Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy inside

Today was the 10th anniversary of "The Today Show Throws a Wedding." I don't usually watch these but I was in bed and that's what channel was on and the remote was waaaayyyy over was as beautiful as a wedding in the plaza of Rockefeller Center can be, with people walking by and the homeless peeing in the background. Finally, the officiant said "you may now kiss the bride." And the groom leans over to kiss his new bride, at which point the camera zooms into two interlocked lips and television viewers nationwide say "eww...too close." And, incidentally, that is why I would never agree to even be a contestant for this event - I do not want our bedroom kiss on the television screens of every Gertrude, Joan and Evelyn across America. But maybe that's just me. During the replay of said kiss, Matt Lauer says "there's the kiss. That's it, the money shot!" I'm pretty sure that Matt Lauer knows what a money shot is. And I'm pretty sure there are women across America who are cursing him right now because their teenage sons are sitting around eating Cocoa Pebbles and watching this because their mothers happen to be watching it. And the mothers are watching it because it never crossed their minds that Mr. Lauer would say money shot on national television. But that's where they would be wrong. Matt and Meredith often exchange semi-inappropriate sexual innuendos between segments (and if I was Matt's wife I would corner Ms. Viera in her precious little green room and hold a hot flat iron to her face until she understood what "appropriate" meant, not that I would be in the LEAST bit threatened by Meredith and her 1970's waistless shifts). Just because it's 9:00 am doesn't make it "daytime television", folks.

The other amusing aspect of the wedding was the honeymoon destination, chosen by the viewers. I don't know about most viewers, but I know that when it's our summer, it's Australia's winter. And that's where they're sending them - to the land of kangaroos and cozy sweaters. Maybe they're ready to escape the heat. But then it's New York hot could it possibly be up there??

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