Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Then when DO you take a bath?

Setting: our kitchen last night, eating a dinner of burgers, fries, and baked beans and actually sitting at a real table instead of perched in front of CSI: New York.

Topic of discussion: what to do with the extra money in my tax account after we pay the IRS. Since becoming an independent contractor, I have saved 30% of every paycheck and put it in an account to pay my taxes at the end of the year. It seems as though that percentage may have actually been a bit high, thus leaving extra.

Allyson: Well, there will be a sizeable amount of money left in the tax account and we've paid off my student loans, so maybe we could put it toward something fun.

Neal: Like what:

Allyson: Umm...like a hot tub on the back porch!

Neal: I was going to put in a security camera system. They have the really nice ones at Sam's for $600. How much is your hot tub?

Allyson: Uhh..a little more than $600. But...

Neal: We have a very nice garden tub in the bathroom and you have only used it once in 3 years.

Allyson: That's because it runs out of hot water before the tub is full!

Neal: Nonsense! I'll prove it. I'll take a bath in it.

Allyson: OK let's go! Show me..right now.

Neal: I can't right now.

Allyson: Why not?

Neal: Because I don't take baths on Mondays. AND I don't take baths after I eat hamburgers. So I really can't today.

Allyson: (who cannot seem to roll her eyes enough for this statement). WHAT?? I'm totally blogging about this.

Neal: I'm sure you will....

Still no hot tub...but no security camera system either. I'm calling it a draw...

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