVER
And my question is this: to do...what? Can I blow my horn at any Budweiser truck and it will pull over and sell me a case? And is that cheaper than picking it up at Liquor Barn because I'm going right to the source, eliminating the middle man? And is there a limit to how many cases I can buy right off the truck? These are important questions that need answers....hopefully before I encounter another one. And can I do that for the Sutter Home truck, too?

One more update on the post about Realtor Janet wrapped in a flag. I saw another sign this morning. She's now wearing a blazer. Good call, Janet. It's too cold for nothing but a drape right now, anyway.

Happy Champagne Friday, regardless of what you're drinking. Bubbles, bourbon or...Budweiser...!

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  1. Janet dropped the star spangled poncho, kudos to Janet.

    I will honk for a Bud truck to keep driving, I don't want their stuff - now a Sutter Home truck, that I would brake for! :)

    HAPPY FRIDAY so happy to see Champagne Friday is back! And you are too! oxox


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