Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Princess Procrastination

Welcome to Thanksgiving Eve....also known as "WHAT THE CRAP Wednesday" in..."what the crap did I do with my grocery list? Has anyone seen an index card with manic, unreadable scribble?", "where the crap is all of my table linen?" "what that crap is that stain all over my table linen?", "what the crap do you think you're doing? There's no time for football! Here, take this Scrubbin' Bubbles and go deal with the bathroom. I don't know what you did in there, but fix it." That sort of "what the crap." And....I'm sitting here blogging about it. It's essentially the same mentality as yesterday. Somewhere in my head, there is a belief that while my to-do list is long, the eve before a holiday is actually more than 24 hours. It's something like 36. So, while I should have been cleaning toilets and grocery shopping yesterday, I was actually making pretty, shiny necklaces for my store and watching a CNBC behind-the-scenes special about Coca-Cola. There is plenty of time. And now it's almost 9 am on the day before Thanksgiving. My entire family will be here in 27 hours for slow-cooked ribs (that have yet to be purchased), homemade ice cream (that has yet to be churned) and good clean fun at a good clean house (that has yet to be de-furred). AGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!

I am off to attack the day, armed with Pledge, 3 rolls of paper towels and a husband who thinks he will be "working from home" instead of "working on the home." Today's marathon is brought to you by Sam's Club French Roast, which is now coursing through my veins, and the tiniest bit of Kahlua (to keep the OCD at bay - especially the variety that taunts me with cobwebs at the top of 9 foot ceilings and a dirty garage floor). I have about as much time to blog right now as you all have to read it. So, please enjoy this picture of me at the gym the day after Thanksgiving last year. As they say, a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hip...bones. See you on the other side!

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  1. Love your blog Allyson! I was thinking about you, checked your page and va-voom, there was your blog address. I will be a follower! When you get a chance take a look at my blogs...faultlines is my "magnolia" blog, and chrysalis4 is more informal, a San Fran commuter blog.


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