Monday, March 23, 2009

That's the Army for Ya

I've decided to start using Twitter as my main source of news (besides the steady stream of CNN 24-7, of course). I follow Politico, the Huffington Post (although someone, somewhere said they were going to get sued for the type of reporting they do), Bluegrass Politics, Rollcall, and several other news sources. I also follow the Army. I didn't follow them because I thought I would get any state secrets or actual truth from their tweets, but more as a source of mild humor at best. So, when I log in, I scroll down the list of news stories and, cafeteria-style, pick and choose what news to read. This brings me to last Thursday: Army will phase out stop-loss. REALLY?? We are in 1 war, headed into a second and with all the cable chatter about Pakistan, I'm wondering if there will be a third. Short of instituting a 2nd draft, I don't know how the military could sustain this sort of deployment without continuing stop-loss. But wouldn't it be nice? To think about a military that isn't stretched crepe-thin and military spouses that aren't single-handledly raising the next generation....I guess time will tell if the Army will stay true to their promise, but considering they are the ones who enforced the idea of stop-loss to begin with, I won't be holding my breath.

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  1. Let's keep our fingers cross that they do phase out the stop-loss...


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