Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Neal-isms

I love my husband and someday he's going to get really tired of me posting these, but until then....

Last night we were full-swing into our nightly routine: Neal flosses and brushes his teeth, irons his clothes for the next day, I'm watching CNN and may or may not floss my teeth, depending on how much energy I have....waiting for him to finish in the bathroom. After he climbed into bed, I was in the closet, putting away clothes and heard him commenting on CNN to...somebody...presumably me. So, I hollered a big redneck, "HUH?" To which he says, "if they're so worried about the prisoners from Guantanamo, what about the multi-killers?" I think for a second..."Multi-killers?" He quickly corrects himself (probably for fear of ending up as the topic of a blog post) "SERIAL!! SERIAL killers!" Too bad I hadn't had a chance to take off my makeup yet. I smeared mascara all the way down my face, I laughed so hard. If, in the future, I hear a rap about multi-killers, I'm sure I will wet myself.


  1. Bwahahaha!! Love it...poor Neal.

  2. I am starting to think its an Army thing. Those vaccinations they give must mess with their heads. Jason makes up words all of the time. His latest was Buttle. He was trying to tell me about a shuttle bus.

  3. You know that's how the Boeh's got started so don't knock creative genius!


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